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  1. same mood as always ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i just saw some cool violent stuff on imgur and wanted to be able to draw the same organized traditional violence no context needed to punch a slav you must squat like one some puffin stuffin
  2. spooky shidd edition warning for cartoon graphic violence and some completely sfw stuff and one suggestive pose mostly trying to exaggerate poses
  3. A commission A burger bun my buddy designed someone's oc self portrait My second drawing ever of adam actually interacting with his jacket friends dmitri's assblast from the past the difference practicing storyboarding on a microscopic scale something donoBan the slave trade is dangerous work zed's mom, aka angery chinese woman Alice dragons are the easiest and most ferocious way i know how to express emotion I tried to draw from life and literally got so bored i felt sick bendy and the drink machine sorry if i reposted something but please dont bother pointing it out if i did or not
  4. he's a naughty theif
  5. bunnies a friend designed
  7. ok yeah like I said, hurt/comfort mindy gave me an old version of flash sewing classes drawing a few ida monsters grow a lot i have to wear glasses now i actually never noticed how near-sighted i was now ill never hear the end of "its because youre on that computer"
  8. ty lads this one has tasteful nudity youve been warned even more dangerous, donovan making a stupid face
  9. this is all i felt like drawing today thanks for the birthday wishes, discord folks- i love ya today is the birth of me and zed yelling about beans