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  1. In theory it should, but I've never gotten worthwhile results. With 3 electrolyzers at the bottom of my base it takes too long for the little pockets of hydrogen to find their way into the generator. I've also tried enclosing an electrolyzer in a small area and pumping out all other gases while hydrogen is sent straight to a generator and that hasn't worked out either. To be clear, I'm not talking about the generator filling up and not operating like it used to prior to the thermal update, the generator just isn't being supplied with enough gas to function usefully. In my current colony I could potentially improve this by building a very high number of feeder pumps (currently there are two, intelligently placed at the top of my base), but with such a high running cost why bother?. I still don't think it would work using only electrolyzers I'm sure the generator works fine if you're pumping in gas from a large hydrogen pocket, but it isn't viable under any other circumstance. At least I haven't managed to get it working yet. I think if it accumulated hydrogen in it's storage and then started operating when it was full, that could be all that's needed for it to function. The machine requires a properly working buffer to function.
  2. Thanks everyone in this thread for pointing out the backed up water issue. Improving the output piping really does help alleviate this. I am still getting some interrupted showers, which could be due to my quick and dirty solution, but I think sometimes dupes also cancel the job to do other things as well (I could be wrong about this; I didn't have much space to improve the output flow and no room for valves). I'll plan my next base with this in mind.
  3. I see what you both mean now, but I don't have a huge issue with how it works currently, it is at least easy to see what's going on. The thing is though, if implemented as you say, you wouldn't need to use the heavy gauge wires for much aside from connecting multiple generators and your batteries, as the combined wattage of multiple appliances isn't that high a lot of the time. Perhaps that could be another reason why they went with this simplified method (heavy gauge wires are also a material sink). As we get more and more machinery, with higher individual power draw, I can see 'proper' electrical wiring being more fun to plan around and build with. I'd always welcome more realism and complexity
  4. I've never gotten a consistently running hydrogen generator. It just doesn't seem possible to keep it fed with enough gas. Right now I do have one set up, but It's honestly just producing the odd bit of bonus power and I primarily keep it around to stop hydrogen build up. It isn't producing enough power to pay for the pumps that feed it.
  5. Hot and cold does seem to transfer between materials and objects, but it seems to be inconsistent, either that or i'm misunderstanding how some of these interactions are supposed to work.
  6. I completely agree about the generator sliders. I haven't been able to use them effectively at all. Because of this I tend to remove manual generators as soon as possible and just set coal generators to a priority of 7 to hopefully keep them fed. Leaving them around will just lead to dupes wasting time using them for no good reason. Regarding circuits, it's been my experience (at least in the latest builds) that they only overload when power draw exceeds the 1 or 2 KW limit. I have a circuit with lots of equipment (most of which is rarely used) and potential usage exceeds the max wattage, but I haven't had any overloads because those extra stations are almost never turned on. This seems like it's working as it should be to me. Speaking of circuits, we also need an overlay or ui of some sort with colour coding to denote different circuits, and hopefully some real-time statistics showing totals for power produced, consumed, potential power usage etc. You can get the grid statistics already, but not easily.
  7. Massage tables. Use them. You can build them without any research as well. Your massage room and the bedrooms should be the first places you decorate. You can get into a stress spiral with stress vomiting, but time on the tables then mopping will get things back under control. I've recovered from having multiple 100 percent stress dupes many times. For late game if you put them all in snazzy suits and have a well decorated base, your stress worries evaporate. Also, just in case you aren't aware, that number is only your highest stress dupe(s). Mouse over the list and check the numbers; make sure you're de-stressing the right people.
  8. Farming should always be first. You need it as soon as possible. That gets you food and basic oxygen/CO2 management as well. After that I get decor, because waiting too long to decorate will quickly raise the stress of your dupes. Some people might want that though. Following those two, I usually get all the level ones techs. Honestly, I think farming and decor are the most important for having a nicely run starter colony; you'll have a source of water nearby and a big enough supply of raw materials to give you plenty of time to research the rest of the tree and set up your power generators and machinery. It will take you a while to dig out the space you need as well. Fine dining can be a good level two tech to rush as well because that lets you refrigerate your food.
  9. I like this idea. It could lead in to more specific special clothing further down the line as well if they add in more hostile biomes (it could even go as far as hazmat or spacesuits). It would lead to interesting management challenges as well. You'd want to only have dupes use certain doors so they equip the correct the clothing when leaving the base for different areas. I'm imagining proper double airlocks with changing stations inside.
  10. Are you sure that's a bug? Shouldn't the wire only short when your power draw goes over the 2 KW limit? If you have too many things connected, but they aren't operating and drawing enough power to over stress the grid (eg. lots of items not in use, various stations and such) isn't it working as intended? Neither of your screenshots show the usage going over the 2 KW limit. It just shows the potential power draw being way in excess of what's safe.
