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  1. Excuse me? You can win the skins just by playing every week. Furthermore you ALL are: 1) NOT forced to buy them. Ehy guys, Steam trades, ever heard of that? 2) NOT forced to buy them : it's a skin , won't give you any addictional skill 3) NOT forced to spend any money on it: Drop yourself a rare skin which you don't like , sell it for x €/$ and buy the skin you like for y €/$ They literally get NO money out of the skins. Only players do ^_^
  2. *comes with one-man-band ready to party* *No patches regarding Willow* "O-oh.. Next time.. next time?"
  3. You can still trade with the king but you are not allowed to get closer. What i mean is that you should start the action from far away , just like you would normally do with a normal pig who (which..?) otherwise would just run away as you get closer to him. Basically if you just click on the king with food/trinkets from far away the pig guardians will "mostly" ignore you, unless you get too close to them while you are getting closer to the Pig King. But yeah i feel like it should really be like this.. maybe not 4 pillars but at least 1 D:
  4. i.. i can give you a free "Skirt" if you want..!
  5. Same answer as always: More skins = more variety = more fun!
  6. That's bad though.. i mean a plant should not catch diseases if you don't harvest them.. how would they catch it? Furthermore they could change the mechanic so that you are forced to use a special type of manure to prevent it maybe. Having to always replant them is such a bad idea. Klei pls?
  7. I never faced disease before.. don't you get a warning while harvesting when something is about to become diseased? I always thought, if you have only 10-15 berry bushes it should not be that big of a problem to just undig them all once disease appear and plant them later on, right? All you are going to be "missing" is manure if I understand this correctly. Please clarify for a noob like me
  8. Hi everyone, yesterday i found out that by pressing E or Q just once the world looks a lot better o_o" I always hated creating bases because something didn't feel right... I wonder why don't they just turn the main camera so that it always displays the screen like that
  9. So today i decided to play Webber for my very first time. I found the spider biome and i estabilished a base there: I had free Monster Meat, a lot of sanity thanks to the Silk (Top Hats) and a lot of healing. Sadly for most of the time (30 days in a public server.. where dem griefers at?) i could not find or craft a decent weapon, only my spear. Usually with other characters i would've just fed a Pig 4 monster meat and crafted myself a nice Ham Bat, but pigs just REFUSE to eat monster meat when i play as webber. I tried placing it in front of their doors : nada. I tried feeding them directly, no luck with that. I tried asking someone to feed the pig for me, they replied "да??" . So i'll just ask here.. How can i get my hands on an Ham Bat , Football helmet and Umbrellas easily?
  10. I'll keep my opinion. I absolutely hate joining a server where everyone plays the same character (WIG- *COUGH* FRID) , i like adapting and picking what's not already picked in the server, so the more characters the better!
  11. It works! Somehow i didn't think about that Thanks! EDIT: While i was testing the feed-kiting with Webber i noticed that i was able to attack some of the werepigs 7 times in a row before getting hit back. Some other times i can only strike 1 or 2 times before the attack animation starts.. How do those creatures actually work?
  12. Don't get me wrong, i can kite pigs even 4 v 1 D: That's not the problem. Just my RNG is literally.. bad. 25% drop chance for the skin is a joke for me, i almost never dropped one. Plus i can use werepigs for manure! I guess every character has downsides , Webber can't "use" pigs.. i guess i'll just have to time the Full moons correctly and make the best out of it!
  13. They could seriously implement a new "Block" feature. What i mean is: I craft something, i can "block" it so that only i can destroy or burn it. Something like "Right click = Block item" so that one could easily mark stuff as "you can break this mr. griefer" and "i need this, mr griefer". Of course there would be many workarounds, but they would require more time and efford for the griefer .. Why can't we just have a clean game? *sobs*
  14. Wait 4 Illuminati Triangles.. Metheus part 4 confirmed! Jokes aside, really a nice Picture ♥ We all owe Klei a big "Thank you!"
  15. I agree with you, but please don't confuse the "mod as a solution" with the "there is a mod for this, we don't need to speak about this yet". Yes, i'm talking about eventually porting ANY Shipwrecked content (and for content i mean just characters ) to the DST world.. Of course there are Mods for porting the characters over, but it would be nice to read what the devs think about this in the first place. Is it a Yes? a Maybe? a "NO"? So about the the original topic, sure someone might wanna play the whole game on his own, but many players have proven how it is possible to beat any boss on their own. And Klei has been quite gentle about it as well! If you really can't do it on your own, and you really can't get any friends to play with (impossible, we have a very nice community, with people willing to help EVEN for just one single boss) you can always go godmode and beat any boss if needed! No need to tweak bosses HP in my opinion.
  16. How does he get rid of them?
  17. Welcome to the forums! I feel like not every mod should be able to be ported to console (See Anime Characters mods) , but stuff like "Always on Status" or any other User Interface mod should be given to console users as well..!
  18. I played the normal Don't Starve here and there since its release, ofc i got the beta access for Don't Starve Together but due to my epic internet i could never actually play online, only LAN with friends , so i forgot about the game. With "a New Reign" and a new internet connection i came back to the game and i never enjoyed it so much. I just love to know i'm not alone, love that you can chat with people and that you will never be let down. Heck i feel like everyone is willing to give his last resource to you if you need it to survive. I love the cooperation in Don't Starve Together!
  19. The real question is: why did they put Wes there?
  20. Bump! I have been trying (with no efforts.. yei..) to create a dedicated server to play with @CheeseNuggets101's mod for all the people who voted "Yes" to this poll. I managed to set everything up quickly and without any problems, but sadly i am unable to do the port forwarding for port 10999. (I even lost internet connection for 3 hours trying to do it). For this reason my ping won't show up to other players (resulting in ??? appearing even if it is low). That is annoying to me so i just give up for now. So i'm going to ask here... Is someone willing to host a server with only the "Shipwrecked" mod to play together? It could be fun in my opinion , and the mod isn't too heavy so it should be fast to download for everyone
  21. This is something wierd actually. Regenerating the world (Or rollback) should be available, thanks to the hotfix, only to those who survived 20+ days, or to the oldest player in the game if nobody has reached that amount. But oddly,if there are only 2 players online, you can't start a rollback vote. What happened to me when playing online was that a griefer came to our server, my friend went in panic and left the game, once the job was done the griefer just left. I was the only player left online, and the player with most days survived, but yet i could not rollback because i was alone, and since everything was lost i just wanted to regenerate the world, but i couldn't do that either. My friend joined again, he had calmed down, but we still couldn't rollback. If i am alone and i want to regenerate the world i can just suicide and my job would be accomplished anyway. No need for me to wait 120 seconds Klei. If i am alone and i want to rollback, why can't I? A griefer can destroy everything even if the server has only one player left. The rollback feature should be available 24/7 for the oldest player online, and only those with a certain amount of days survived should be able to click "yes" or "no" to the rollback The new kick/rollback/regeneration rules are surely better, but something really doesn't feel right. EDIT: forgot to say what i hate the most.. It has to be untidy players. I hate stuff being left on the ground randomly!