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  1. some tips: pick dupe with low decor expectation decor your colony sweep & mop the floor where your dupe walk/have activities improve their meal quality watch their vital & status, see their negative stat/debuff especially the one that have effect on stress
  2. What's your current cycle? how large is your colony? (for example 1 biome, 2 biomes, etc) how many dupes are in your colony? are you experiencing low fps from the start or after 100-200 cycles? Unlike other game where they usually depends a lot on GPU performance, ONI is a simulator game that depends more on CPU performance rather than your Graphic Card. So disabling vsync or lowering graphic setting (such as resolution, lightning effect, etc) might help or might not help, because most likely what causing your low fps is your CPU not GPU. or perhaps RAM. On a side note, this game also aren't being optimize yet. So performance issue is quite common.
  3. just to make sure. how many NG Gen are you building? The batteries are only starting to fill when the Gen produce extra power. That's after the gen already feeding enough power to those transformers.
  4. Oh.. so my guess are correct? The one which being overloaded are the other circuit grid. And why the bridge took the damage is probably due to a bug. weird one though, need future testing.
  5. No. even if you build them normally, you still need battery in order for the tepidizer to work normally. It has been like this since they introduce the transformer.
  6. how much W is your colony using each second? click your main power network or one of your generator. I think you might have problem in your gas pipes. The problem lies in your NGG pumping, my best guess you don't have the optimize setup for the CO2 pipes which make your NGG not always working. When they can't pump out the CO2, they'll stop working for every 1-2 seconds. The easiest way to check: Click your main power grid and see if all your generators keep working or idling. If it's not always working, you'll see "not pumping" status in those generators. If this is the case. check your gas pipe
  7. weird, the one who should be overloaded are your other grid (connected to 3 gas pump, 3 gas filter, and i don't know that bridge connect to what. seems to be connected to another heavy watt wire. if all of those machines are working. it should be overloaded. can you pls upload your save file? my wire bridge never broke before.
  8. except Ellie is not working hard at all.. I see her earlier just idling near the printing pod!
  9. It's not magic or sorcery. You connect the pipe from water filtration to the vent.
  10. Depends. If the circuit always consume large amount of power from 1 transformer (let's say 900-1000W), you gonna want/need to put at least 1 battery. Without the battery, the transformer will become out of juice every 1-2 seconds. What this do is your machine will stop working for a split seconds. The battery will act like somesort of UPS and make power flow in the circuit stable
  11. The only gas that you can't get rid off right now is chlorine. Air Scrubber for CO2. Hydrogen Generator for Hydrogen. Natural Gas Generator for Natural Gas. Dupes for O2 (& Polluted O2). Puff for Polluted O2. For you Natural Gas Generator, build a vent CO2 room with air scrubber inside it. This is the easiest way to make sure your NG generator keep pumping. Sometimes Polluted O2 can be pretty crazy with its pressure (40kg +), just spread it around or use puff to clear it out over time.
  12. technically they called you a hacker. well be brace, in the future they will probably fix the valve exploit (if you don't mind me calling it exploit).
  13. Until a dev says if you don't register you won't get a gift, based on the forum post and every text on that site, it all just means that site is a way to tell you if you will get a gift or not and to tell them you want a email. sorry, but it's so funny that I couldn't resist but to post this. You guys should probably swap your name. Captain Rage is not raging enough. anyway, AFAIK yes that link is only to check your eligibility.
  14. there is a bug where they can get stuck in a door/floor. check it by deconstructing floor/open your door
  15. I usually split my irrigation pipe into smaller group of farm. each irrigation pipe connect to 2-5 farms. (still using single pump) yes takes more space for the pipes. but it split more equally since start