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  1. Just wait. I have the same bug, I had to bring my laptop to the office for @Alia to see it firsthand and figure out what was causing it.
  2. Well, it's Jeff's drawing of a smartphone picture of my face.
  3. Nope! You'll hear it when you hear it. Just like all the other DS creatures that sit around in version control waiting for a good time to inflict themselves upon you guys.
  4. Hot lava seems pretty fun, should I buy it?

  5. When did I gain the power to do this?

    1. Cyborgspaceninja


      I bet nome will like THIS!! I reaaaallly feeel it this time

  6. Ban @ImDaMisterL for thinking I read the rules of the thread rather than just that one post.
  7. Ban @Destros09 for not acknowledging @SethR as the originator of the potato cup
  8. Who's dead now?
  9. If you bought it, it should be in your inventory - there's no delay waiting for it to come out or anything like that.
  10. is the shipwreck DLC and characters Canon

    also what char is your favorite?

    1. DatShadowJK


      @nome only likes some posts

    2. Donke60



      Geez shadow replying to some old stuff

    3. DatShadowJK
  11. Yes, Valentine's is over as of yesterday afternoon I'm afraid. See you all next event!
  12. Hey nome! I found somebody's Indie game website that happens to be called Nome, it looks pretty neat! Just thought you might like to know. :)


    1. DatShadowJK


      That game looks decent xD

  13. Never! If you only knew how much of that there is. Toni drew bee queen like three years ago. The creature I voiced still isn't in.