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  1. Here is a little movie of it running Hydrogen bubbler - YouTube
  2. Placebo prevent spore from spaming reducing their likelihood spam by 1% each time a dupe eats one of it. It works for all disease but diarhoea
  3. Yes , same thing here. It is a software issue since the first release, and i don t know why. I hope they will improve (fix) the game core.
  4. Man, you are thinking like a god, i played 200h to this game trying failing devices. I can't even imagine how many time you spent to make this perfect. thanks for sharing
  5. Where in the data files can u find these values ?
  6. Sometimes I feel like they don't us to make our own steam generation. Sadly
  7. Okey, but personally due to some kind of bug, i can t heat with batteries.
  8. with which kind of device did u made steam ?
  9. Magma is so far and deep... it makes me slave of it !
  10. How do you make sand with dirt ? amazing, sorry for my noobyness
  11. you are right Saturnus , i just prefered steam way because it is in my opinion more fun, and i use most of buildings and machine.
  12. Useless ? Contaminated water + Heat ==> water + dirt , u dare say useless ?
  13. I just to want to make my own steam with my contaminated water in order to get pure water and dirt. If i can do it, so i can create closed rooms and find how to thrive without dig anymore.
  14. All is about keeping things under control, and why create the tepidizer ?
  15. Depends of the metal you use when u build it.