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  1. I never was a fan of Wolfgang, but wow, these pics of him are amazing! *_*
  2. Thank you! I already resolved the problem, it seems. It has nothing to do with my platform, as I understood, I just had to, er, "Verify Integrity of Game Files". Not even sure what it was, but it worked after all. ^^
  3. I've just tried to open DS, and for some weird reason, Steam just went: "Game is not available on your current platform When installing or launching a game, Steam presents the error "Game is not available on your current platform."" No idea why and what's wrong, I haven't changed ANYTHING in my PC. The last time I played DS (about a week ago) all was absolutely normal. I also checked my other games in Steam - they are fine, including DST. Only DS is causing problems it seems. :/
  4. New puzzle, yum! Tried clicking everywhere, not working though... Must wait, I guess...
  5. I was gonna ask exactly this... XD Really, it was awesome and unexpected, to see DS chars talk (or sing to be more exact) all of a sudden. Yeah, though the voices are not canon, but still, awesome! For some reason, I especially liked Webber's.
  6. I'm not sure, but are those... stone gryphons on Charlie's throne? Look like gryphons to me. Just wondering.
  7. I kinda thought Wilson and Willow might be siblings. I dunno, just prefer this kind of relationships. I wonder if Wilson and Maxwell can be related in some way?
  8. Aw, I see, ok... *that akward feeling when you're a fan of kabobs IRL* -_-"
  9. I don't remember a chest, but the crockpot was there for sure.
  10. Oh gods. You too?!? This is like, one of my fave shows. And yeah, awesome female characters... I have a thing for them. :3
  11. I'd so read... Even though English isn't my native language.