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      Rhymes with Play 132 - A New Reign: Heart of the Ruins Beta Update   03/29/2017

      Join the Klei team as we discuss and play Heart of the Ruins, the latest BETA update for Don't Starve Together: A New Reign, this Thursday, March 30th at 3:30 PM PDT (10:30 PM UTC), only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast on Twitch. Where is it?
      On our official Twitch channel here:
      11:30 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
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      When is it?
      Thursday, March 30th at 3:30 PM PDT (10:30 PM UTC). Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:


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  1. Can i add you on the ps4
  2. Hello everybody is it possible to change character on the playstation ??
  3. Can i add you ? I need help with bosses
  4. Hello im a experienced player, i can join if you want
  5. Too bad i dont have tall birds on my world
  6. I found him.. problem solved
  7. Setting is on default, i really cant find him anyware
  8. Hello im on day 300 now and bearger doesnt spawn in my world . I dont understand why he isnt spawning
  9. I think waverly will fit perfectly in the dont starve world
  10. Hello all im looking for friends to help me out with the giants only , in return i will help you with the giants im on the ps4 and i life in holland
  11. What does branch and/or loop do to a map ?
  12. Thanks strangerdanger101 im gonna try it
  13. Hello , when this update come to the ps4 will we also need to start a new world ?
  14. Yeah bunnyman wont work im webber
  15. Hello everybody i was wondering of there was a change to fill up a cave hole ? The bats are making my crazy