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  1. Sure it's same universe, Shank is just a normal regular "present day, year 19XX", while Mark of the Ninja is a common "not far future", like a Robocop. Now couple of decades forward and it's 2074, corporations rules but at same time humanity starts to colonize universe by using duplicants (II reminds Blade Runner a lot, right? So there of course a duplicant colonization happening in a background. Duplicants often escapes from their unsanitary colonies to revenge. But all their memories will dissappear like tears in rain etc). And well, another (or two, maybe four or five) hundreds (or thousand/s) of years forward: it's Griftland, an adjacent planet, grandrandsons of grandsons of grandsons of earthlings forgot their home long ago (sure thing, Incognita started a destruction that leave duplicant colonies to survive on their own, lots of people trawelled to uninhabited space too...) and currently lives back to back with alien species and evolutioned Incognita-free Sankaku robots who gained consciousness.
  2. Like buying from shops while being several rooms away? or just icebreak?
  3. wow, everything can be set to random and it will be different every level, WOW =O
  4. what is this? =0 Different random rooms per level every mission? =0
  5. What about this dll? I used it only for agents/overlays to load them after DLC (and overlays after agents)
  6. I use DLC, Programs Extended and agents. Trying to get achievement for 20 days of endless for year, so all options on default, but at day 12 there's no any interest/challenge to play lefts anyway =[ Trying to add self-challenges/missions, like sold all doubles or change all items to versions IV but it still no good. Wish for option to reduce skillpoints, especially speed. No rebalanced agents/items, I want new stuff added to defaults, not instead of them. Stopped to use Advanced Guards, I can't chew it quantity and feels that it makes corporations more similiar instead of different (mixed feelings about this mod though, because of different elements). Same feelings to more items mods, kinda it adds a too big quantity of samey things instead of few but new.
  7. Nice, she sounds good to rob security dispatch. I think I have some picture, she can wear special polarized long coat, maybe with a hat or hood. There could be a place to try reduced KO (from grenades and augment grafter), maybe not. I feel quite like a ready to try it myself. Buuuut, still, extra movement ability, hmmmmmmmm You need to put Banks or Prism or Internationale or Decker near her and feel her not stronger, not weaker, but relatively equal agent to use (okay, maybe Decker's strongest point is spy-esque charisma). It's also a problem with art, it's quite limited by requirement to make her not too flashy near them. (also, with another girl agent in a work, it sounds like it require to make couple of mens for balance of universe)
  8. You think I'm smarter than I am. I don't know terminogy. I have no idea how to use simunit or why, have no idea what you mean by classes, and I have no idea what object is, beside game objects, like idk, props or agents or whatever that probably not an objects but called whatever differently. Any table? Like lua table or like any wooden table on a level? >_< If second, idk, could it be in a new ability code?
  9. Hmmm, now I should ask you what is dummy object actually, did we can add an objects, etc, I'm afraid that if I ask you that, I'll need to ask you about next one something, then next, then next. And is it possible to work as workshop mod or require to merge original files. What a frustrational topic.
  10. ummmm, should I try to understand your magical Sim Constructor device to uhhh? I tried to search for sim:moveUnit through all scripts by Notepad++ only to feel dumb >_<
  11. Hey guys, Ithink I'm trying to do it every half of year or so but not persistent enough. There was a thing in a last early access build, when guards were using theire peripheral vision on patrol and were better in detecting targets and it was quite interseting. Did anyone thought about modding it back? I just can't even understand where code for things like that.
  12. I think it could work nice, for hearing we need a guards turn with agents covered, while with hypothetical "motion detector" (as called item for which on floor art exist and some mentions in dlc files) we can run forth through rooms and use in new places to reckon and chose places for better cover, also stationary guards. Plus lack of vision cones on expert +, could be item to use in pair with peeking.
  13. Probably it was exact point when head was emptied to zero there only two then
  14. To add, I'm against 360 peek for sure because theres a Ghuff mod that is simply just a skin for a Bryant, to make him not looks a Decker's clone while keeping that extra gameplay option. that's not bad idea, I think, sounds not as OP as without sense of living guards is something that I wanted but failed to achieve year ago, but it could be that I didn't thought about detecting heart monitors. Combined with early access version of wireless scanner (ie that works on button click instead of automatically) could be nice item, I guess hmm, what about any type of attention to any agent on level not just to augment/ability owner? that could push gameplay to some stealthy extremes, though it could use more benefits too
  15. I totally burned out on numbers of new guards for now: emptiness in a head about how to combine parts or trying to think of something new happened, so I started to leave it for yesterday, it goes in a loop and there still done nothing so I uploaded those 3 that were done at least so they can be used as named or differently Advanced protocols