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  • Biography I'm a semi-average Don't Starve player with a play style that involves finding the quirky ways to play the game, along with boldly adventuring. I absolutely LOVE Shipwrecled because it forces me to get out of my usual style of base squatting, and my personal luck usually pays off. Except when I get 3 snake oils in two days. In Don't Starve, RoG, and Shipwrecked, I now main Maxwell for a great glass cannon. In Together, I instead main the hated Webber, because he's not used often and he's great for both meat items and silk. Griefing isn't productive, anyway. Well, enough about me. What about you?
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  1. Ban watermelon because I'm now a trans-madmin with a banhammer
  2. Ban DimWhat because they're a spoopy skeleton who scares younger forum members away
  3. Surely, I'm missing something here, but water beefalos seem damn near impossible to kill. The moment I hit them, they strike back instantly, giving me no chance to kite them. I would just tank the one, but then the whole herd starts chasing me and I can't lure just the one away. Mostly, this is just for the helmet, but the dripple pipes could be handy for some manure-less farming. The mass killing strategy involves a Volcanic Staff when they huddle together at dusk, but there's two problems with that. One, that's a waste of meat that I likely wouldn't use all of before it spoiled, even if I dried it as they spoiled. The other problem is sea hounds. All that meat in the water will attract a horde to the spot, which will proceed to eat all the precious meat and make it a pain to collect the horns. The other strategy is ranged weapons. Blow darts seem a little expensive to use for a chance at a horn and speargun means I would likely lose track of the beefalo by the time I retrieved my weapon. The latter seems more doable, but I'm still wondering if there's a better way. Any tips?
  4. I've had the idea for this type of character for a bit, but something about Rawling in SW really got me thinking... Watricia, a therapist character for Don't Starve Together. "How does this make you feel?" =Stats= Health: 100 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 250 =Mysterious Powers= -Her very presence offers a sanity gain of 1 per minute -Starts with Rawling, which she can't remember why she keeps it -Can build therapy chairs to chat with other players, each exchanging hunger, but only the character joining her to gain 10 sanity per minute. Chair degrades over a period of one full day of use. Could be expensive to make. -Rawling starts speaking to her when going insane, offering her pointless advice that she follows. Doing what Rawling says will provide benefits, such as faster resource gathering, better damage, and more efficient recipes. -When insane, she instead emits an insanity aura of 3 per minute. -Special recipes just for her when insane. Rawling seems to be influencing her. Maybe he's possessed by "them"? One may involve a peach basket. In the end, I thought of a character who can function well when either sane or insane. Sure, this idea is weird, but I would regret it if I never threw it out there. You may now reply.
  5. It's always nice to see leechers get their just desserts, even if it was a character that I main.
  6. Not sure where this goes, so I'll stick the thread here. At some point in the future, I'll be starting a server with friends. But none of us are particularly interested in how weak armor was compared to our personal games, along with the halved usage on golden tools. Are there any mods that can remedy armor health/absorbtion and golden tool durability? I've searched all over, but can't think of what mods like these could be called. Yes, we know about kiting, and we also know that lag can really be a hassle when it decides to start around something that destroys armor fairly quick.
  7. Ban DatShadow for being a puny smallbirb that can't kill birds fast enough
  8. Hi! Thieverpedia here, and if you're like me, you love to eat butter, but hate how pure it is... What you need is my revolutionary Satanic Butter! This evil pack of butter glows red and tastes downright evil, perfect for spreading on bread or throwing at people! For 255 easy payments of $6.66, one stick of Satanic Butter can belong to YOU! (Warning! Consumption may result in the burning of your soul, debaucherous acts, love of the dark lord, obesity, and fiery sweat. We are not liable for any of this and this product may just be butter with red food dye) Order yours today at 1-800-Fakenum!
  9. An official translation would be nice, but for the time being, Klei seems to be putting a lot of effort into other projects. Maybe they'll find some free time and work on porting the language over. The more the merrier ♡
  10. Maybe it's just me being nitpicky, but I've noticed Coffee in my linked world doesn't increase my temperature in Winter. Isn't it supposed to heat the body from the inside-out?
  11. Ban Master Jand for killing a half-kitty
  12. Ban DimWhat because Rawling told me to
  13. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how wonderful these hard shelled cornucopia of food items is? They're like, incredible. Tacos...
  14. Ban Master Jand for loving burritos over tacos (post entered a little late)
  15. It's cute now, but it doesn't really stop most people from cutting it down. And, you know, cute factor is nice once in a while. Could use... -Bigger, shinier eyes staring directly at the player -Squishy animation -Rolling around adorably idle -Making it kinda love you by performing some tricks -Maybe a heartbreaking cry if you still kill it, along with a guilt tripping quote from the player I'm all for the extra meat, but it isn't cute enough to make me consider sparing it.