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  1. I never was a fan of Wolfgang, but wow, these pics of him are amazing! *_*
  2. Thank you! I already resolved the problem, it seems. It has nothing to do with my platform, as I understood, I just had to, er, "Verify Integrity of Game Files". Not even sure what it was, but it worked after all. ^^
  3. I've just tried to open DS, and for some weird reason, Steam just went: "Game is not available on your current platform When installing or launching a game, Steam presents the error "Game is not available on your current platform."" No idea why and what's wrong, I haven't changed ANYTHING in my PC. The last time I played DS (about a week ago) all was absolutely normal. I also checked my other games in Steam - they are fine, including DST. Only DS is causing problems it seems. :/
  4. New puzzle, yum! Tried clicking everywhere, not working though... Must wait, I guess...
  5. I was gonna ask exactly this... XD Really, it was awesome and unexpected, to see DS chars talk (or sing to be more exact) all of a sudden. Yeah, though the voices are not canon, but still, awesome! For some reason, I especially liked Webber's.
  6. I'm not sure, but are those... stone gryphons on Charlie's throne? Look like gryphons to me. Just wondering.
  7. I kinda thought Wilson and Willow might be siblings. I dunno, just prefer this kind of relationships. I wonder if Wilson and Maxwell can be related in some way?
  8. Aw, I see, ok... *that akward feeling when you're a fan of kabobs IRL* -_-"
  9. I don't remember a chest, but the crockpot was there for sure.
  10. Oh gods. You too?!? This is like, one of my fave shows. And yeah, awesome female characters... I have a thing for them. :3
  11. I'd so read... Even though English isn't my native language.
  12. It's been awhile... Wow, glad to see lots of cool stuff from you! Also, Happy Birthday here as well,
  13. I love freezing Willow here, looks sad, yet so cute! She surely needs some warm clothes blanket hug coffee fire Wilson's beard. C: Eh, I'm kinda feeling like her, why the heck it's so cold in my home right now, it's a summer time after all ugh. >< Btw I haven't thanked you earlier, so thank you, just for being nice to me. I really appreciate it.
  14. I can't draw, but unfortunately, I love to. Maybe some lucky day my pics will even become decent LOL. ^_^" Anyway... Wilson and Willow are my fave characters... surprisingly, i don't really ship them, I see them more like... siblings or cousins, I dunno why. :/ Also like Chester. I hope there'll be a nice day when I finally get my own Chester plushie, or figurine at least. *sob*
  15. GoldenGirl, Gravity, Mobbstar, thank you! Er, and I'm still really bad at RoG. I can survive, like, for a couple of weeks, and then I'm just dead. So sweet. :I MikeyMusic, thank you! Actually that supposed to be one interesting thing from the Russian folklore. Called a magical tablecloth, and it can give you any food you want. Ever heard of it maybe..? From some Russian fairytales and stuff... I just feel like they would so like it in the game.) Interesting thing is, absolutely everything on it is my own personal fave food. That's what I like to eat IRL. LOL. I'm just not sure about that... Maybe I could make a photosession at least, I recently got Wilson and Willow figurines from Ebay and oh gods, they're so adorable!! But problem is, that so far Don't Starve fandom was associated with nothing but only good and positive things to me. In fact, playing Don't Starve helped me REALLY MUCH when I had a very serious life issue - that's one of the BIGGEST reason why I like Don't Starve now! But then, one single person from the fandom just treated me like crap because... well I guess when you're a very popular cool artist and happen to be in a bad mood, you can take it out on those who draw worse than you and be ok with it. So any moment I try to draw some DS fanart now, I recollect that bad thing and think - will I draw another bad drawing again, and give a right to better artists to treat me like that? Honestly, I'm ok with drawing what I want and like. And I'm totally ok with any criticism - that's what helps me to improve. And I'm ok if people DON'T like my drawing at all and make fun of it. But I'm NOT ok if people treat ME badly because of my drawings. I mean, bad drawings alone don't make me a bad person yet. At least that's what I used to think. :/ And don't get me wrong, I'm in no way that kind of annoying "attention w***e" who bother people around about being friends or giving free pictures or anything! In fact I'm TERRIBLY shy and often scared as hell even to leave a single comment in fear that I will be understood wrong. And with English being my second language, it won't help me either. >< And there's nothing i can do. Psychologists give me advices to talk to people more to get at least some social skills and make friends, but at such rate, I feel like I'll be more "lucky" with making enemies only. And this idea is far from appealing to me. >< Sorry, I guess it's all boring for this topic and only my problems after all. =_=" Willette, та, икра! Предполагалась красная, хотя без цвета не понять. Но, по крайней мере, я рада, что она узнаваема... Или с ней что-то не так?
  16. Sorry, I tried to find inspiration at least to colour the last one, but found none... Anyway, these are my last DS pics. If being a bad artist does, in fact, make me a bad person as well, deserved to be mistreated - then I'm seriously not interested. No bad drawings = no mistreating. I hope so.
  17. Wilson looks like he's enjoying it... I think...
  18. Been always wondering if she's a huggable type of a person. Some people just like to hug, others like being hugged but too shy to do that on their own, and some are all "NOPE, PERSONAL SPACE PLZ".
  19. Is that... tiny Wilson in the eye, or am I just imagining things LOL...
  20. You're back, and your Willow too! :3 What's in her mug btw? Coffee? Chocolate?