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  1. @Instant-Noodles Sorry, I do not know how to send files in private chat Hope this can help you skin_strings.lua
  2. Whether we are fortunate enough to get some new dress Such as Sealnado's lovely backpack Or an Ancient Gateway styled Shadow Manipulator?
  3. I am not here to praise or belittle wegame, I just want to express When a thing is born, there will always be a different voice Most players in China have never heard of steam, they only play some bad online games Wegame put a lot of foreign (I mean outside China) excellent game to their eyes More people will fall in love with these excellent games Is this not an advantage? As far as I know, wegame every day there are millions or tens of millions of players playing DST We like the excellent game has been more people recognized and love Is not this a matter of pleasure?
  4. Here I give an example, Tencent has just announced their TGP, oh now called WeGame They have just announced that the Rocket League is about to visit WeGame Some people may not know, Rocket League developers use Google's server, Google is not available in China, we can only use the VPN in the steam can barely play it, which also led to a lot of Chinese players did not listen Said Rocket League this game But now changed, many have not heard of the Rocket League people can buy and play DST is the same The success of the game should be to let more people understand and love Wegame done ......... although its reputation is still so bad I have to give it a bad comment ... wegame's Stardew Valley has an exclusive panda hat,Steam NO I'm going to give wegame a bad comment
  5. We in China's steam players 99.999999% of people very very annoying Tencent and TGP, which originated in Tencent over the past decade with catastrophic operations destroyed dozens of fun games But TGP is still young, we can not because his father is a bad guy and say he is also a bad guy, although our Chinese players may not even have a person like TGP, but its greatest contribution is to let more people know more The good game Tencent has hundreds of millions of users, if 10% of people because tgp and like the game, then he is a good thing
  6. Hey friends, are you looking for a second puzzle? According to some of my friends, this puzzle must be completed by two people who spent the first Hope you have not finished the second hurdle, I know how to finish I need you
  7. You need to wait six balls are lit.
  8. Does anyone want to use each other with me?
  9. Who wants to work with me?
  10. 我们可以一起试试We can try together
  11. Are you finished? We are matching, you can try