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  1. OH MOBB YOU HOTTIE you're making me all blushy ;p But very nice to see you again too, haha! Good to be baaaack
  2. Hey, not bad on the animation stuff ! The bounciness and little velocity looks very nice Also, I remember a while back your art looked a good bit different from what it looks like now, and I mean that in a good way ! You've improved alot.


    [shout] can someone rez plz 
    [shout] sry dont have a healer
    [shout] ***

    ANYWAYS hello it's been a while, quite a few months actually. I'm doing okay thanks, just withdrew from my course and applied to another one that I hopefully do like. I've been busy playing other games, making new friends, (eventually cancelling) becoming a pedagogist, kind-of having my hand at making more story-driven games, etc etc 

    But what I have been missing is... these forums and the community I was apart of which I just kind of left in the deep-freezer for about 5 months lol.... but yeah, I loved roleplaying with all of you, sharing my art and seeing yours, that kind of stuff

    I don't play DST anymore or anything, but I still love it and has a special place in my heart- yeah, I'd love to return to here if that's allowed ha




    [shout] serious i need rez lol

    1. GiddyGuy



      I'd love to return to here if that's allowed ha

      Yeah I don't see why not, welcome back fam.

    2. DragonMage156


      So here's what happened while you were away...

      Oxygen Not Included, new members, art, Metheus, even more art, stuff...

      Oh yeah and WaW is dead (so is We Remain but that's free for replies till it gets archived so... :p )

    3. DragonMage156


      Oh and wb ^^;

  4. Cinis also washed up on the shore, steam coming off him because of the water- the tip of his tail had also solidified. "Gah..." he felt slow and sluggish, but got up nonetheless. All of a sudden, he started throwing up loudly, almost like a cat would... and barfed up large rock. Looks like he had accidently swallowed some water.
  5. Xinn quickly followed the rest when they started walking. She noticed one of the little plants offering... a muffin?! To the large beast, who denied the pastry. What a waste! She got closer to the little plant. "Woah, that is one perfect lookin' muffin you got there! You're not throwing it away, are you?" She said hintingly with a hinty smile.
  6. "A town? Hmm, hey, who knows, could be goo-" Xinn was distracted by what Ria was staring at. "Yello? Anyone 'ere?"
  7. "WOW there!" Xinn jumped back as the large beast landed in front of the group. She was about to grab her axe off her back when she saw a girl jumping off the dragon. She waited until she was finished talking. "..The beast is your companion?! HAHA, alright then, a young beastmaster!" She lowered her guard and gave Ria a little wave. "Well met!" Xinn said, not aknowledging they may be dangerous.
  8. "What..?" Cinis reacted at Kate's yelping. He scanned the area until he saw the shadow puppy dying on a life preserver. He shook his head disapprovingly and flew over to him, grabbed the mini raft-lifepreserver with Nocti and crab on it and put it all on his palm next to Kate. He also gave Dragon a "lol..." face after hearing what she said. -- Viridis opened her eyes back up and looked around. She wasn't drowning! And she was with Malii and some others of the crew. "Mallii!!" She said cheerfully and gave her a hug.
  9. Alot was happening at the same time, and Cinis was looking around just trying to keep track of everything. When the boat got smashed, he jumped off and started flying a little above it- right then he witnessed Kate slamming into the railing. "BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!" He couldn't stop laughing. The sight of Kate smashing into a railing was very comical in his head When he reopened his eyes, he didn't see the girl anywhere anymore. "Hahah... hang on... where has the poor child gone to... oh." He saw a silhouette in the water where she would have dropped. "Pfff..." He complained, placing his palm on his head. He flew over to the spot and started grasping in the water, hoping to grab her out. -- Viridis, who was hanging by her tail on the boat, had climbed back up using some sick acrobat moves- though right as she was back on board it got destroyed, sending her flying, and landed right on top of Malii. "Waaaaa!! Help!" she yelled, thinking she was going to plunge in the water, sinking.
  10. "Aaaa!" Viridis almost fell off the boat, but saved herself by grabbing the railing with her tail. She sighed in relief, when the smell kicked in. "Pffff... yucky!!" She complained as she covered her mouth and nose with her claws. -- Cinis sniffs around. "Ah... the smell brings a hint of nostalgia!"
  11. Pfff I just woke up from a nightmare which was about ants everywhere, on me on the floor ants millions of them EVERYWHERE ;;

    Also yum I'm sick with some delicious waterpoopoo and throwup that withdraws the second I try to get it out. ;c

    1. Mr.P


      Urgh sounds very "pleasant". Hope you're recovering soon enought.

      And be glad it was only ants and not bees (^:

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    just do it



    end my pain give me the


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      I know it's ez, I'm just not a fan of math cx

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      is that ur native language?

    4. RyanandLink
  13. "What do I want?" Cinis stared at Otto. "I want your headwear." He said and sneered. He noticed Nadas waving at him, and looked at Viridis, then back at Nadas. After a short silence, he spoke his thoughts "You resemble Roots quite a bit. Amusing." and grinned. -- Viridis looked at Cinis as he mentioned Nadas and herself looking a little alike. She examined herself, and then the lizard lady.
  14. "Ha ha ha hahah!" Cinis laughed with his booming voice, and got real close up to Otto. "Do you want fire, Otter?" He asked with flames escaping his mouth under his breath. He withdrew again, and looked down at the otter from his current position. "What do I get in return?"