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  • Biography A humble, sometimes dead-honest, 17-year-old guy. I also seem to have a sense of so-called 'dry' humour. Most people don't take me for it, but I am quite the gamer. I do consider myself a hardcore-casual-gamer, if that makes any sense.

    For the record, I do not actually wish for a fridge. That's just something that comes with something that I do wish. My own home, nice and quiet, hopefully not too big (I hate big empty spaces)

    Furthermore, I'm what I believe is called an introvert. I'm not a very social guy. That could be the main reason why I don't have that many friends. But I don't really feel like that I need that many.

    I'm not going to bore (or excite, who knows) you anymore with anything about me, so thank you for reading and carry on with whatever it was that you were doing.
  • Location Dronten, the Netherlands
  • Interests Breathing air, sleeping, gaming, you know, ordinary stuff.
  • Occupation What we call the fourth (technically fifth) year of high school, Professional Fridge Doodler

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  1. I can't see the picture either (and I'm on PC). Although I wouldn't be able to help you anyway.
  2. You posted in the wrong section. This here forums are them regular Don't Starve ones. Not sure if it's worth it to move it, but I'll ask @ImDaMisterL with his fancy new suit anyway.
  3. I did consider it, but I had already typed everything when my brain processed it. That, and I felt like having a minirant
  4. As the title already says: THE KLEI SHOP IS BACK! https://shop.klei.com/
  5. There was SW's rediculously overpowered Ice Fabricator. I guess that counts as an ice cream maker.
  6. What you're looking at now is concept art of the Lazy Deserter that was shown in a RwP Art Stream. As already mentioned, this was the more sketchy and not implementy page of the two that were shown.
  7. Assuming you mean you want the bosses to spawn like they normally would, but you want to keep the world. As far as I'm aware, you can't do that through normal means. You can, however always spawn the bosses manually with the console (opened by hitting the ~ key).
  8. Meh, I thought there were too many plotholes. I'll see myself out.
  9. What is it with these Character Tier lists all of the sudden? We get it, you find one character better than the other. Calm down.

  10. There is a section all about the modding. I don't know much about it, but I can ask @ImDaMisterL to move your question there.
  11. Slipstor Slippers. As for plushies... I did always want to see a Goose plushie. If I'd buy it I'm not sure, but it'd be funny so see the game's biggest thing as a plush.
  12. I second that. That is, if I get a fridge first.
  13. Ooh, I haven't done this in a while. As this is in the wrong section: @ImDaMisterL! I summon thee once again! As for actual tips, try to make or premake items and buildings that will help you live through the cold. Items such as a thermal stone (aka heatstone), winter hat or better etc.
  14. I think the W___ had to be her/him/it. Kind of hard to guess that though when every character starts with a W