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      Join us on our official Twitch Channel, where we will be previewing content that are currently being developed for the upcoming Oxygen Not Included update. As always, the stream will be going live on Thursday, June 29th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC), only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast. Note: As the game is still in development, game content shown in the update preview streams may change before going live on Steam Early Access.  Where is it?
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  1. Good use of what was available to you. If other players don't want tactics like that being used, rules should be set beforehand. Heck, my favorite combo is Dark Sword, Pan Flute, Lazy Explorer and Molehat. Stay unseen in the darkness, wait for the right moment...teleport on top of your opponent, take advantage of their surprise. Jumpscare kills are rather hillarious. Even better if the jerk was repairing clockworks while you were exploring the ruins to try and kill you indirectly a minute earlier. If you're reading this WX, hi. Another fun kill/extra damage method if you get the chance, and an opponent who's prototyping or doing something similar at night... Ice staff. Freeze them. Put out their fire. Pull out a torch, and stand far enough away that the light just barely doesn't reach them. Heh. Oh, and don't forget to dance. Seriously though. I rarely PVP in games like this, but when I do... I scare me.
  2. super buff showoff pose wolfgang swooning in the distance appreciating that art in motion
  3. Not the same as DS, but similar. They're both based around management of resources. The game wouldn't actually have to change much to work in multiplayer. Basically the same process that Don't Starve went through; identify one sim as the master and transfer information that the player is meant to have access to to other players. Heavier load due to all the calculations in this game, but that's just how that is. And yea, it might eventually need some extra features for it to be interesting, but I'm mostly thinking about mod-based multiplayer, or basic multiplayer support. The community's already coming up with mini-games and their own world designs, even with this just being single player. If Workshop support gets more extensive, it'd be pretty great for this game. Competitive matches in ONI could be really fun with community maps. As far as COOP goes, I'm thinking portals with some space between them. Players could choose whether to work with eachother or stay separate. There're a few things that could help multiplayer as much as single player. Ability to move containers with their contents (only by sufficiently strong dupes), ability to pack gasses and liquids into containers, ability to manually tell Dupes to move specific items to specific places, generally more individual control. That'd cover trade, while also making it easier to organize single player bases, and give more (presumably slower, but more readily available) options for moving resources around. Maybe enclosed suits, for better exploration. For multiplayer-specific things, add a setting to door locks to prevent other players' dupes from entering them. Specific ownership to anything manually constructed (machines, tiles, doors), with the ability to make it 'public'; preferably with a brush, like the priority tool. Ability to target dupes. That's about it. As far as PVP examples go...that's basically how any game works when the players get familiar enough with it. Rush and once you get a slight advantage, steamroll. Frankly, Don't Starve PVP is the same thing; if you get the Pan Flute first, you can end the game right there. Prolonged match, rush for control of the Ruins, get a Molehat and Lazy Explorer, and you're unmovable. Magic tech and Dark Sword/Night Armor spam if you really want to rub it in, but all they'll do is speed up the beat-down. PVP takes a lot of effort to get right. Not terribly interested in that aspect TBH, with the game being so heavily PVE, but adding the option would be nice. Competitions and occasional PVP mid-competition could be neat, but I just don't see it ever being a focus unless a lot of developmental/balancing effort were put into it, which would be a long-lasting headache. So yeah. Direct PVP, meh.
  4. Mm, that was the first panel I saw. Nice to see it here.
  5. Because most cave turfs have either defined patterns or messy textures, making them harder to work with in a heavily coordinated/symmetrical base, or one following specific paths and patterns (especially if it isn't planned from the beginning).
  6. Similar to other multiplayer games where you manage resources. Full disclosure, I love RTS's, so I'm pretty biased here. Players could each manage what they're best at, allowing for much more successful play sessions. Faster progress due to closer management and ability to split focus. Ect. Regular gameplay aside, it'd also allow people who aren't very good at the game to learn more directly from people who are. I honestly don't see Klei themselves implementing multiplayer any time soon (because they probably have a development plan that focuses on other stuff), but if more extensive modding support is added, we could see a scenario similar to Don't Starve where the community implemented multiplayer on their own. Heck, it's been done again with Shipwrecked.
  7. I mean, it could work. Lock dupes belonging to one player onto one color of outfit and only be controllable by that player, have multiple portals. Would be nice for splitting up tasks. Could see competitions too, with people already making custom maps.
  8. Upon being reminded that it exists, I made some totally serious, really important changes to my Steam profile.




  9. Saw it and it's a neat design.
  10. I like the background details. Especially the Charlie's rose.
  11. No gems, but I did get like a full stack of twigs. Yes, tumbleweeds actually exist. Maybe one day I'll show you my glorious arm. Totally unrelated FPS UI concept: I do stuff like this, too. Felt like actually posting this one. More words HERE Lately I've been jumping between projects/starting them on a whim more often in order to get a broader variety of practice in.
  12. Yea, my usual course is to put a small fence around the chest area. Haven't seen them attack fences; they just kinda slither along the sides.
  13. let's stream multiple days of gameplay into his brain You should try it.
  14. why don't you take a seat over there
  15. Nice job with that last set of skin splashes. Almost the official style.