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  1. Sometimes, life give you suprise.

    like the centipede that came outta nowhere when i'm eating with friends.

    the one with yknow, ability to eat rodents.

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    2. DarithD


      That's what i do best.

    3. minespatch


      True story?

    4. DarithD


      Yah, my friend killed it when it's was almost near my feet, scrape it with those plastic chair.

      Then we're kinda... don't have the appetite to eat anymore.

  2. all this thread about balancing and "late" update remind me of starbound forum

    ah, the good old day~

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    2. DarithD


      No one expect minepatch! :p

    3. minespatch


      I don't really care for playstyle-waifus since it should be something personal. Unless I'm a friend to the user who tell me their experiences, I just don't care.:wilson_ecstatic:

      Oh man, my expression is still there.arielgoesheh.png

    4. DarithD


      it's like Patchy poking from a fence, heheheheh

  3. The tau fireteam and the grotz were just fan art because i like the game, and i'm not sure if i can come up with something witty when it come from other based lore, and it's not like the forumer' is big fan of warhammer 40k. And as for the jerry and tom, er.. nope no idea Can you guys help me with this one? ;w; Incase mods gonna ban me, i'm gonna take your words as my scapegoat. Thanks! (laughs evilly)
  4. thanks to my sis, i can finally send hand drawn without the need of printer. Cheer folks!
  5. Yis. Suddenly i'm reminded of gremlin D.va.
  6. Yah, came out of my mind just recently, still need to add more! Here's a strip for today!
  7. I-i did a quick doodles warning, it MIGHT be the confusing,disturbing, lewd, corrupt your thought, type of thingy! It prolly isn't funny either! So read at your own risk!
  8. OW! oww...
  9. Well, when two people really love each ot- ... yeap nope even i was confused when drawing that piece. @minespatch wat '
  10. *High five six sound effect*
  11. If i can draw this with a mouse, YOU can draw it with the mouse! Ganbatte!
  12. Spoiler


    sorry Patchy, but this image keep killing my sides! I need to keep it contain!

    1. minespatch


      closeupwhyyyyy.pngariel closeup intensifies copy.png

      Also have these varients.:wilson_sneaky:

    2. DarithD






  13. Yeah, in a role kind of way To search for this smuggy black widow that infiltrated his commander's base Like Tom and Jerry! only lewder ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. I read a few books, mostly western artists, like Walt Stanchfield Burne Hogarth and Andrew Looms! There's more but my brother borrow those. and i really recommend them if you want to practice more about how things live or move. AW I though you say shirtless bara when i was drawing this I have failed you DragonMage..
  15. This is how i draw the models, it should be useful for anyone that want to draw. I reference some books later I add more later!