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  1. Woodie: Hello Mr. Pig, i will now feed you since my ability allows me to make you follow me for twice as long as other characters! Pig: YOU IS FRIEND *36 seconds later , dusk comes* *pig disappears* Is it just me? I keep losing my pigs when dusk comes. Hell they even refuse to come by the fire and/or sleep on the ground. They just start running around screaming for help and i end up losing their attenction after dusk comes..! I used to be able to bring them to my base and use them as a sanity-boost while they were sleeping , i used to give them football helmets to never lose them.. and yet since a few game updates they just disappear once dusk comes. Am i doing something wrong? EDIT: apparently the fatties are willing to follow me if i turn my lantern/torch on... And somebody said taming a beefalo was hard..
  2. easiest way in my opinion..! Sadly i have problems with sharing my ping, which appears as "???" to other players, and i cannot find a way to fix it.
  3. Sending hate is wrong only when you are able to send "love" as an answer, but sadly those people always refuse to have a polite discussion and block me immediately when i ask them "why did you grief that guy's base" and so on. I always try to contact them and just ask "why" or if they do this everyday or just once in a while, which could be even fine by me! This is not about sending hate or sending love, it is about being able or unable to live in a community without wasting other people's time! I can't play a game like Don't starve, in which every second matters, knowing that if no "admin" is there to protect me i'm helpless against any griefer. Let's be honest, rollback is a neat feature, but losing your progresses every day for multiple day because of the endless amount of griefers is not that funny, is it? As a moderator i understand that you must be partial first of all and not just believe a guy (me) who randomly accused someone based on his own (possibly fake) experience and the comments of other people on someone's steam profile (which was not private so everybody could write on his page). But as an admin, a moderator and/or a game creator it should be your job to at least think of possible solutions , at least in the klei official servers. I want a place where to play without having to watch my back every day and be afraid to explore because my base could be gone any minute! I hope you will continue your wonderful job moderating the forums (each of you does, and it isn't easy i know) , but yet we and you all need to push this "job" a little bit further and start a community action against toxic behavours Klei official servers should be places where to feel safe as long as the server tag is "cooperative". If Klei is "okay" with griefers then at least change the tag to "competitive" to show how the game is about surviving longer then the others by any means, even griefing EDIT: Mhhh ...
  4. Klei should implement a report feature. It is a coop game, people won't just go around and report you for no reason. Giving a report and reasons for it will allow a moderator/admin/support member to check out what has really happened in a klei official server or give a warning to any local-admin in a dedicated server that is currently offline, so that he can immediately check the chat log when he's back and punish the griefers. Soon or later they would end out of servers to grief and give up. EDIT: waiting for the guy with 900+ like on the forum ready to say this line: "This feature could be abused just like the griefers abused the vote kick feature by logging in with many bots and kicking everyone out of the server! You can't add a report feature in an online game!!" to you.
  5. Once people connect they can tell you the exact ping. My friends ping just 40 in my own personal server, but since it's a "???" server nobody will want to join it, which is a real shame because i have some nice ideas to play and sadly my friends can't always play with me
  6. how to check the block list?
  7. who is griefing now too?
  8. It can be locked for all that i care o_o" i mean i'm not the one who is losing something: I know he is a griefer , i did my job by reporting him AND warning the community of his malicious behavour. His steam profile is enough as a "proof" imo EDIT: thanks @WishIHadAFridge for the suggestion, i will do it as soon as possible ^_^
  9. wrong, i asked the other day if name & Shame was allowed, a mod answered "Just because you can doesn't mean you should" i know what i am doing . Plus, why should it not be allowed? Informing server hosts about a potential griefer with several negative comments in his Steam account is just a benefict for everyone: Less troubles to go through. Hell one could even ban his Steam IP just be reading my post without him ever joining his server ^_^ it's a win win trust me
  10. EDIT: Name removed because of the "Name and shame" rule on the forum griefer, 16 years old, let's all give him a nice steam report. He goes around the whole day griefing servers with no success since rollback is still a thing, but ehy i think it's worth mentioning that he deserves hatemails and reports ♥
  11. I actually went colorblind after spending around 60 minutes being insane. I just didn't care anymore , i just wanted to find the damn ruins at that point :/ How should the filter change? darker.. brighter? purple?
  12. "Go towards the center of the map" Yeah you probably guessed it, the topic is about the ruins. I've played for quite a while in DST now (103 hours) and i never, ever found the ruins in this game, unless a player specifically crafts me the map of the caves or points me into the right direction. Today i armed myself with strong will, 2 meaty stews, my lovely lantern , armor and an Ham bat. I've been in the caves for 6 days, exploring A LOT of the map, really. If i pressed M and zoomed out i had almost a full view of the caves. And yet i didn't find any sign of the ruins, just some slurtles here and there, white spiders, a lot of bunnymen, ... At the end i just ragequitted, i couldn't handle the low-sanity music, the costant darkness and being chased by anything that lives. Just an awful experience So i'm asking you, how to find the ruins? I really can't say where the center is , and i really didn't find any "special" type of ground that would tell me "ehy you are going in the right direction". And yes, yes. All this because i needed 1 stupid gear for a fridge since i joined the server later than others. Next time i'd be better farming Tumbleweed :kappa:
  13. "Small textures" is a feature that makes your textures become MUCH worse! Btw, welcome to the forum!
  14. It works, Woodie does 49~55 (not sure which of the two values is correct) damage to every treeguard in werebeaver form.. sadly due to both sanity drain types he will end up losing a total of 120 sanity during the fight, which he can regain by planting ~20 cones. Worth mentioning that • the Ham Bat is easy to craft and deals 49 damage as well • Woodie attack animation will slow down a lot when attacking something (as slow as a normal character attacking) So there is literally no benefict to choosing Beaver form over a normal Ham bat when you need to fight a tree guard