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  1. To put it shortly - Nothing said officialy but we have found leaks from steamdb and the sound files that they are working on something . But as I said nothing official yet ... So for now only guesses .
  2. I really hope we get some official information/news soon ... I'm really (pardon the bad pun) starving for it .
  3. So basicly we need something like RoG - new biomes new stuff mechanics and everything . What I mean is not a new world(like SW) but an addition to the old world (surface/caves) . Or even additions to the old world + a new world but that would be too much work . Something like RoG would be preferable to me this way the old world gets better so you have old+new content . I would love to see some more multiplayer interactions/mechanics even charapters passive like = if you are alone you get small sanity drain if you have ppl around you , you regen sanity . Something that's specially for multiplayer ... a more clean example is the ewecuss = you can't defeat it if you are alone .
  4. Yea I agree that it would be hard to balance , but I think if they make the alternative seasons not harder just different(and special resources/items in them) like the example I gave - the snow slows your movemnt so without the snow you move better but winter is colder ... I can't really see it getting harder to that point but ... some ppl might have problems with it .... as for me when you prepare for winter you will be prepared for the cold so it won't really matter if it's the normal one or an alternative . I would suggest for it to be (if every season have 3 possibilities) 40%/30%/30% normal/alternative/alternative . As for making it harder to survive the only think I can think of is = If 1 player has survived for example 120 days new and harder mosnters/features/items/resources start to appear . 1 year is enogh time to get all you need and not get bored of the game ... if you are going for the optional bosses and ruins maybe even 2 years are good . This way you will have a reason to play after those 2 years because you will see new stuff new items/new creatures/new challenges . Or they could just make it - active the portal in ruins and new stuff start coming over in your world . I started with DS (with RoG early access) It was hard at first I still remember how surprised I was when I saw the deerclops or the first frog rain I had that made me panic . And I have to say I really miss things like that - when you don't expect something and it comes to kill you . So next game you try to prepare for it because you know , it will happen at some point . I would really love more randomness in the game .
  5. While we wait for new/information of what is next , let's talk about what we would love to see in the future of DST . Give ideas , discuss them and so on . I think this is a nice time to talk about this ... So ... First of all I would love to see the alternative seasons that were mentioned in TtA (before a really loooooong time) . For example - Let's have a winter without snow , only ice and baren ground (colder winter) . Or another alternative winter with snow storms (think minor version of the sand storm but snow and global) I would love to see the flood from SW in DST , that would be really fun to play with friends ... As for PvP guilds/clans would be nice , something like making your own base vs another base , trying to control biomes for resources - team match you could say . Like a spawn point for team A and spawn point for team B . Or even world vs world . 2 worlds connected with a gate(you go in the gate and spawn at a random palce in the other world with your gear and everything) and you can PvP only those from the other world . And new characters that a must , not only Winona (2 or 3 of them) . This way you can play with more players and not having characters repeat . I really think that the future of DS franchise is in DST . The multipalyer just made the game way too fun ... sadly also a bit too easy ....... I would love to see some creatures/bosses that can kill you without begin optional - like at day XXX a new type of creature spawns in the world and you have to survive it . Because the new content is good but ... almost all of it is optional = you can survive without doing it . That just takes the survival part out of the game ...
  6. June 30th Hype!?!?

    Like Dean or Sam Winchester ... Anyway yea this kind of topics must stop , I know we are all hungry for any kind of info !!! But this won't help ... it will only mislead with it's title .
  7. Overall , all that I want is a new road map ... it dosen't need to have details or dates in it , only news that something is indeed coming (confirmation) . As it is I'm a bit worried that DS/DST(DS franchise) could be left behind ... That's why I want some news about it ... that in steamdb is all good but nothing sure . Because it could be a lot of things , no one can say for sure if it will be actually an content dlc , soundtracks or just ANR packet in one ...
  8. Or it could be June one O = june 10 . Thou in reality I think we are just reading too much into it ... but oh well you never know with this sort of things (unless a dev confirms it to be false or true)
  9. I don't know about that but they added - So I suppose we will hear something soon . Actually I'm not sure if I should keep my eye on steamdb or the game files ... It just ruins the surprise ...
  10. Hmmm If you ask about webber as the person no ... he has an "spider suit" ON him (like in spidermen venom ) ... if you ask as webber as we see him , well all spiders are basicly naked . So the humanoid spider is indeed naked while the human in him is not . Btw that signature should be illigal .......
  11. At this point I'm really starting to lose hope we will get any information soon ... That date in the blocks is starting to look real ... sadly ...... If nothing else could we at least get a confirmation if that is a date or not ?!
  12. Well normally after a puzzel there is a official announcement/date for what's next or trailer or something for the community to look forward to ... So I kinda hope that when the puzzel is finished(closed) they do give us something ... atleast a roadmap or I don't know just something . This is just too ... too vague for us to know what to expect . But yea that might very well be the case .
  13. I just went on metheus page I can hear Wilson too ... maybe we would get some new info soon ... It's about time this puzzel finished and we get some info/content about what's next .
  14. I did it too ... Now we wait for time to pass so enough ppl solve it and for an announcement .
  15. So I suppose now we wait for enough ppl to solve it / some time to pass . Until they close this puzzel and make an announcement/roadmap about what is next .