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  1. So in this clip i am showing that the power says its sufficiently full, but yet it keeps burning up all the input source material. I first noticed this with the coal power machine, thinking it was just the way that thing worked. But why is there a slider bar for activation on battery % if it keeps burning up the resource when battery is sufficient?
  2. Here is a animated GIF to show, yes this setup will actually work, I dident know the bridges worked like that, I thought they just allowed you to hop a space and made flow just like a normal pipe. So in this clip, once my water lock is full I will detach the pipe connected to the main pump going into the branch so that the purifier is all that can feed it. This way any water that gets taken somehow can get re filled from the outlet that is submerged. And here is a clip of the polluted water not being split, wow, your solution is perfect, and i just dident see that cause i always thought after over 100 hours of play the branch just split the water cause I try to never have an in or out node on my arrows have multiple forks, cause i was getting alot of the flow going back and forth between 2 tiles.
  3. Wo I am not sure if I am explaining my goal very clearly. Basically with your example, if you build 2 polluted water users, and 2 polluted water makers on that line. So, the 2 blue boxes could be either a toilet or shower or air scrubber, they use the clean water from the purifier,So that clean water line being backed up is desired, so you don't generate more clean water than is needed. But the actual goal i'm trying to solve is the one with the pump and the outlet valve. The GOAL! is to have that pump NEVER! run. The pit for the water and that pump is only meant to be a backup in-case the lines run dry. So what i want is to have the fluid only go there if the pipe where i marked between the blue and black boxes is backed up to the point those blue boxes cannot run cause of the backup, cause toilet, shower, air scrubber, all these need to be running full time, but I don't want to put there output in the pit if the system can keep up. The valve and pump is only desired to exist as a fail safe, for a more automated system. The spot i pointed to in red, will never be backed up unless the pit is to full for that outlet to work. which if it is, then the whole system would be backed up to the point it would act as if that fail safe pit didn't exist. so that's kinda what i was saying where i put a fluid valve just after the bridge i pointed to in red, and then turn it to 0 so it blocks all flow. Then make it some random number when i'm backed up to release the pressure, then close it again.
  4. its not the line to the purifier i want to block like this its the line to the drainage release I want to have not valid until there is backup. Basically I only want to allow the drainage outlet to drop fluid if the lines are so backed up that the toilets and shower and air scrubbers cannot do there job. If the pipes are not backed up to that point, im just draining it in the resevwar only to get re pumped back out.
  5. So the 2 switches in the power line are really neat but I find they are not so useful since they cannot detect what type of pressure is built up oxygen or polluted, or carbon, ect. But even with that, I cant see of a way to use those for this situation. The only thing I can see how to achieve what I want is to use a valve and keep micro managing it from 0 to some other number. But I often find the dups are not wanting to change requested valves unless everything on the map is set to 4 or less when you got a big base going. So the way I set this up is the water pump in the clean water is disabled, only used it to get myself going and setup. The pump in the polluted water is only in a shallow part on top so it will wait for the water level stored to catch up from the natural gas system. But now that the clean water pipes are all backed up the purifier only cleans what my base actually needs. I am trying to not waste power on the polluted water pump as I have a drain on that line going to the pool because the fertilizer makers are not fast enough to keep up with all the created flow when the air scrubbers are going hard. What this needs is a way to add something at the scribble marked here that will only let fluid through if the pipe is starting to backup from the fertilizer makers not being able to keep up. Else I am just splitting the water and re pumping it back into the line. Hope this makes sense, but its more of a trying to be very optimal on my flow and power consumption's. Thanks.
  6. Unless I am not fully understanding you or you me. But what you described sounds exactly what I described, so I am not sure how you claim its complicated? The main aspect you are pointing out is to have a pump that creates flow of which you place between pipes. This is exactly what I am talking about. make the pump not suck air from its local outside space but instead have an input as well, to move stuff from a vent attached on each end of the pipe.
  7. Every single night, a dup wakes up and goes to this far outhouse but has 2 lavatory's closer that are avail. I like to keep one outhouse at the compost just in case my pipes are backed up or lose power to the water pump. In this image, I will also report, dups only use the bottom shower it seems when they use that lavatory, ive seen some just standing tehre waiting to use t he top one, this seems to happen when all dups want to shower in the morning.
  8. I would assume you are not allowed to do this, because you cannot build the heavy wire on top a mech airlock, but you can build the airlock on top the heavy cable.
  9. What I dont get is why these cables are marked strained. It appears they only go white if the circuit status is less than 50% of total current draw on the system. But if the only object hooked up to the line is 120W then how can it be marked strained?
  10. So how does that type of pipe help? all the info says is resist temp +2000 The issue is the pipes are breaking from the water going below 0 it seems. So, to maintain your sleet at like -20 ish, it seems much better to just use the farm plot and maintain the perfect temp and air pressure. I have my water being droped in a pool, with a heat tube thing in case the water freezes into blocks. so that i can maintain it at 1-10 deg. then i use a pump to send the cooled water up to the plants, so that im not putting 20 deg water in making the plant say stiffled from the heat. Just seems like a poor design to need to water a plant that thrives in very low sub 0 temps
  11. I am thinking these farms should not need liquid irrigation. It requires a min of 5 deg to grow. and as far as -55, my pipes going to this farm are constantly taking damage from the fluid going under 0 and freezing in the pipe. Is this plant possible to have setup in this farm tile? I suggest it use ice resource as its irrigation source that your dups would load in as such the fertilizer.
  12. So in this image is an example of a very practical use a system would have. At area marked 1 in purple: Instead of having a pump there that i turn on and off with a switch in a high traffic area, I would use a vent piece instead where I drew it in, so the piping would still be needed as normal. Then at area marked 2 in purple: instead of running this gas line into the filter so that there is an output. What I am suggesting is adding an Input box to t he gas pump, and you would plug the pip in there, so that the flow on the line going in is suction, and t he line going out is pressure. And t he other comment on how this could be beneficial is you could set up all your pumps in 1 area so that they themselves don't draw in from there local body's unless you build a vent tile right beside it if that's what you want. it would instead just be the powered machine that creates flow. They already have all this game physics in place for pull vs push flow travel, to me this would be a very elegant way to make some nice optimized bases, You would still need same amount of pumps to move the same amount of gas / fluid around, its more of a idea to be able to departmentalize this factor in an area such as a maintenance basement or something.
  13. Yep, I thought that's what I described and then said, by allowing an input pipe on the pumps (gas or fluid) any vents or outlets on that flow line would be flow pulled toward that pump, then the outlet would be flow leaving the pump. This is how many real life flow systems work. I didn't mean make the vents themselves have the suction, i just meant they should be either in or out based on what direction of flow you attach to the pump.
  14. Here is a Gyazo Gif showing my whole base and all the binomes around me. My base is basically blocked on all sides by slime. The area in the bottom right was pretty much all slime and polluted water area. I started digging this area out to be my industry area where I generate all natural gas and fertilizer and slime converters. But its been about a 40 cycle quest now just to get the polluted air under control.