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  1. Personally, I've always found the Shadow Duelists to be a bit underwhelming. They can kite, yes, but with the kiting power of a pig. If pigs kited as well as a player, they wouldn't die to half the mobs we aggro them onto. Mayhaps they could attack faster, harder, and kite sooner? An excellent trade-off for Maxwell himself fending off the shadow creatures and their innate low health... Although I have found fun uses for them. Obviously, there's the Nightmare Fuel farming, but a Koalafant can easily be aggro'd without cornering them, with the right maneuvering. They're also handy for the rare boss that doesn't have an AoE attack, so you can keep the aggression on you and still fight like a decently large team would.
  2. Seems like you've only got the characters figured out and not the DLC itself. I entered this thread for just that. The story, the mechanics, the area of gameplay, the mobs, then possibly the characters. For this reason, I can't really give an opinion yet, so I'll just leave this post here as a placeholder until then.
  3. Yes, please. Nerf him. The balloons on demand deal way too much damage.
  4. Seeing as this item is essential for efficient Ruins travel in DST, I can say that I support this idea. Not like we'll be using all that Nightmare Fuel for the magic tab.
  5. Title says it all. Although this wouldn't affect large teams, it certainly would help smaller teams when there simply aren't enough players to attempt this boss. As of now, there is literally no reason to kill the Grumble Bees, as she'll just spawn more right after they die. Please give her at least a 10 second cooldown on her spawning so us smaller teams can actually get a chance to kill her without being stunlocked and swarmed when we're just about to kill her. It's bad enough that we can't re-supply after burning through healing items, because she'll just replant herself. A group of 9 bees isn't much to a team of 6, but to a team of 2 or 3?
  6. All such wonderful suggestions. Personally, my favorite was giving them a Maxwell's Light-esque usage. Fill it up, have it turn on in the vicinity of players, and turn off to conserve fuel. It would be an excellent trade off considering how at night, you're already losing sanity. Although I would have to wonder if the fuel would need to last quite a bit longer to compensate for the time obtaining all that fuel to keep them stocked.
  7. You're in luck. Sort of. We've been looking for a Wolfgang with some experience in the game and you're literally the only one that applied. Maybe we could work on curbing your reckless behavior...send me an invite on Steam and I'll send the Discord link.
  8. So, I have no clue where to post these two things, as there was no section to post a forum bug, so I'll stick them here, and a moderator is free to move them somewhere else. First bug! Upon using the Quote option, my scroll wheel no longer works on the Klei Forums, until I close the tabs with the forums and return. Second is being unable to delete a quote box after I've deleted all text. Try as I might, it simply won't go away. I've tried refreshing the page and still no luck being able to delete it. When I try pressing Enter, it simple creates another line in the quote box, so I can't get under it to delete it. I'll post a pic here. That's all I got. Um...enjoy your day?
  9. weres base im gona die weres baaaaaase freezing here weres base too lazy to get fire supplies weres base
  10. Hmm...hard to say. I think I'm caught between Wickerbottom and Wendy. Wickerbottom is fantastic for resource collection. With Wickerbottom, it's obviously raw material farming, but mass farming Dragon Fruits if we get that many farms going is absolutely fantastic for bossing. We can save the pierogis for that one Wigfrid player and the Wolfgang player gets food that both fills his belly fast and restores a lot of health, all for 1 fruit and 3 twigs. She's also able to farm naughtiness rather quickly for Krampus spawning, a strategy I'll be using in the future in my server to eventually get some Krampus Sacks going. Like Maxwell, she's also able to go insane rather fast, which is quite the boon, given that Sleepytime Stories requires Nightmare Fuel for crafting. It compliments her so well... Wendy is my secondary main that I've grown attached to from my Lights Out worlds. Granted, in a normal file, her strength in Abigail diminishes, but she's still fantastic for stunlocking weaker enemies like spiders and killer bees to death in broad daylight. When using her, I'm usually called up to destroy the Killer Beehives or mass harvest Spider materials, which in turn results in materials for fighting the Bee Queen, collecting meat filler, and getting an excess of glands for Healing Salves. I find that she pairs well with Webber. It may just be one Monster Meat saved for starting civil wars, but every bit counts, personally. I also enjoy her for easier sanity management for when I'm not interested in farming Nightmare Fuel. All I need to do is plop a Top Hat or Cat Cap on and my sanity loss from both dusk and night are completely negated. If I had to choose one, I'd have to say...Wickerbottom? Despite all that Wendy has to offer, there are other methods to farm spiders, kill the killer bees, and keep sanity up. Those books are just way too good to pass up. Who needs sanity, anyway? TL;DR, Wickerbottom.
  11. Although I'm a little suspicious, I guess we could have you around in case someone isn't able to join.
  12. So, I just had this fun thought. What if rarely, the Loot Stash wouldn't vanish, but instead be left behind with it's key? Carry it like a statue all the way to your base, plop it down, and give it 25 spaces that only a key holder can open and close. Just a thought, I guess. Might need something to differentiate it from the Loot Stash that respawns.
  13. I couldn't reach you via Direct Messages, but accepted! You're available as an extra, as any character you choose.
  14. You've been accepted as an extra player on our server! You can choose anyone you so desire. Have fun starving together <3