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    I'm just a mostly average teen who'd like to settle down some day, but has no idea what she wants to do in the meantime. I like drawing and roleplaying for fun, and I seem to be fairly good at both. I get a lot of dreams and ideas that never end up being realized. I struggle with procrastination, laziness, and spelling pretty much every day. Also my internet providers don't know how to do their job.
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  1. Oh goodness no, I don't have any desire to be a mod nor would I be a very useful one. It'd mean I'd have to venture outside the OT and Art sections and actually interact with people instead of just leaving a like 95% percent of the time, the other five percent being posts that basically equivalate to "I like this. This is good." Not to mention I'd have to control my emotions and remain calm and composed in the face of the rare troll or flame war. I like having no responsibility thank you. The voucher is very kind though so also thank you
  2. Let's see, I see... Aiden? (I don't think that's Aiden...), there's some characters I recognize from previous sprites that I don't know the names of, unmasked Quentin?, rocks, Witch Hunter, Tooth Fairy, Self-Executioner, Quentin, another character I think I've seen before, the kid that's gonna be Tatters, Red Rabbit, The horned exiled guy from your previous pixel post, Jack... and that's all I got.
  3. Dragon yelped, resisting the primal urge to lash out, as Jaw's fingers pressed on her injured side in the process of picking her up. As she was being lifted, she quickly snatched the silly person's face shiny, getting the ring thing over her neck in the process, and the silly humans himself with her front claws.
  4. *sigh*

    Y'know, at least I didn't have to deal with p*rn bots constantly following me and reblogging my stuff on DA.

    Why do you do this, Tumblr.


    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. MenaAthena


      Oh. Looks like I can block them by pressing a little x that shows up in the reblog notification. Woopsies?

      It's still annoying though.

    3. DragonMage156


      The way I see it, if a pornbot reblogged my stuff, it reaches out to a wider audience. Then again, I could be wrong in some way.

    4. ImDaMisterL


      It reaches out to a not-so-good audience, y'know.

  5. (Um, Mage, Toast just said it was a figure slumped in the corner. He didn't specify it was a robot.)
  6. Sweet!
  7. If my cleaned you mean removed the intestines and stuff, then heck no! The warm gooey stuff is the best pared with the crunchy bones! But if you mean washed off... then also no. Eh, she's a shape-shifter. She's fiiiiiine.
  8. It'a a little late in the day, but have a Lena Valentine card!
  9. Something with Mr. Skits?

    So uh, Weirdo has a Discord. It's for both rp peeps and non rp peeps, as there's an off-topic for chitchatting. Join if you'd like.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      How much did he pay you to re-share it? 0-0

    2. MenaAthena


      A grand total of $0.00 USD.

      I'm gonna use it to buy no candy bars. 

    3. DragonMage156


      What a waste of perfectly good money! You should totally get something like... something (not very) important that you don't already have :p

  11. It appeared Dragon had woken up in the time Nadas was gone, and had weakly crawled off the crumbling bits of island before she fell into the sea with them. The wound had mostly clotted by now, reducing the danger of further bleeding out. She moved over to where Syndir lay once she noticed something was wrong. Letting out a quiet whimper, she gently nudged his head with her snout.
  12. L O R E Now I must stare at it intensely until I uncover it's full meaning. *stare*
  13. Quote

    [9:40:05 AM] a fishstick: B-O-A-R-D
    [9:40:11 AM] a fishstick: Say it together now
    [9:40:17 AM] a fishstick: BOARD
    [9:40:20 AM] Mena: B-O-R-K
    [9:40:27 AM] a fishstick: no
    [9:40:30 AM] a fishstick: stop
    [9:40:41 AM] Mena: BORK
    [9:40:53 AM] a fishstick: stoo
    [9:40:56 AM] a fishstick: P
    [9:41:02 AM] *** Mena stoops ***
    [9:41:11 AM] a fishstick: ;-;
    [9:41:20 AM] Mena: bork.

    *whispers* b o r k

  14. It's supposed to be fluff and a flopped over overall corner... ^-^'
  15. *shrug* I just wanted to draw a cute little owl, and then I wanted to see what it'd look like with different colors.