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  1. PSS updates: Bull!Jack now has spooky paranormal abilities, and an eerie yet fast-paced lullaby battle theme Oberon likes video games while Jack likes sports The DH goddess Aries is the school mascot, and Jack represents her by wearing a low-budget costume Every tamed Jack form gives Jack a unique passive item to use to his advantage The bells go in the bag Students can be recruited with macaroni to fill a third party slot Oberon has a weird secret
  2. it begins but its also late so ill work on it tomorrow lel
  3. ding ding ^^^^ literally says "from J to J" on the letter
  4. blowing off some steam with a short animation exercise
  5. *shrieking in artist* push-ups malie pointing things out MOOOREEE HUMAAANNNSS borbs trees a lake playing with a vanishing point bunardo total pages today: 9
  6. next up in the portfolio^
  7. What doesnt count as 200 but I need to finish the portfolio before the month enDS BECAUSE A COLLEGE WANTS TO SEE ONE FROM ME AS WELL AS A SKETCH BOOK BEAT UP belkom PSS stuffs
    1. Chris1488
    2. Arlesienne
    3. AnonymousKoala


      mfw i have to make up edition names for you these days

  8. thumbnails for an accordion book donovan and zed stuff