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  1. But they're so soft and comfy, and I have sensitive feet!
  2. When will we be able to see this super secret smartphone photo that Jeff modeled when drawing your profile image?

  3. Your skins are tied to your PSN account - throwing your console in a river and buying a new one shouldn't affect your skins as long as you use the same account on the new console.
  4. That's correct.
  5. We really don't have the manpower to process manual skin gifts for everyone. We're not that big a studio. We will continue to work with Sony on an automatic solution and when we have something to announce we'll let you all know,
  6. Sadly Sony doesn't tell us who owns which games so we can't give these out on PS4.
  7. Very much not a multi-core friendly game. We have some stuff shunted off to other threads, and caves/overworld use different processes, but each world's lua is a single thread of execution that cannot benefit from a second core
  8. Yes. But then you have to invite the whole support team or there will be hurt feelings.
  9. You need to thank @SethR for that.
  10. We are working with our platform partners on ways to bring the puzzles to everyone - PS4 included. It's too early for us to make promises but that is something we are actively working toward.
  11. Not true, I gave one to @SethR first. And @PeterA has possessed the cup briefly during trade-tests before I traded back for it.
  12. I can confirm it's being actively worked on. I deployed some code for it this morning.
  13. Happy Nome Day

  14. There's no medical bills here, we're a Canadian company.
  15. Just wait. I have the same bug, I had to bring my laptop to the office for @Alia to see it firsthand and figure out what was causing it.