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    I'm just a mostly average teen who'd like to settle down some day, but has no idea what she wants to do in the meantime. I like drawing and roleplaying for fun, and I seem to be fairly good at both. I get a lot of dreams and ideas that never end up being realized. I struggle with procrastination, laziness, and spelling pretty much every day. Also my internet providers don't know how to do their job.
  • Location A house on some land
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  • Occupation Living my life one day at time and trying to figure out what I'm going to do with myself. And school

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    My parents are judging me now because of how much money I've been spending so quickly (Hollow Knight, controller to play Hollow Knight, commission, and a third of a Switch, adding up to $138 total in less than two weeks), BUT WHO CARES!!!!! *quiet, internal sobbing*

    It should be the last of my spending spree anyway. I normally don't buy a whole lot for myself. Outside of the occasional candy bar or some such I might buy like maybe one game a year and that's pretty much it. I just happened to have a lot of stuff I really wanted that coincided with me having the money and the means to get the money to get them.

    Huh, I guess I got off on a tiny tangent there... Anyway HOLLOW KNIGHT! PAIN! WOO!

    1. Zeklo


      Hollow Knight was the right choice.

  2. Maybe different artists badge for each game? Like, say someone makes an ONI fan art and a DS fan art and they both get featured, then they can get one ONI art badge leading to their thread in that section and a DS art badge leading to the other thread.
  3. (Seven's not gonna try to read it, and I doubt slime even can read, so that means flower girl will have to figure it out.)
  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WANNA PLAY HOLLOW KNIGHT SO BAAAAAAD I'm trying to save up for it and a controller so I get a little less rekt than if I were to use the keyboard
  5. Just a few little flowers I doodled to help me relax. I think it worked a little too well, because now I'm sleepy and I have stuff to do.
  6. Seven didn't like the hallway, not just because it was cold and smelly. To tell you the truth about 3/5ths of her didn't really mind the smell. It was mostly because there was no cover; which as you could expect made her feel exposed and more tense than usual. A couple times she had run up to one of the robots to take a swipe at it before quickly retreating, other than that she remained some distance behind the group.
  7. I actually really like pineapple on pizza as well. Thin-crust Hawaiian is great.
  8. Ho



    Scrooge McDuck made anime

    And manga but who reads manga anyway hahahaha (jk)

    1. Zeklo


      Ur ded to me

    2. MenaAthena


      That's not exactly new information : P

  9. Mena stared blankly at the house that literally had her name on it. "Wow. That should not be possible." It was getting late though, so Mena just decided to shake it off and not look a gift horse in the mouth. And if someone came to complain, it's not like they couldn't say they didn't see her name on it. She also saw that Barley had a house with his name on it too. "That one seems to be for you." She pointed to it, bringing it to the kid's attention. "Are you going to be alright in it by yourself tonight?"
  10. Whoa, nice contrast! He really looks metal in this one
  11. Kate just stuttered and held Noctimus closer as the powerful shrieking seemed to become directed at her. She couldn't really understand what it was saying with so many voices at once all jammed together. It seemed to get... Meri? angry. She stifled the flames that were threatening to ignite again.
  12. Mena nodded and exited the shop with Barley, heading over to the south-eastish side of town.
  13. Deep Fried Mush Bar :PPPPPP