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  1. but that doesn't make sense..! EDIT: Oh i see.. It was "You are thoughts" before.. very clever mr. Cactusarms
  2. Waverly! I often think about how her character would be like.. I feel like she should gain bonus hunger/sanity/health when eating frog legs ,have access to the magic tab without the prestihatitator and have frogs being non-hostile to her. For the SW cast, as always, i'd say Wilbur just because he's unique. But i would love all of them to join the cast
  3. I was very happy honestly but i won't use them, i'll probably trade them or sell them on steam to get some money.. i want the woodie skins!
  4. I think there are already skins for the normal Backpack D:
  5. People i play with always have this off because it's either annoying or hard to focus for them while it's enabled I'm 100% sure that it happens from time to time. During summer i never move so much from my campfire, i like to relax and stay alive without too many problems. This is why i would be able to tell if my character suddently started speaking and warned me about an incoming antlion attack. Just to make sure i tested this again today. With screen shaking disabled i wasn't able to get any notification from the attack (playing as WOODIE , requires further testing with other characters). Turning screen shaking on let's woodie comment on the attack before it happens (tested with the rollback feature twice) In the caves they will comment no matter what options you are using. I think it's because the audio-file for the earthquake and cave-ins always starts playing when they are happening. I can assume that the character will "comment" on the attack only when an audio file or a visual file are played, and since you get no music-change or noise while you are outside the caves maybe that the script for the comment doesn't start Remember that i only tested this with woodie and (3 webbers with screen shaking disabled on a Klei official server) and we all noticed that there was no warning comment for it. Requires further testing with other characters
  6. I find them cooler too D: It adds fear when they are approaching.. But i just get Nausea because of it! Maybe it's just me and a few other people, but just like games should give a "color blind" mode for people who are color blind, even this small scenario where the shaking screen can cause sickness to someone should be able to be tuned or turned off without having to pay a price FUN FACT: If you have screenshaking off and the antlion prepares his attack, your character WON'T SAY anything. You basically become Wes. You have no visual clue of what's going to happen and your character is not going to warn you either. If you have it on every character will say something about the incoming danger and everything is fine The only solution is having 1 dude in your base having the screen shaking turned on and wait for his quote about what's going to happen
  7. When you fail your job just right God Bless whoever did this picture
  8. Today i used my first "cheat out of here" rollback We were in summer, 74 days survived on a public server ( ♥ i'm so proud!!) and suddently antlion starts an attack. Ofc i enable my "Screen Shaking" so i could run away in time, but other people didn't and were quite surprised about what just happened. They had never seen the antlion and they didn't know they had to turn screen shaking on, so i just used a rollback ^_^ Plus i use it everytime i get griefed.
  9. She's pretty bad at it anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Characters should be added from shipwrecked to the DST game just because the more characters = the better. Characters don't have to be good to be played, they can be a challenge, they can be fun, they can be just nice with their sounds and quotes (Woodleg ♥) If SW as a whole gets ported i'd rather have it as a world generation option, so that servers could be split between SW and RoG. I don't want a server that has both types of content because that would be WAY too much. It would add a lot of variety to the game though to be able to choose which "game" you want to host your world in. But there is something more important to do before SW gets ported: KILL. CHARLIE.
  11. OFF TOPIC: IMB4 new character gets announced: Wolfie , the Dog-Man-Person Perk: Wolfie can craft Hound mounds. Now you can break yours without having to fear other people blaming the **** out of you and quitting your server for that. (I think there is a modded character that does this) BACK TO TOPIC: I don't see the use of hound mounds either, unless you wanna create a safe-way with 100+ tooth traps you can farm monster meat from spiders and get gems from Earthquakes and Tumbleweed (ah.).. so yeah, i'm curious as well, why shouldn't i break them if they are dangerously close to something i want to protect (pigs, for example)
  12. I understand clearly what you mean, just because he doesn't have disadvantages that doesn't make him a "good" character overall, but he is a good starting character for sure. And after all , we are all free to play what we want (see Wes). Yet again when i play Wilson i know what i'm playing. I can't expect much from the most simplistic character out there. But when i pick Willow, with my old memories of DS , i know what i'm really missing on this character, and this is what i would call a real shame. I hope Willow gets some love.
  13. Sadly i could not take a screenshot of this. I was playing on a public server, after ~66 days a full moon got me by surprise while we were all camping The whole server (8 people) wrote in chat "F*** " Beaver can give you some pretty funny moments to be honest
  14. STORY TIME! The shaking screen, one of the worst things in don't starve. It makes people unable to focus during fights against giants, it gives you an headache and it is disabled on almost everybody's client for this. And then unexperienced people who finally come to summer suddently lose everything to a sinkhole and ask me "Onetel-sama Onetel-sama! what happened?". And i answer "If you had the screen shaking enabled you would've seen the Antlion coming". ACTUAL TOPIC I understand that screen shaking is one of the core points of the game, to warn you about earthquakes, mr. Antlion and even an enraged deerclop coming your way. But hell, that thing gives me Nausea! I always put it on during summer because i'm too lazy for the Antlion (honest .. ) but most people don't and end up getting caught by surprise. Could Devs think about lowering the shaking just a tiny bit, or if there is , a mod that stops the shaking for giants but leaves it for any other event? I already have a mod that lowers the sanity sound to 0-25-50-75% so that your hears don't have to explode! DISCUSSION: What are your opinions about screen shaking ? Do you keep it enabled the whole year or just when the antlion is being a cry-baby who wants toys?