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  1. The Gods from above has praised us with an update! My Mighty Arms thank you!
  2. Normally for buliding situations or griefers. On a rare moon I rollback if I died by something ridiculous. ....frogs /(_,_,)/
  3. I prefer strong characters, its either Wigfrid or Wolfgang. Not saying other characters abilities aren't worthy enough, its just these two have different benefits for different situations in-game. Also I like Ham.
  4. Both, I perfer ps4 though. Im not into mods so its no problem playing how the game is naturally and its always smooth gameplay on console. Controls aren't as good as pc and their isn't any custom button layout, but its easy to adjust after awhile. I'd say theirs more beginners on console than their is on pc in my experience playing. Plenty of friendly people on both sides, some with mics or no mics. Griefers are 50/50 for both. Console is behind in updates at the moment. Obviously pc version is better, but it depends on your situation and what you play on the most.
  5. Noob - your a noob. Player - your a playa. OG - You got skills son.
  6. I think freezing a character in battle because of low sanity is a bad way to go. Wolfgang shouldn't have any disadvantage that can be fatal in battles. He's suppose to be exactly how he's currently played, a tank. Reducing anything involving his speed and damage input would just make him unfun to play as. I think wilson needs perk adjustments more than anyone.
  7. I agree that Wilson lacks, the fact that his beard hair can be obtained through simple means for other characters and that his bread is really only good for the first winter makes me feel like he lacks the benefits of team survival. Give the guy some potions or allow him to create structures that other characters can't think of, He's a freaking scientists. Not only that, maxwell gave him a ton of knowledge in the first game in the trailer/opening, so I know for a fact that he's capable of more than what were giving him.
  8. I shouldn't even have to tell you who I main.
  9. Sony would restrict mods so who knows. No custom characters or new objects (no new anything really) wouldn't be in the game. Whatever is in dst can be modified, objects that arent in the game but remain in the files would work too, nothing else. Could add useful client only mods as a update to add them as part of the game, mods like those only affect the person who has the mod on which wouldn't effect anyone elses experience / performance.
  10. Hounds are no problem imo, its a food provider and tooth trap supplier. Yes it gets annoying, but thats what makes the game fun/challenging, because its unexpected. At any moment past 100 days, hound attacks are faster than it takes pigs to spawn back and they come in packs, these wolfs... Wolfs...that are in big could called them gangs .... .... Wolfgang (I am Mighty!)
  11. I wish, apparently the ps4 ver. is using a completely different ID (account), so we can't merge with the steam ID (account). I still to this day question why we cannot just link our steam ID (account) onto the ps4 ver. and just access skins that way, but I guess things on the other end must be complicated for the devs.
  12. Did more research and found out that the sound happens with different tools too.
  13. I can't wait for this to be on console. I can finally play on official servers again. Im mighty btw.