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  • Biography A humble, sometimes dead-honest, 17-year-old guy. I also seem to have a sense of so-called 'dry' humour. Most people don't take me for it, but I am quite the gamer. I do consider myself a hardcore-casual-gamer, if that makes any sense.

    For the record, I do not actually wish for a fridge. That's just something that comes with something that I do wish. My own home, nice and quiet, hopefully not too big (I hate big empty spaces)

    Furthermore, I'm what I believe is called an introvert. I'm not a very social guy. That could be the main reason why I don't have that many friends. But I don't really feel like that I need that many.

    I'm not going to bore (or excite, who knows) you anymore with anything about me, so thank you for reading and carry on with whatever it was that you were doing.
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  1. How is it possible that Klei makes the exact type of game that I was hoping to find during the sale? I can't wait!
  2. EFS indeed stands for Epic Fight Song, as the original EFS, autumn's, is actually called just that. I dunno about a caves-only EFS. I'd like it, but I would want it in the original game as well.
  3. Does the server you're trying to go on have any mods enabled? My pc sometimes doesn't handle server mods as good as others, usually crashing instantly if it can't run it.
  4. Come on, why'd you go off-topic in that thread you recently commented on? That was kind of rude.

    1. WishIHadAFridge


      Ah yes, I see what you mean.

      My apologies.

  5. I'm not quite sure how to feel about that...
  6. Ever since I purchased the original DS's OST (Original Soundtrack), I was hoping DST's unique tracks would be included in its own DLC. I'm not sure whether the tracks already included in the original DS OST should be in DST's as well. As I myself would be purchasing copies of tracks I already have. So what do you think? Should DST-OST be a thing?
  7. If I'm perfectly honest, I find it a bit stupid to join a server as a newcomer when it says it's winter/summer or late autumn/spring. That season indicator is there for a reason. I do think that it's a bit unecessary to kick them, should they join and die soon after. Give 'em a fighting chance. If they start to nag about it, then I'll consider it.
  8. It is pronounced with 1 syllable here.
  9. Someone from the server I regularly play on has the Alchemy Pod skin, which I believe he bought from the market. The guy has got some money to spare, it seems.
  10. That's the forums for you: Near immediate responses from the most qualified people around.
  11. puzzle

    Even if it says June one O, aka June 10, that wouldn't be that strange. They've stepped out of the usual update schedule before. I do think it's something, but I won't get my hopes up real high. I'm not expecting Rose Skins for example.
  12. The very ultimate would be that someone slays it nude with their fists, as Wendy or Wes. Wait no, not Wes. Wes is OP.
  13. ^
  14. Mining the statue doesn't stop the flower from spawning. FYI.
  15. Don't want to crash the party, but the last character in that line looks like a 6 to me. June one 6 16th of June?