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  1. In theory it should, but I've never gotten worthwhile results. With 3 electrolyzers at the bottom of my base it takes too long for the little pockets of hydrogen to find their way into the generator. I've also tried enclosing an electrolyzer in a small area and pumping out all other gases while hydrogen is sent straight to a generator and that hasn't worked out either. To be clear, I'm not talking about the generator filling up and not operating like it used to prior to the thermal update, the generator just isn't being supplied with enough gas to function usefully. In my current colony I could potentially improve this by building a very high number of feeder pumps (currently there are two, intelligently placed at the top of my base), but with such a high running cost why bother?. I still don't think it would work using only electrolyzers I'm sure the generator works fine if you're pumping in gas from a large hydrogen pocket, but it isn't viable under any other circumstance. At least I haven't managed to get it working yet. I think if it accumulated hydrogen in it's storage and then started operating when it was full, that could be all that's needed for it to function. The machine requires a properly working buffer to function.
  2. I've never gotten a consistently running hydrogen generator. It just doesn't seem possible to keep it fed with enough gas. Right now I do have one set up, but It's honestly just producing the odd bit of bonus power and I primarily keep it around to stop hydrogen build up. It isn't producing enough power to pay for the pumps that feed it.
  3. Hot and cold does seem to transfer between materials and objects, but it seems to be inconsistent, either that or i'm misunderstanding how some of these interactions are supposed to work.
  4. I like this idea. It could lead in to more specific special clothing further down the line as well if they add in more hostile biomes (it could even go as far as hazmat or spacesuits). It would lead to interesting management challenges as well. You'd want to only have dupes use certain doors so they equip the correct the clothing when leaving the base for different areas. I'm imagining proper double airlocks with changing stations inside.
  5. Are you sure that's a bug? Shouldn't the wire only short when your power draw goes over the 2 KW limit? If you have too many things connected, but they aren't operating and drawing enough power to over stress the grid (eg. lots of items not in use, various stations and such) isn't it working as intended? Neither of your screenshots show the usage going over the 2 KW limit. It just shows the potential power draw being way in excess of what's safe.
  6. To an extent yes, but this isn't setting up a system, it's just fiddling with the settings of a container. For me the fun is setting up machinery, base building and other stuff. Edit: As also mentioned it does mean you can do this to keep things safe i guess. perhaps it was needed. It's just a minor gripe anyway.
  7. At the same time though, removing that just adds needless micromanagement. I think they should have left it in.
  8. Will we need to start a new game to see these changes? Excepting geyser spawns of course
  9. Big plus one here from me. The game is clearly going for a physics heavy approach to this stuff, so its only natural we should be able to create sloped tiles so we can funnel liquids down into pumps, and to manage the flow of other liquids. Even just one sloped tile (flipable along the x axis) would go a long to helping us create proper liquid tanks. It could even be made as some kind of meshed hybrid tile, allowing dupes and solids to stand on top, while the water flows down across it underneath (I mention this because if dupes had to clamber over it and materials rolled down it, i'm assuming that would be a lot more difficult to implement).
  10. Yeah, just to reiterate, this is pretty expected. As time goes on I'm sure the devs will continue to optimise the game to get it working faster. It's great you posted your specs for them though, as it gives them a good idea of how it's currently performing on a system like yours