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  • Biography A humble, sometimes dead-honest, 17-year-old guy. I also seem to have a sense of so-called 'dry' humour. Most people don't take me for it, but I am quite the gamer. I do consider myself a hardcore-casual-gamer, if that makes any sense.

    For the record, I do not actually wish for a fridge. That's just something that comes with something that I do wish. My own home, nice and quiet, hopefully not too big (I hate big empty spaces)

    Furthermore, I'm what I believe is called an introvert. I'm not a very social guy. That could be the main reason why I don't have that many friends. But I don't really feel like that I need that many.

    I'm not going to bore (or excite, who knows) you anymore with anything about me, so thank you for reading and carry on with whatever it was that you were doing.
  • Location Dronten, the Netherlands
  • Interests Breathing air, sleeping, gaming, you know, ordinary stuff.
  • Occupation What we call the fourth (technically fifth) year of high school, Professional Fridge Doodler

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  1. There are 3 other WishIHadAFridge's. I just changed name to GentlemanFridge to avoid confusion. Simple as that.
  2. Well no, I was keeping watch. He was AFK for a solid 2 days. He wasn't an admin either.
  3. A friend of mine trapped someone in stone walls and surrounded them with Dwarf Stars in Summer. I don't know how they survived, but they did. The trapper then proceeded to trap himself to see how it felt. He got killed by starvation.
  4. It doesn't sleep. I'm not sure if it can be frozen but my guess would be no.
  5. The version your probably seeing is an old one, which is no longer seen in-game apart from the credits. Back then it was called the Jury-Rigged Portal, me thinks. There might be a server mod that changes the Florid Postern's appearance, but I could be wrong.
  6. Ballphin, hands down. Semi-intelligent race has to be the Fridges of course, though they don't do very well in the dark so that has to be the forest surface.
  7. There has been an update last week, iirc. But as you said, nothing else major. I assume the next one will be this thursday/friday. Don't take my word for it though.
  8. Maybe it spawned on top of you, forcing you to go up and down layers.
  9. Angry Moslings (when their parent is killed), from my experience can travel as far as they want. On one occasion, I escaped through a wormhole, forgot about one of them chasing me, then suddenly that very same baby-thing out of nowhere and rushed into me. Killing me instantly. I forget if they still eat when they are enraged though.
  10. There still is at least one more ANR update coming, since the Gateway still has the ancient message passed on for generations: "Come back next update." Underwhelming, I know.
  11. Wait what? A dev post got edited by MisterL? Dayum
  12. Possibly a teaser for the last update? Ooooooooh, exciting!
  13. Yes, this does happen. I'm not entirely sure whether it's a bug or not.
  14. You CAN get skin drops when in an 'Alone' world. You cannot get one if you're not connected to the internet, if that's what you meant.
  15. Maybe JoeW doesn't want you to grow up.