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  1. help im dumb

    Just be glad you have a title, L Some of us aren't so misfortunate!
  2. "They say curiosity killed the cat, but I beg to differ."

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    2. Dudedude
    3. DragonMage156
    4. Chris1488


      Hey, curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

  3. I'll be taking advantage of this in the near future.
  4. I took that picture on Halloween weekend, we'd been decorating...
  5. I agree. Let us call upon @JoeW to purge this troll! In other news, I'm totally looking forward to the mod. Keep up the good work, @Kzisor.
  6. Hey man, can I make a mod to change the menu theme with your carol remix? I will credit you, of course.

    1. Dudedude


      Sure, that'd be awesome! If you're doing that I actually might compose a different version more fit fit the menu screen, if that's cool with you.

    2. Mudley


      That sounds nice, go for it!

    3. Dudedude


      Sorry it took so long. This version is a little more forward, and cuts the climax quicker. There's also an extra section in there, just to add to the variety! Hope you like it.

  7. There's only way to improve, and that's to play and survive to the best of your ability!

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      status update edits when

    3. DragonMage156


      Cool! ^_^

      Also, I second that!

    4. Mobbstar


      workout_loop_2.mp3 :p

  8. Welcome to my thread! Recently, we received the musical notation for The Starver's Carol, and since then I've really wanted to remix it and see how it sounds. Then, I realized, "Why should it be only me?" And here I am! In this thread, you are welcome to post any remix you have of this lovely melody! I'll also provide the MIDI file I made if you really want it, haha. The Starver's Carol MIDI.zip Without further adieu, I present my entry, an orchestral arrangement of the song: Have fun caroling, starver...inos!
  9. HesMrWhiteChristmas.jpg

    He's Mr. White Christmas

    He's Mr. Snow

    He's Mr. Icicle

    He's Mr. 10 Below

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    2. Arlesienne



      Fangirl: Hot.

    3. Dudedude


      It's funny because he's dressed as Heat Miser. :p

    4. Arlesienne


      No idea, but he's awesome.

  10. Mistakes. Mistakes were made.Mistakes.gif

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    4. Arlesienne


      When Moomintroll hid in the Magician's hat, he turned into this fellow:


      Good luck with your hat.

  11. I used play the original Yoshi's Island on my GameBoy Advance all the time, and then one day I lost the cartridge and I was so sad. That was about 2 years ago... I mean I've gotten over it, but I wish I could still play it. Ah, memories...
  12. That feeling when you repurpose an existing animation and it looks perfect


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    2. Dudedude


      Thanks! I'm working on the mod with someone, and it's not ready to be released yet, so sorry about the inconvenience. It'll probably be released soon though! 

    3. Arlesienne


      Just poke me when it's live. Looks awesome.

    4. Jayy_


      That me. 0-0 



      love it

  13. I can see where you're coming from. The whole experience does feel a lot less... lonely, as my fishy friend has, uh, exemplified. However, I see this as both a positive and a negative. Positive- It appeals to a wider variety of people who are willing to give the game a shot - this has done something the original DS couldn't do. It drove people away due to how difficult and unrelenting it was (now I get that many see this as a plus, myself included, but I'm just examining it from a different point of view). And that's why DST has sold so freaking many copies. Negative- Ah, the double edged blade that comes with change. All of the updates, as you've noted, have catered more to cosmetics and less to real functionality, which is definitely a problem in my eyes. It's funny how something as insignificant as skins can break your immersion into the game, which is a sad but true reality. All in all, we've just got to see what Klei has in store for us. I trust that they'll make the experience more and more difficult as time goes on and serve the original community who love the challenge. Some things, like the lonely feeling that comes with the single player experience, can't be really reestablished anymore, because heck, the game's based around surviving with friends, together. But yeah, we can only hope for the best, eh?