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    I'm just a mostly average teen who'd like to settle down some day, but has no idea what she wants to do in the meantime. I like drawing and roleplaying for fun, and I seem to be fairly good at both. I get a lot of dreams and ideas that never end up being realized. I struggle with procrastination, laziness, and spelling pretty much every day. Also my internet providers don't know how to do their job.
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  1. Say, does a 2D Platformer MOBA in space with wacky characters and music in space sound like fun to you? No? Oh... okay... If so, you might like this game called Awesomenauts! It has everything mentioned previously, and did I remember to say it's in space? If you've never tried a MOBA before and are looking for one to get into, or are a fan of MOBAs and looking for a new one to try out, I would recommend giving this one a shot. It's recently become free-to-play, so there's nothing to lose but a little time by giving it a shot. If you like it, you can enter this code:


    To unlock a character for free, and I get free stuff too! AND IT'S ALSO IN SPACE!

    1. MeingroessterFan


      Yeah, Awesomenauts is pretty dope as MOBAs go. I dig it.

    2. MenaAthena


      I only recently started playing. Right now I'm kinda taking it easy and playing with real people against bots while trying stuff out. Latest tryenings; trying and failing to get good at Ksenia.

  2. sup dood
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  4. But he doesn't have an emover tho
  5. holy bananas winderbill liked a thing I drew that wasn't him
  6. banana
  7. Man, dupes are so cute! I think this might be my favorite trailer from you guys.
  8. We have air conditioning again! \ouo/

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    2. Mobbstar


      *snow starts falling*

    3. MeingroessterFan


      I had to dig up my fan from the cellar... it got so incredibly hot over the course of two days... melts

    4. minespatch


      You're one step ahead than me. ;u;

  9. Ah, I see. Thank you for the quick answer, and the generosity of everyone at Klei! :3
  10. What about people who received the game as a gift during alpha? Would they still get to choose a gift, or would it only apply to the person who actually bought it?
  11. Probably because I hadn't posted anything here in over a month so it slowly sank onto the second and third pages where no one goes unless they're specifically looking for something.
  12. DENIED *smacks your head with a cheep, plastic, dollar-store wand* Effects should start in 4 to 20 business days.* I am not responsible for any ill effects, including heart, kidney, liver, stomach, brain, elbow, mitochondria, and nose failures. If you experience expulsion of glitter from the stomach and mouth or rainbow lasers from the eyes, please contact a doctor immediately. No refunds. *not guaranteed to start in any time specified or at all
  13. Started doodling on the back of a movie ticket and ended up with a surreal landscape. I think what I like most about it is you can rotate it to any side and they all look like the side it's supposed to be viewed from, if that makes any sense. I messed up on the river part in the middle, but eh, it's ink. Nothing I can do about it.
  14. My summary doesn't even really do her justice. You should read these: Did I mention she hates cats, including kittens? You know someone is utterly despicable when they hate kittens.
  15. That first part I can tell you is because you Blob's take on Wilson's mom is an absolutely despicable, wretched woman. I don't think she would really pummel him so much for that as yell at him, try to paint herself as the victim who's trying to do her best with two difficult, ungrateful boys, and throw in some snide remark about how much of a disappointment both Wilson and Albert are for not finishing collage (if they haven't in Quoth's interpretation) and finding some girl to settle down with. Yeah, she's that kind of person.