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  1. I'm sorry if I came off rude. it does generate a log. even if it doesn't display it when it crashes. Its in your Documents folder under Klei and Don't starve together. should be client_log.txt. Anyhow took a look what causes the current issue is that you do not have string defined for action. You have placed a variable called GLOBAL.STRINGS.NAMES.JUICE but you forgot to define it below. Adding that solves that problem. From there on out it still wont load for another reasons. But keep tracking down bugs and you'll get there eventually Seems fun mod in my honest opinion althou it will make game easier so I would make some mechanic to counter that, but thats my opinion. [string "scripts/util.lua"]:449: Could not find an asset matching images/inventoryimages/zerocalories.xml in any of the search paths. Points to missing assets.
  2. How about you just go ahead and learn how the game works and how lua works. There is no tutorial for this stuff (sadly). To piece one togather is as much work as actually making this mod ourselves. It took me couple of days to understand how the system works and I'm a programmer. Take your time and see how to make smaller mods first. Fiddle around with existing mods, Debug stuff on your own. If you have questions how something works then ask here, but don't come asking a handout. You tried making it yourself.. and it didn't work. Now why didn't it work. did you get an error. look into logs and see what line failed and why. fix that line. if game doesn't crash but it just doesn't work then you have logical error which means code is correct but the idea is not. Post your code here so we can take a look if you cant find it yourself after days of searching.
  3. yeah, sadly can't find anything wrong. Did you tried disabling all other mods? Can you post the entire mod as a zip so I can see what happens if I load it into the game.
  4. Prefab file for luxury hammer or better entire mod zipped.
  5. [00:00:35]: Mod: Tazdingo (Taz'Dingo) Registering default mod prefab [00:00:36]: unexpected end of data Well That has not much indication whats exactly wrong. Can you post mod files.
  6. [00:01:01]: Out of memory. Bytes requested: 4294967295 Although it seems that you should have enough memory to run game with ease it requests very large ammount of memory. [00:00:57]: Warning: Calling Recipe from a mod is now deprecated. Please call AddRecipe from your modmain.lua file. Well should fix that. Also it seems that your mod seems to cause a memory leak of some sorts if I'm reading this correctly. Can you post the mod code. Try removing or disabling all other mods installed and load just your mod, there can be incompatibilities caused by other mods or your own.
  7. post entire log
  8. if item.name == "log" then return true end Should also work and allows you to do checks for any item by name
  9. Check client_log file to see where the problem arises.
  10. Sure it is. Look into worldgenmain.lua to see how the generation works and make a mod with worldgen inside. Take a look at some other mods that work with world gen.
  11. have you tried removing inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle") from the code?
  12. Remote Debug Well Its annoying to watch small part of log. I have tried to make a mod that would do this but there are big limitations how far I can go with that. Allowing remote debug will definately help out both beginners and experts alike. As most of the mod help requests come from people who have great ideas but have lack of programming knowledge and often don't even look at the log. Remote debug console screen should print same log as ingame one and also allow running of lua that will be run ingame. Also allow to print tables and classes so that we can easily take a look at those values and don't have to print them out individually. Somethin similar to chromes inspector console for javascript would be nice. It should stay open even if the game closes though. Proper API documentation Why there are so few good mods is easy. There are few really good tutorials for modding. Best ones out there are character mod tutorials and well there is plenty of those. Anything harder there is simply no guides available. Coding is hard for most beginners who get easily discouraged when they are not able to understand how to search answers and examples from games lua files and if they don't get info from forum posts. API examples file is all nice but I think it would benefit everybody if we had api docs similiar to laravel api docs for example. Containing best practices and also list of prefabs, components, widgets, anims etc. Also would have examples how to add most types of objects and items into game as a mod. Yes its nice if people learn from other people, but what I can see is that often looking other mods can lead to fact that another mod is launched with same cardinal mistake as the one that was taken as example. This is where best use cases and best practices come in play. Mod IDE Well also problem is that there are almost no good IDEs for lua. There are some that are good multilangual ones, but it would be nice if there would be some plugin or IDE that would be able to grab classes, functions and files from data folder and give code completion and function generation functionalities as well as different file template generation capabilities like most of Intellj products do. Better Mod loading Current mod loading is so random and unhelpful. Currently people have no control over mod load order and also game does't check issues that could arise form mods being incompatible. Due to the fact that some modders disregard guidelines that are basic for any programmer just because they haven't programmed anything before is also the problem of not having proper guide on how to do stuff and what not to do that would be definately in the API docs I mentioned before. Game should also protect player from such issues as a game breaking bug can show it's face at day 200 when somebody crafts a item that causes a conflict with other item in some other mod.
  13. Yes I figured that one out. These things should have better documentation and guides.
  14. I think it is not good way to do this.. Threres a better way to implement the speech parts for mobs. in any case instead of tons of else ifs you could use some of the ways described here. http://lua-users.org/wiki/SwitchStatement for much neater code.