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  1. I asume that the halloween and holiday events return whit skindrops, but will the gobbler event also make a return next year or is it another event instead. wanna try to get those skins.
  2. how do i take a screenshot one chrome, the tablet doesnot apear when i do it.
  3. im here, need a buddy too

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    2. Wrexus47


      i have allready solved it, but if you havent i can still help

    3. 777088_1452795141


      That will be great cuz I still cant find anybody to help...

    4. Wrexus47


      still need help, i have 2 hours today to help

  4. same thing happened to me but whit a gas pump, one or some pipes must be conected wrong or you have clean water that is in the contanimated water pipe side of your system. or if you are using a pipe bridge then it migt be backwards. post some screenshots if you need more help (if this count as help ¯\_ツ_/¯ ).
  5. good thing that everyone in my firts colony died before that happened to me.
  6. you will get that if you deconstrukt a air puryfier.
  7. like in projekt zomboid, where you can only give your character that many possitive quirks and level it out whit negative ones..
  8. placing red alarm lamps would fit in amazingly, or a siren or something like that.