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  1. oh yeah, i didn't notice that the 2 tiles apart also works for the emptier. But i still think wetting their own tile is a mess though, i prefer the current one where they dump it into an empty tile. encouraging us to lower or waiting for a mesh tile in order to not flood the floor is a bit annoying. I rather they have another building later on that allow us to connect the empitier to a pipe.
  2. that's good to know! so we don't have to worry about dupe that sneeze too hard or any potential dupe that try and train their sneezing technique or any further sneezing competition in the colony
  3. hahahahaha... A: I'm gonna do some training! B: Woah, what kind? A: sneezing with eyes open. B: Uhm.. k. of all the training people could do, like trying to go super saiyan or to do cool stunt. i wonder if there is actually people who train and compete to sneeze without closing eyes.
  4. just want to point this out, bottle emptier are available since the start. mesh tile are tier 3 tech. so it will took a while before they flooding the tile, lowering the tile would still make the dupe step on the same tile while placing the bottle (debuff)
  5. Yes, they have a 30 or 33% chance to drop seed for every harvest. B.Emptier can be mirrored because you need to control where the water will come out. but yes, extending this feature it to anyother object will be neat
  6. sleet wheat is the easy enough to plant in the wild/natural ice biome, but you should try to plant bristle berries for higher food quality. and sleet took a long time to grow too. the easiest way farm bristle perhaps by planting several wheezwort with 3-4 tiles gap between the farm to cool down the room temperature. or just pump in cool area in it. there are more advanced setup you could do. i often see some screenshot in the forum where people show off their farm, or watch streamer/youtube video about farming guide
  7. you should report this. the dev could probably do something so that geyser won't spawn near or within the neutronium tiles.
  8. i agree with Lifegrow, i guess point 1-6 are quite common for every colony. the only challenge here is the 100 dupes. and IMO It's not really challenging or anything like that. it's just a matter of time and how large you expand your base. the real final boss will be your FPS. lol.. that's a real challenge.. especially for the dev *run away*
  9. lol.. yeah this might be the case. for some reason they can't access the storage area, that's why it's not showing any resources (except if they are lying on the ground outside that airlocks)
  10. Yup.. most of us who getting used to the NG Geyser are ruin. lol You can report bug here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni-alpha/ But what you are experiencing is not a bug, most likely you are just re-load your save file and the game haven't update the resource yet. Unpaused the game and see all of your resources coming back to your colony.
  11. some tips: pick dupe with low decor expectation decor your colony sweep & mop the floor where your dupe walk/have activities improve their meal quality watch their vital & status, see their negative stat/debuff especially the one that have effect on stress
  12. What's your current cycle? how large is your colony? (for example 1 biome, 2 biomes, etc) how many dupes are in your colony? are you experiencing low fps from the start or after 100-200 cycles? Unlike other game where they usually depends a lot on GPU performance, ONI is a simulator game that depends more on CPU performance rather than your Graphic Card. So disabling vsync or lowering graphic setting (such as resolution, lightning effect, etc) might help or might not help, because most likely what causing your low fps is your CPU not GPU. or perhaps RAM. On a side note, this game also aren't being optimize yet. So performance issue is quite common.
  13. just to make sure. how many NG Gen are you building? The batteries are only starting to fill when the Gen produce extra power. That's after the gen already feeding enough power to those transformers.
  14. Oh.. so my guess are correct? The one which being overloaded are the other circuit grid. And why the bridge took the damage is probably due to a bug. weird one though, need future testing.
  15. No. even if you build them normally, you still need battery in order for the tepidizer to work normally. It has been like this since they introduce the transformer.