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  1. I've said this in a thread before but just more events. Currently all the events are just bunched up in one corner of the year. Having various events all year around would give something to look forward to even when game development has fully stopped.
  2. how have i only just found out about this. That's amazing! i hope it doesn't die :c
  3. You know how Wilson says "Go for the eyes!" when attacking? Maybe monsters thought he was talking to them, and took his advice to heart, :>
  4. More events??????

    the heck is going on in here ANYWAY! Events. I was kinda bummed there was no Easter event but I guess they wanted to keep religious events to a minimum. (Make it spring/bunnyman releated :> ) I do hope we get some new events soon like a summer event or autumn event, because as it stands right now, all the events are within a tight time-frame of each other (4 months or so). I hope we get events all year around we can always come back to and enjoy cus the event content has been really fricken cool so far. (except valentines day)
  5. Humans are boring. Give me that freaky dog demon Wortox!
  6. hook, line and sinker good job guys :>
  7. screen shot show case

    I found a spider sleeping on a tuft of grass to keep his butt warm lil cutie
  8. So, by your logic all you should do in this game is sit around a camp fire and not starve to death, occasionally fighting off a hound attack and Deerclops. Right. Well, some people who play this game play it for the adventure, they play it to do new feats of strength like killing the Toadstool or Fuelweaver. Some people just want to dominate the world and make it theirs. Just because you lack the wanderlust to do anything in the game doesn't mean its flawed. Not every game needs a quest giver to tell you what to do. Its your world, your rules! If you wanna play it like you do and complain its boring and easy then thats 100% your fault.
  9. sheesh we get it, you don't like the game. why still post on the community forums, which is gonna be filled with people who enjoy the game. just to spite them? I'd be ok with these posts if you actually gave constructive feedback to begin with, but all you're essentially doing is "I don't like this. End of" And I hate to break it to you, but pretty much every game is gonna be easy if you play it enough. I remember when I first played Don't Starve, I could barely manage it. 200 hours or so later I no longer play the game for a challenge; i play it because I find it fun. If you're looking for a challenge then use world options to reduce food spawns or even use mods to change mob health and tweak other things; make the game how you want it. Just because the game isn't how you want it doesn't mean it has to change for everyone else.
  10. So what I'm gathering from this thread is that "Trick" is basically a thinly veiled "Exploiting a bug". Huh, never knew! But yeah screw these devs, without that lantern trick the game is pretty much unplayable./s
  11. Okay, that voice is now canonically Webbers voice and I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS IT FITS SO WELL
  12. Pretty sure the sheer numbers of them breeding caused them to just glitch all over the place. I remember it being a huge issue a while back, causing worlds to lag and break eventually. You can see them hugging the edge in this shot.
  13. This picture is 2 years old, they would follow you from caves and breed. A LOT. It became a huge issue.
  14. WELL there goes the SW theory. :< JK NEW CLOTHES ARE ALWAYS GREAT