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  1. If you're suggesting that his transformation could be controlled, I could agree. One of the things DST has is the Log Meter for Woodie. It's pretty handy, and I've seen some good Woodie players use it rather well. Personally, I've been rotating characters in my merged world by resetting only the RoG side for 3 more Houndius Shootius. Woodie is the only one I may skip over due to the annoying werebeaver form draining all of his stats after reverting.
  2. Have another fun character idea! Waffles is a dog who was drawn into the Don't Starve world along with his master, and he's been searching for him ever since, but even if he saw him, he likely wouldn't recognize him anymore. Expect some perks related to being a lovable dog! =Stats= Health: 175 Hunger: 250 Sanity: 75 =Special Powers= Pros -Natural faster run speed, set at 9 -Tracks have twice the chance to end in a Koalefant -Stronger unarmed attack, in the form of a bite that deals 25 damage -In Shipwrecked, he can swim at the speed of a bamboo raft and doesn't drown, at the cost of 2x hunger drain. Both perks are forfeit at 75 hunger or lower. Cons -Is unable to use certain items, as he grips them in his mouth. Walking Cane, Umbrella, and Fishing Rods are some things. -Takes 3x the time to craft, as he has no opposable thumbs -Loses 4.4 sanity in the rain and 20 sanity when lightning strikes near him All in all, I thought of another animal character that could be fun to use, because who doesn't like a derpy dog? Feel free to throw your opinions out now!
  3. Sure. We're super desperate right now. Will send you details for Discord in a private message.
  4. Simply put, this function does not work for me. I'm unaware if it's affecting anyone else, but for me, I can't seem to update any of the out-of-date mods so I can see what they are and possibly remove them. I've tried updating each one individually, I've tried initiating it and confirming that I wanted them updating, I've hit apply, I've restarted the game, and yet they're still not updating at all. I can't even remove these eyesores from the list, as they refuse to get off of it.
  5. Ban Pyromailmann because that name makes them look fat
  6. Because...why not? Miner Hat could be a sombrero with lights hanging off it and the Rain Hat could be a larger varient of it in a sombrero shape.
  7. Fairly simple issue, though I'm not sure if the cause is from the mobile version of the site itself or my phone. Simply put, if I use the quote option on the mobile version, it quotes the wrong post and I can't use Backspace to delete anything. Select All and Cut sometimes works, but then I can't delete the quote box regardless. That's all for now. I'm sure my phone has other bugs for me to notice...
  8. You recently posted on a thread regarding an experienced server. We're always accepting, but do note that I'm not currently on home net, just phone net, meaning it may be a while before I host a server.

    It's also a fairly inactive Don't Starve Discord chat, so people have been getting impatient and leaving almost a day after. You're still free to join us, but the ones who are playing are either on public servers or hosting themselves.

    1. Kenami


      Uhhh, Not sure what happened but that whole thing got deleted. Sure, I would still like to join the server btw. Lol.

    2. Thieverpedia


      Add me via Discord, Thieverpedia #5449

  9. May as well, honestly. Griefers can already do enough damage with it's durability in place. It may even be better if it only causes smouldering, as new griefers wouldn't notice the update and we could put the flames out easier.
  10. *I have a large following, you know.* -Discord

    *1 Follower* -IRL


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    2. Thieverpedia


      I sense wish to join The Harem, don't you? Spreading the word of how wonderful I am, carrying my golden throne with me atop it, feeding my ego at every possible chance, and attacking the naysayers is always fun...

    3. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      Be careful there! Your slipping into your alter ego, Developous!

    4. Thieverpedia


      Accepted! Report to the Harem Castle's medbay for lobotomization so you can't question my insane logic!

  11. A pointless item suggestion and it isn't even April 1st...I like the way you think.
  12. and a friend get a lot of people who can't read our server's name, so I can relate. Too many times, we had people join and leave, or stay and die to darkness. The ones that did make it to the base usually base squatted or died somewhere else. Oddly no Willow griefers. We thought one of them torched the postern area, but it was just two things in Summer from smouldering. Had a couple newish players who questioned how we achieved the "impossible" task of surviving 350 days without the sun, and I think they promptly left after our obvious answer. But enough of my experinces. It's nice to know other players are giving this kind of world a try.
  13. How odd. Why would anyone obsess over cold-blooded zombies? We all know the Canadians are coming to eat us, as they crave American flesh for some reason.
  14. Who are you? More importantly, are you edible?
  15. How was I never aware of Don't Starve shipping? I always assumed it was just Wickers and Woodie/Wolfgang, know...grannies can get lonely too.