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  1. Hey nome! I found somebody's Indie game website that happens to be called Nome, it looks pretty neat! Just thought you might like to know. :) 

  2. Never! If you only knew how much of that there is. Toni drew bee queen like three years ago. The creature I voiced still isn't in.
  3. [00:00:38]: CURL ERROR: ( Resolving timed out after 5016 milliseconds [00:00:45]: CURL ERROR: ( Could not resolve host: [00:00:45]: [Http] Curl call failed, retrying... [00:00:58]: CURL ERROR: ( Could not resolve host: [00:00:58]: [Http] Curl call failed, retrying... All DNS lookups failed. Check your DNS settings. Try ping from the command line.
  4. Happy Like-count milestone @nome!


    *hits like on a post*




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      Personally as a programmer I was much more pleased when I hit 1024 reputation and 256 posts simultaneously.

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      inb4 you get your rep and post count gets locked at 1024 and 256 respectively huehuehue

  5. Bugtracker sounds like the way to go here.
  6. It can be done. It is in no way against Klei's terms of service for you to convert your world from offline to online. We have even given vague instructions for doing so in the past. However, it's not something we've ever had time to automate, and we don't want people messing up the reasonably complex process and then coming to us for tech support on fixing their broken world. So it's unsupported. Feel free to do it, but only if you're sufficiently technical that you understand what you're doing and won't look to us to fix it. Much like mods.
  7. Do you like pineapple on pizza? Just wondering.

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    2. nome


      I do not like pineapple on pizza.

    3. Maslak


      Thanks for answering.

    4. nome


      You are welcome.

  8. There are things we could in theory do, it all boils down to resources. Doing that feature would take a bunch of programmer time and would mean we don't do something else, something that would maybe please more people.
  9. Close. Online worlds check you are who you say you are (using your steamid, PSN ID, Tencent Rail ID, etc, etc) while offline worlds just let you claim to be whomsoever you please, including people already in the game. It's fine if you're playing a friendly LAN game with your sister, but you wouldn't want to expose that to public play where you could be anonymously griefed by someone kicking you from your own server all day long and have absolutely nothing you could do about it.
  10. SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE means two or more programs are all trying to listen on a single UDP port. First come first served, the second guy gets that error message. Go through your config and give different listen addresses to each server, should fix your problem. Don't forget to forward the ports in your router if you want pings to show up to other users.
  11. Only two pleated shirts???
  12. @PeterA is way better at code-review than I am, and unfailing in his willingness to help others no matter how busy he is. @ImDaMisterL / @LadyD wake me up when things are broken, so that I can sleep soundly when things are not @JanH keeps everything running with a smile even when we tell him "Good job, Jan"
  13. Android also supports native code in C/C++
  14. Please let us know how it goes - we don't want to reenable purchase on Intel devices until people have confirmed it plays well.