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  • Biography I'm a semi-average Don't Starve player with a play style that involves finding the quirky ways to play the game, along with boldly adventuring. I absolutely LOVE Shipwrecked because it forces me to get out of my usual style of base squatting, and my personal luck usually pays off. Except when I get 3 snake oils in two days. In Don't Starve, RoG, and Shipwrecked, I now main Maxwell for a great glass cannon. In Together, I instead main the hated Webber, because he's not used often and he's great for both meat items and silk. Griefing isn't productive, anyway. Well, enough about me. What about you?
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  • Occupation I'm the Toilet King, with a plunger sceptre and a golden throne!

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Some would call me a mad genius. All this knowledge, but at what cost? Maybe the cost is me spreading insanity everywhere I go in as many ways possible and-OOH A KITTY!