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  1. There IS a mod that makes you ride your Beefalo infinitely... But, to be honest, I think the process of domesticating a Beefalo is fun, challenging sure, but fun.
  2. It's a good idea if you mentioned which characters are disabled so others will be aware.
  3. I need that sweet Toadstool Jam!!
  4. I hope so, I'm hyped!
  5. Winter Is Coming. The memes are coming.
  6. Fun Fact: Did you know, Tallbirds murder their young ones by pecking them to death? That ain't horrifying at all! I've seen too much... too many dead Smallbirds and Teenbirds around...
  7. Cool! Thanks!
  8. Where's the poster from? And can I see it full? (or you could redirect me to the post where it can be found)
  9. Good work! That's everything in DST.
  10. @JoeW Is the DST gift box gonna contain special, new Loyal/Timeless/Lustrous skins that will NOT be available as drops for other people?
  11. This log turned out better than mine, congrats to @AnonymousKoala & @Hobgoblino
  12. Me too, brotha! Stingers, but I just feed them to the Lureplant. Logs and nightmare fuel... Need... more... FUEL! Forests, they look beautiful, so many logs. Mosaic, It's so dull! And Oasis. I love using ALL structures even the Thermal Measurer and the Rainometer. Honey Ham, but I LOVE Guacamole! Winona Scaled Furnace, but I guess it ain't easy to obtain, having to kill Dragonfly and then trying to kill each other to see who gets the blueprint. Night Light, I wish the radius was larger OR the duration was longer.
  13. There we go, everyone's happy now!
  14. Waverly, honestly she looks amazing! She'll fit perfectly in the Don't Starve universe, I do hope (if they add her) she has Organ sounds. Warly, really he'll be the chef of the team being able to help friends from the start by cooking meatballs and other crock pot meals giving them a, I'd say, quick head start.