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  1. ...I don't remember if I ever mentioned it during the progress of the Metheus puzzle or not, but I see the Ancient Key as a Black Gem with a fancy handle on it.

    1. minespatch


      The ancient key's symbol looks like a antlion head.

      But you're right.

  2. ??? (we've definitely seen that squiggle somewhere, I just can't remember where) Voices Bird ??? (maybe the generic gem symbol/'Precious') Birds did have a significant role in the ancient's origins.
  3. ...nnnnnno??? That is most certainly not what we were planning. Yea! Hah. Hahahaaaaahhh. I'll just save that image for the next vote, I guess.
  4. The Slipstor. Just generally stuff getting leaked and causing a lot of Hype and then never happening. But hopefully the cinematic is pointing to Winona actually being released.
  5. burn it
  6. That, the buildup, the face in the portal... update when ._.
  7. Willow was my second pick QQ If Webber does win, I'd like to request an image of them riding Wickerbaaattom.
  8. theory

    I always found the Wendy/Abi combination cute. Simple as that. I'd rather go on a genocidal rampage against the spider horde as them than as a fellow spider xD (or anyone else, for that matter) This. Most of the survivors came to the DS world in exchange for something, or have some reason to stay. Heck, wasn't Willow considered clinically insane? If she did get out, she'd likely spend the rest of her life locked in a room inside a straight jacket. Abigail would still be dead. Wilson would still be an outcasted mad scientist, now lacking the scientific opportunities of the DS world... Max couldn't leave without Charlie without hating himself more. Besides that, what would he even do if he returned to the real world? It's hard to go back after tasting power like this. Wicker acts as a sort of mentor to the others in her quotes and probably loves that she's able to bring her books to life; not a bad way to spend her days. Woodie can satisfy the curse. Wolfgang is...Wolfgang. Wolfgang probably doesn't care. WX probably wants to seize the power of the DS world for itself. Wes has the status of a god. Webber and Wigfrid are the only possible exceptions that come to mind. But even then, Webber may not want to leave their new friends behind. ...I just can't tell with Wigfrid. Coming to the DS would have have driven her completely insane. And if that's the case, she might just stay in her element. Even Winona if she comes into the game. Her life didn't seem that great, and she finally found Charlie, who everyone thought vanished. And her quotes make it seem like she takes everything in stride. In any case, even if there is an exit, the group might not take it. I could see some sappy cinematic where Wilson considers leaving for a moment, then turns around and runs back to everyone.
  9. Yea, we made that comparison near the beginning of the puzzle. Epimetheus has interesting comparisons, too. Nothing actually important to the puzzle has come of it yet.
  10. Bit of a trick. Go to the first post in this topic for translations of the tiles. Start with the '1' number tile, you'll get at least two of those. That tile is guaranteed to match up to the 'cane' tile, and whatever 'living thing' (bird, rabbit, bee, I think butterfly) tile you get. Because those items can't be stacked. So, find the places for those two 'rune' tiles first, knowing that they match up to '1'. You can potentially save a lot of moves that way. Not sure if it's always the case, but in the puzzles I've gotten, rarity seems to determine numbers. Gems, NF, and Thul were 1-3, while berries and petals were around 6 or so. Maybe just luck, or maybe the puzzle is slightly merciful.
  11. theory

    Pretty convinced after having seen the puzzle/spent some time annoying the Weaver that it's the former King. When it says that could be saying it either to the Gate, from which it's drawing shadow energy, or the minions/shadows, the remnants of its race. But yea. Charlie definitely seems to be doing some shenanigans with the gate. We might have to wait for another update, though. possibility is that the gate is a general multidimensional portal/conduit. She doesn't have the same knowledge as Maxy, so she could have need of it. With the Winona speculation, she could be planning to pull a certain someone in that way?
  12. Just wanted to mention that I tried a number of shenanigans involving the key, the staff, the torch, the fuelweaver, the gate, and the moonbase, and didn't come up with anything. Also the mooncaller's staff, just in case. Nothing there, either.
  13. theory

    Yea... I think/hope that no matter what the survivors do, they'll be stuck with someone playing with them like puppets. Charlie or otherwise.