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  1. As always in these adjust the characters posts I always will disagree. Short and simple.
  2. @The Curator you cant go wrong with more weapons no? The faces of my enemies must be smashed in with new weapon!
  3. New armor but no new weapon? Wolfgang can't fight without new weapon!
  4. Your profile picture fits perfectly for what you just posted.
  5. Random Suggestions: Reinstall Dst? (Literally Delete everything manually in your Don't Starve Together folder and Don't Starve Together Dedicated. location: Steam\steamapps\common) Checked and see if firewall is causing issues? ( I never have mine on.) Tried right clicking on DST (dontstarve_steam) and click properties and in the compatibility tab, changed the compatibility mode to a lower version like windows 8 and also set it to run as administrator? Tired using any game booster application to improve performance? Tried going to: Control Panel\System and Security\System and click advanced system settings on your right and on Advanced tab click on the adjust for best performance circle then while on the same pop up click the Advanced tab and click Adjust the best performance for programs circle? Have you tried enabling all your cores on your laptop if you have multiple ones? if you do have more than one core, do this: 1. Open the Start menu. Click the "Search programs and files" box at the bottom, type "msconfig" and press "Enter." A new window titled "System Configuration" appears. 2. Click the "Boot" tab at the top of the window. 3. Click the "Advanced Options" button. A new window titled "BOOT Advanced Options" appears. 4. Click to place a check in the "Number of processors" box. 5. Click the drop-down menu below the box, and select a number. Note that you cannot select a number larger than the number of processor cores present in your computer. 6. Click "OK" twice, and restart the computer. I am a laptop windows 10 user that updates their pc frequently and not once have I ever experienced any bad performance or freezes from playing any don't starve games. I have experienced some slow performance once, but I fixed that by reinstalling the game. I also do a complete rescan/defrag/fix to my computer once a month.
  6. Just don't dig anything up and enjoy the occasional walks around the world and collect whatever you need. it may be time consuming, but at the same time it lets you check out parts of the map and see what's going on in the environment, you'd be surprised what you'd see on day 250. or.. Just dig up plants before winter starts and replant them during spring and dig them again before summer starts. If I dig stuff up, I'll only dig them up on either the day before winter and replant during spring and let them stay out till winter starts back again. I've never got any diseased plants. My muscles allow me to carry everything with the speed of a walking cane so I naturally enjoy the trips and I kill stuff on my way to and back.
  7. I think having vote restrictions until a certain amount of days in a world is a good idea. Lots of people that just joined attempt to reset servers that others were in since day one. It isn't fair for them in my opinion. Also, we need to make the kick system kick players automatically if he/she leaves the server during the vote so that way the kick system won't be taken advantage of.
  8. Step 1 find grass. Step 2 find twigs. Step 3 give wolfgang all your food. Step 4 GIVE WOLFGANG ALL YOU FOOD! Step 5 build a base. At this point, you and wolfgang will be ready for anything. Step 6 go fight a boss. Step 7 think about life choices.
  9. Characters have different abilties/ stats to stand out from each other, its what makes the game fun and brings a different challenge for each character you play as. If you don't like that, find or create a mod that can adjust to your preference of gameplay. Also my muscles help me lift boulders. Lets not change that fact.
  10. yes, I have both pc and ps4 versions.
  11. I didn't even know that was a thing and I also didn't know that on solo Don't Starve the thermal stones don't have durability.
  12. I would like to join this group.
  13. Ban Watermelen for not being in my stomach.