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  1. create a class and add it to GLOBAL , Although there is small issue with mod load order. You can make a event that fires when mod is finished loading and have "other" mods use that to detect when class is loaded and then they can access it and use its features.
  2. @Ipsquiggle Any help.. I have been trying to find issue but All I can find is that it must be hardcoded into the part of the game TheSystemService:StartDedicatedServers won't accept additional worldgen variable as a valid option and ignores it entirely. Can you elaborate on that. If that is case is there any workarounds you can suggest besides creating dedicated servers manually. There are several places that look like that it has been kinda hardcoded in the fact there should be always worlds 1 and 2 won't even check if there are more.
  3. (1,0 - 0.0) *1.0 + 1.0 = 2.0 so yes
  4. Well im trying to create option for new shard in game. similar to curret "caves" option. I gave managed to get add new tab and everything working except if I run the game it simply won't start the shard for it. save game data doesn't appear but I will not get any errors. it's as if the option was never selected. Can somebody see if they can find any info why the server won't start and load the shard as it does with caves. heres my modmain.lua theres currently nothing else. local STRINGS = GLOBAL.STRINGS local require = GLOBAL.require local Level = require("map/level") local _G = GLOBAL local function FileExists(filename) filename = 'scripts/' .. filename .. '.lua' local f = _G.io.open(filename, "r") if f then f:close() return true end end STRINGS.UI.SANDBOXMENU.LOCATIONTABNAME.RUIN = 'Ruins' STRINGS.UI.SANDBOXMENU.LOCATION.RUIN = 'Ruins' STRINGS.TAGS.LOCATION.RUIN = "Ruins" STRINGS.MAPRECORDER.LOCATION.RUIN = " in the ruins" local TAB = "screens/servercreationscreen" if FileExists(TAB) then local ServerCreationScreen = require(TAB) local old_MakeWorldTab = ServerCreationScreen.MakeWorldTab if old_MakeWorldTab then function ServerCreationScreen:MakeWorldTab() GLOBAL.SERVER_LEVEL_LOCATIONS[3] = "ruin" _G.AddLevel(LEVELTYPE.SURVIVAL, { id="DST_RUINS", name='Ruins', desc= STRINGS.UI.CUSTOMIZATIONSCREEN.PRESETLEVELDESC.DST_CAVE, location = "ruin", version = 3, overrides={ }, background_node_range = {0,1}, }) _G.AddLocation({ location = "ruin", version = 2, overrides={ task_set = "cave_default", start_location = "ruins", season_start = "default", world_size = "default", layout_mode = "RestrictNodesByKey", wormhole_prefab = "tentacle_pillar", roads = "never", }, required_prefabs = { "multiplayer_portal", }, }) _G.AddStartLocation("ruins", { name = STRINGS.UI.SANDBOXMENU.CAVESTART, location = "ruin", start_setpeice = "CaveStart", start_node = { "RabbitArea", "RabbitTown", "RabbitSinkhole", "SpiderIncursion", "SinkholeForest", "SinkholeCopses", "SinkholeOasis", "GrasslandSinkhole", "GreenMushSinkhole", "GreenMushRabbits", }, }) old_MakeWorldTab(self) end end end
  5. I'm sorry if I came off rude. it does generate a log. even if it doesn't display it when it crashes. Its in your Documents folder under Klei and Don't starve together. should be client_log.txt. Anyhow took a look what causes the current issue is that you do not have string defined for action. You have placed a variable called GLOBAL.STRINGS.NAMES.JUICE but you forgot to define it below. Adding that solves that problem. From there on out it still wont load for another reasons. But keep tracking down bugs and you'll get there eventually Seems fun mod in my honest opinion althou it will make game easier so I would make some mechanic to counter that, but thats my opinion. [string "scripts/util.lua"]:449: Could not find an asset matching images/inventoryimages/zerocalories.xml in any of the search paths. Points to missing assets.
  6. How about you just go ahead and learn how the game works and how lua works. There is no tutorial for this stuff (sadly). To piece one togather is as much work as actually making this mod ourselves. It took me couple of days to understand how the system works and I'm a programmer. Take your time and see how to make smaller mods first. Fiddle around with existing mods, Debug stuff on your own. If you have questions how something works then ask here, but don't come asking a handout. You tried making it yourself.. and it didn't work. Now why didn't it work. did you get an error. look into logs and see what line failed and why. fix that line. if game doesn't crash but it just doesn't work then you have logical error which means code is correct but the idea is not. Post your code here so we can take a look if you cant find it yourself after days of searching.
  7. yeah, sadly can't find anything wrong. Did you tried disabling all other mods? Can you post the entire mod as a zip so I can see what happens if I load it into the game.
  8. Prefab file for luxury hammer or better entire mod zipped.
  9. [00:00:35]: Mod: Tazdingo (Taz'Dingo) Registering default mod prefab [00:00:36]: unexpected end of data Well That has not much indication whats exactly wrong. Can you post mod files.
  10. [00:01:01]: Out of memory. Bytes requested: 4294967295 Although it seems that you should have enough memory to run game with ease it requests very large ammount of memory. [00:00:57]: Warning: Calling Recipe from a mod is now deprecated. Please call AddRecipe from your modmain.lua file. Well should fix that. Also it seems that your mod seems to cause a memory leak of some sorts if I'm reading this correctly. Can you post the mod code. Try removing or disabling all other mods installed and load just your mod, there can be incompatibilities caused by other mods or your own.
  11. post entire log
  12. if item.name == "log" then return true end Should also work and allows you to do checks for any item by name
  13. Check client_log file to see where the problem arises.
  14. Sure it is. Look into worldgenmain.lua to see how the generation works and make a mod with worldgen inside. Take a look at some other mods that work with world gen.