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  1. No, like the base game. Birds wake up instantly when feeding them.
  2. So...kind of like caged birds in Don't Starve? That sounds reasonable. Would certainly help the Lights Out players.
  3. 6 Beard Hair can be used to craft a Fake Beard. Head slot, does nothing. Too op?
  4. Eh...sure. Why not? Although the hit absorption needs a really long cooldown, as the Bone Armor already offers this.
  5. I've come up with 2 fun ideas for this interesting staff/cane. May as well make this fast. 1. Add a teleportation symbol over a wielded The Lazy Explorer to toggle teleportation. This would prevent misclicks that lower durability and still retain our pretty staff/cane. 2. Give us the hook back on our Ancient Cane skins! The gem could fit quite well in the thulecite hook. Extra (3?). After using our The Lazy Explorer to 0%, maybe drop a Walking Cane where we are after that? The cane itself seems fairly sturdy. The gem, not so much. Would aid those unlucky players who get so few canes from winter. That's all from me! Post away, fellow readers!
  6. Ban DragonMage156 for the atrocious grammar
  7. This suggestion would certainly make Maxwell a little more fun to use, and with no usage of Nightmare Fuel, Maxwell can replace that slot with the Codex Umbra for puppets on the spot. Besides, who needs sanity?
  8. First one, maybe. It would be nice for the boss drops, as the 1 or 2 players who have that recipe can't always be online. Second one, no. There's a popular mod called Extra Slots for that very purpose. Granted, many like myself will never choose a chest-slot clothing item over more hoarding space, but we gladly sacrifice it. Third, Rocks and Nitre are renewable underground from earthquakes, and they also come from moleworm burrows you dig up. Just don't unearth it when a moleworm is in it and they'll make another to dig up.
  9. I guess it would make sense, but how could you kill that adorable fatty? You monster...
  10. Are you splitting up or staying together? Those numbers seem to indicate one or two players are close together when they spawn. Even then, with all those tooth drops, it would be more viable to set up a panic area for hound attacks. 15-18 hounds means a lot of meat and extra drops. May as well take them.
  11. Personally, I've always found the Shadow Duelists to be a bit underwhelming. They can kite, yes, but with the kiting power of a pig. If pigs kited as well as a player, they wouldn't die to half the mobs we aggro them onto. Mayhaps they could attack faster, harder, and kite sooner? An excellent trade-off for Maxwell himself fending off the shadow creatures and their innate low health... Although I have found fun uses for them. Obviously, there's the Nightmare Fuel farming, but a Koalafant can easily be aggro'd without cornering them, with the right maneuvering. They're also handy for the rare boss that doesn't have an AoE attack, so you can keep the aggression on you and still fight like a decently large team would.
  12. Seems like you've only got the characters figured out and not the DLC itself. I entered this thread for just that. The story, the mechanics, the area of gameplay, the mobs, then possibly the characters. For this reason, I can't really give an opinion yet, so I'll just leave this post here as a placeholder until then.
  13. Yes, please. Nerf him. The balloons on demand deal way too much damage.
  14. Seeing as this item is essential for efficient Ruins travel in DST, I can say that I support this idea. Not like we'll be using all that Nightmare Fuel for the magic tab. Besides, those misclicks do get rather annoying after a while.