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  1. I'm slowpoking with art, sorry, as people saying "soontm"
  2. I was more into something like good old mk 1 image but now idk how it will go here's yesterday evening remixes (I'm lazy so it's really just a remixes of different guys), that's a KO Assault unit (finally) and probably Sprinter, and teaser of another agent mod, that suddenly slightly more upcoming than day before also wow, new options for images on a forum, pretty awesome (or it's old but I missed them).
  3. Oh, my mistake I thought James add it in anim examples but there only new akumas.
  4. I think I should make some skins for this guys then: Omni hunter KO Thor unit (+elite) Ghost (+elite) if they are not replacement for Psi KO Sprinter
  5. @Cyberboy2000 did you put in game old tanky akuma btw? Maybe there's a place for it possible? Also, can you make sysadmins using separate option please? Sometimes it's just a mood to have more classic experience, without cat'n'mouse game with them every round while still with other new guards.
  6. Ghosts code was removed in release version, same as random events code etc, even with early access build on hand (I don't have it now) it was over the top work to recreate it, in EA version there was code for "cloak" perk for example, that made enemies use that opacity shader and iirk also made them and their fov seen only in certain radius.
  7. Cool,didn't tested yet, so there new guards to change graphics for?
  8. @Cyberboy2000 I have both extracted, with build xmls, you sure was using "-e anims" in KWADTool?
  9. I'll stop to be "that guy" then. Really really really wish to see this game on next devstream.
  10. I'll be "that guy", why is there "puppy eyes and blocky faces" style, it's so Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theateresque >_>
  11. Hey, @Jason I've got another modding question/request: when I trying to make female enemy it's always looks like for dragging this enemy male animation used: doesn't matter if I use Banks kanim or use .adef from grp_name.anim, she always get male proportions when an agent drag her =/ Is it possible to override somehow?
  12. It could just refer a used font: upd: uh, ok, I thought it's in a new one.
  13. That's why I use Akelpad - optional lua syntax highlight. In 1st case It was extra pair of square brackets that ruined everything: But second looks more like modinit that should work. Did you tried it without sequential modloader part? I have feeling that you didn't add it properly: in his thread Lemonymous write to add "include( scriptPath .. "/lib_sequentialModLoader" )( modApi )" and I didn't see it in your file.
  14. In this case go to your \Documents\Klei\InvisibleInc\logs\ folder and investigate game log for information what was wrong Take an working mod as a base and change it as you need, add things one by one, remove things one by one to not miss moment/reason of failure.