  11. Following some of the advice in this thread I've used the water cooling solution. I've been lazy/ greedy and packed the top two gens in quite close which has raised all the temps, but the principle works fine. With gold generators they stay well within the operating temperate (and with only only two or three in the space, they stay no higher than 50c at worst, so suitable for copper). The recent update has doubtlessly made this easier, but you do still need to cool them somehow, which I think is fine really.
  12. To an extent yes, but this isn't setting up a system, it's just fiddling with the settings of a container. For me the fun is setting up machinery, base building and other stuff. Edit: As also mentioned it does mean you can do this to keep things safe i guess. perhaps it was needed. It's just a minor gripe anyway.
  13. At the same time though, removing that just adds needless micromanagement. I think they should have left it in.
  14. Will we need to start a new game to see these changes? Excepting geyser spawns of course
  15. It seems to be working, It's just that the method posted by the OP here is very inefficient and doesn't work. It's good to hear that allowing it to naturally pool at the top of the base works much better. I'll try that method out myself next time I play. I suppose the question is, if allowing the gases to build to make a buffer makes all the difference, how many elecs are needed to keep the gen running smoothly? Or are the amounts of hydrogen produced perfectly fine, and something else is going wrong? Will have a play around with this later.
  16. Definitely. I'm really hoping the devs are going to push the physics hard with this game. It already stands out from other colony builders because of that. I'm also hoping the incredibly viscous water is a performance compromise that will gradually lessen over time. Better fluids would really add a lot as well I think.
  17. The coal gen is definitely broken right now. I don't have an issue with it making the area around it extremely hot (you should have to put something like that out of the way, and it already belches out huge amounts of CO2), but for it to break moments after turning it on is clearly far too much. I'd like to see the heat build up being much more gradual. If overheating is an issue it should be something that happens over the period of a few cycles, not in minutes. Players should be able to see if it's going to be an issue and have enough time to set up a cooling solution. I'd enjoy being encouraged to do things like circulating cold gas around equipment like this, while pulling the hot CO2 away so it can be cooled and scrubbed. Right now it's going to be far too much to manage for the vast majority of players. I'm expecting this to get hot-fixed before the branch hits the rest of the alpha. Along with geysers - who knows what's going on there, seems like the world gen is spawning multiples of them on top of each other sometimes.
  18. With two electrolyzers set up in a similar method to the OP, I wasn't able to get a constantly running hydrogen gen either, so it's not just you. The problem isn't down to the electrolyzers; they're constantly working. It does provide some power, but it will work for only short periods before stopping. At the moment it seems like it's strictly useful to take the edge off how often you need to get dupes to crank the manual gens. I'd much rather be using coal generators, but at the moment the overheating headaches have led me to give up on that idea for now (this is all on the thermal update). Hydrogen output from two electrolyzers isn't enough to comfotrably feed one of these things unless i'm doing something drastically wrong, but I don't think I am. It will take far more and that isn't practical or really feasible unless I hugely expand to the point that I really need all that extra oxygen. It could be more viable if you had a head start though, as a big part of the problem is that the trickle of hydrogen is very slow because it has to reach the gas pump(s) in small pockets be filtered out, and travel to the gen, and that's just not enough gas quickly enough when the filter is working through the massive amounts of O2. Maybe we're being too clever for own good and the best method is to build a tall base, make minimal effort to control the gas, and let the stuff really accumulate before pumps are set up to begin putting it to use.
  19. I'd also like to see water surface tension hugely reduced. It just feels too viscous right now. I suspect it's partly this way so the physics are less demanding, but as the game is optimised I'm sure there'll be more room for better modelling. Fingers crossed. I'm fine with the way fluid mixing works though. I think the game would be too punishing if one stress vomit or other mishap could poison your entire fresh water supply.
  20. Very helpful, thank you. I think I was going wrong by not leaving any soil for them to burrow down into. They'd wander over to a container and eat, but wouldn't stay there so I could pen them in.
  21. Speaking of hatches, does anyone have any tips for herding them into beneficial areas? I struggle with this unless it happens by pure luck and I can trap them with an airlock. Also, it seems once I've asked a dupe to attack one hatch, they always target them, and I can't see how to stop them from eradicating them. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  22. wiki

    I'm assuming he was joking. Its a decent wiki for the current state of the game imo (the first link).
  23. wiki

    Having looked, for the state of the game I don't think it's that bad at all. I personally wouldn't push for huge amounts of more detailed content for the reasons stated above. I think a lot of it would end up being wasted effort when it quickly becomes inaccurate.
  24. wiki

    Given how much the game is changing with every update (and likely to continue to do so), the bugs and the fact we don;t know that much about the game yet, I can't see it really improving much for a while. Could someone provide a link to it ?
  25. Startopia? I can't say it does i'm afraid. That was an excellent game though. I'm mostly reminded of Rimworld as far as the dupes and their traits go, just with a focus on in-depth fluid and gas physics, rather than the social interactions and larger scope of Rimworld.