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  1. you just find the words i need !
  2. Haha, indeed ! but it was a way to show how much over-power this device was already making. when they go into the chambers, they don t even lose their time to repair generators. If u pay attention to the desoxydiser device, there are 4 pumps not needed too, increase by 15% Ox production for 33% more energy used ^^
  3. You dont even need a debug mode ^^ Water cooling needs three steps : - Cooling the geyser itself : seal it in a abyssalyte chamber, put wolframite wirebrigde over walls, create a cold environement around this chamber by letting mel ice and snow in containers upside. 90 °C --> 40°C - Cooling this 35 -40°C water in a tank made of wolframite gaz tile surrounded by multiples wheezworths . Dont pomp this water untill its reach 20°C -Last step, create a water flow among wheezworths. Here's a lil movie of it running, Go min 4.05 for watercooling.
  4. Hi, i just read this topic. I can run 4 Gaz generator with 2 geysers. baro sensor > 2000g for gaz pumps Only one water pump is needed for 4 electrolyser + 3 Scrubbers + Plants + Shower Then my 4 electrolyser are providing enough H2 to run 4 H generators. As Brummbar said all is about synergy, use valve for Gas Gen (60.5g/s) then u can split one geyser on two GG. See by yourself, here's a lil movie of it.
  5. Use your CO2 for plants, they will use it for grow and delete it slowly. U will need a lot of contaminated water in lategame, so scrubbers are needed too. For early game, store it in a chamber with the vent trick. Here's a lil video of it running
  6. There is not many ways to produce Ox. PO is unlimited. So i think these devices are the way klei wants us to follow. I mean using most of their devices to create machines. If once a day they decide water from geysers to be limited in time. They wont remove PO spam =) I hope they will give us a way to use new kind of metals and elements. I need a forge or something to boil metals. Without using any kind of "positive bug"
  7. Hi everybody ! Here's the new hydrogen blubber, bigger, faster, never overheats. T6 Wt -188.2°C T1 Wt -208.2°C --> Min H2 output temperature is -228°C. Still far from -256°C T2 Wt -203.2°C T3 Wt -198.2°C T4 Wt -193.2°C T5 Wt -183.2°C TP Ct -193.2°C --> Bubbling happens faster and PO never goes upside half building height, increasing efficiency. TF Wt -213.2°C --> Liquid oxygen stays colder( -190°C/-210°C) making it easier to transport in my opinion. I decided to put down gas vents in corners, where liquid oxygen will stay (few grams), allowing gas vent to work without Max Gas Pressure restriction. I saw that seperating both PO gas vents from each side of the cold finger increases the bubbling process efficiency. Max PO conversion was among 855g/s Special thanks for the guy witch started this topic and created this device, i spent like 80Hours to try these bubblers
  8. Here is a little movie of it running Hydrogen bubbler - YouTube
  9. Man, you are thinking like a god, i played 200h to this game trying failing devices. I can't even imagine how many time you spent to make this perfect. thanks for sharing