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  1. They transform, and as soon as they're done turning they howl. - If you attack while they transform you cancel the animation and they will riposte, you'll have time to hit 2 times - If you wait until they're done evolving and start hitting as soon as they begin the howl animation, you will have time to land a lot more hits because attacks somehow don't interrupt their howl.
  2. try feeding them again, because you can. Dodge his attack, feed once, dodge and repeat. He will still be agressive but will eat and eventually transform.
  3. There's one thing i agree with, being stuck in an animation is #@!ۤ&. Especially because the conditions favorable for it to happen, eg having to switch/use things quickly, are often the situations where you least want it to happen.
  4. I'll name and shame *you*, onetel. I've been on a server you were on today, you're that kind of guy who kicks people who die early. No mercy for the beginners, eh ? Also, please explain me again your stance of "if you join during winter and don't pick woodie that's an auto kick"'.
  5. Unfortunately my backup file only goes back to april 1st. That C******* milk guy xxVERSUSxy listed is actually one of the 2 players i thought he did not mention, turns out he just changed his nickname and i did not notice. Probably the same thing for the second guy, since i can't even find him via steam now.
  6. If that can make his list look more legitimate, i'll add that i do not know xxVersusxy but have the webbers (though when i come accross them usually they don't play Webber) he called out on a list since december, along with 2 names he did not mention.
  7. I completely disagree on that one. Mind sharing your setup ? Done the varg farm on a solo world, needed 3 of them to get 100 rocks on a winter night, had no option for pig skin, spawned hounds attacked walls around vargs (very rarely but they did, and vargs escaped once after about 10ish farming sessions), and most of the time i had to kite while mining.
  8. rot works too. Cheapest of all imo, look closely picture 2
  9. Either you go early and get them stuck on food they'll try to eat : OR you wait until full moon far away because unloaded pigs stay outside their house then rush inside the farm. This second method will eventually get you killed by a slip up but costs less time.
  10. 1. Roam the meteor fields. Slow and tedious but free. 2. With a pig farm setup near the moon stone and a star caller staff you can get ridic amounts of moon rocks (or pig skin and meat depending on your needs). Requires heavy investment (wood, rocks, skin, ruins gear) but is completely worth it. You can get several stacks every full moon with little effort once you get it going. It can look like this:
  11. (Not displaying the preview because this one may be crossing the line a bit) http://i.imgur.com/cUE0q5V.jpg
  12. I'm so triggrred by garss groiwng on mrable truf i'm havnig truoble tyipng thsi rpely