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  1. Several times recently I've killed a worm and it has dropped, in addition to the usual monster meat and light berry, a minor item or two like flint, grass, twigs or lichen. What's up with that? Do worms have an inventory?
  2. Can they travel past them, or is it possible to confine them?
  3. Wigfrid said "I'm having pig tonight!" while fighting a bunnymen yesterday.
  4. I don't always find graves before I craft the first science machine items, but it's much cheaper to make a parasol than to craft a bunch of stuff I'm only going to drop because I don't have the inventory space for it. But I've also made parasols at various times later in the game as an emergency way to boost my sanity regen. It costs virtually nothing and the materials are easy to find, plus people are often already picking flowers for the sanity, so why not? My point is merely that people tend to forget the sanity you get from holding it.
  5. Not if you've just dug 10 graves and aren't ready to place your alchemy engine yet.
  6. I mostly agree with this, but it doesn't make much sense to the newbies. You can spend five minutes typing out an explanation for why you're not coming to them, holding their hand, and providing them with taxi service to your base where all their needs will be met. (Helicopter parents have a lot to answer for, imo.) They think you're just being cruel. And while it may seem that this doesn't matter much, there is the concern but it might put some new players off of the game. Putting a science machine at the spawn is faif. There's no gold anywhere near the spawn in our world, which is over 1000 days old. It's unreasonable to expect them to be able to make science machine on their own, at least not the way someone who has joined a relatively new world is able to.
  7. Pretty parasol is actually useful on occasion in the early game for boosting sanity regen. If you're picking flowers anyway and you're not using a walking cane, you might as well make one and hold it. If you've also got a top hat, the combination is enough to cancel out the sanity drain of dusk.
  8. Autobkick for language is a terrible idea. There's no reason why interactions between adults should be kept at a level some people arbitrarily deem suitable for children just because some children *might* be present. But, that said, a server admin is entirely within their rights to kick guests for offensive language or just a toxic attitude.
  9. I was on a Strictly Unprofessional server @ about day 7, and one of the noobs was proudly announcing that he had 20 boards from knocking down two whole bunnymen villages and I just signed off. World ruined.
  10. Their chewing animation is pretty disturbing, but surely they don't eat lichen or grass? I thought they were carnivores. Also, most other mobs, when they eat, digest the item. Bats, if you kill them right after they eat some meat, will drop the meat, but you have to be quick. Worms are mysterious.
  11. I interpreted that sound as barking, not laughing.
  12. They said this in the Rhymes With Play stream.
  13. How do you deal with being near slurtles? They can be so annoying when they come after minerals in your chest and inventory, and they take so long to kite.
  14. At a certain point, the game can become overloaded with stuff, which is why the seasonal events are really nice treats and an incentive to make longlived maps. I just wish they'd give us something between Chinese New Year and Halloween. April Fools Day was a missed opportunity. The logical next step would be a way to access an additional map of some kind with new biomes. I'd actually prefer that it not be Shipwrecked but an all-new DLC (for which I'd be willing to pay new-game $). I don't think the sailing mechanic is well-suited to multiplayer and would rather have something fresher if less ambitious.
  15. Glommer goop is great free fuel, especially if you have a lot of flingos to fill. It will burn through a winters night, as well. Especially useful early on when there's not much else to burn but wood, and burning wood should always be avoided. I believe it can also be used as fertilizer. The whip is mostly just really fun. I use it on the penned guardian pigs whenever they punch someone.
  16. Seconded. Wigfrid should rarely resort to traps because she gets health and sanity buffs for killing by hand. When in doubt, kill spiders or bats for a quick pick me up and don't waste resources like tents that other players may need more. Also, there is no need to chase or corner turkeys. Leave a berry, carrot or petals on the ground nearby and the turkey will approach to eat it. Step in to one-shot it before it gets the chance.
  17. I'm relatively new to using the console and I want to count the number of a prefab in the world. When I enter the command "c_countprefabs("prefab")" where does the response print? I'm not seeing it on my game screen. This is on a dedicated server.
  18. I *swear* I got this to work just fine on the dedicated server I rent. I started several worlds because I didn't want to invest in a one-Tusk map, and I got numbers ranging from 1 to 4. Recently on a public server I tried it while standing right next to the camp and got 0.
  19. Huh. Well, I WAS able to use it on one, but then after that I used it to generate a four-Tusk world on my own server, so maybe that first open server I tried it on had somehow enabled regular players to use admin-level console commands?
  20. No, I meant different dedicated servers. I was logging into various unpassworded servers looking for one with four walrus camps.
  21. I'm just cutting and pasting, which is why it was so confusing that it worked perfectly a few times then not: I'd cut and pasted the same text. But if the console is in the wrong mode that might explain it. What changed was the server I'd used it on.
  22. One workaround could be an inexhaustible salt lick. I don't really understand the beefalo system, but isn't a saltlick the only thing you need to keep them tame once you've tamed them?
  23. I'm not sure about whether "Remote" was in effect. I'll doublecheck next time I play. The command does get the character to speak , but it returns a number (0) that I know is inaccurate.
  24. Here's how we used the guardian pigs on our own server. The torches seemed weirdly arranged, but once I enclosed them in walls, there was a pattern. 4x4 wall units seems to be the smallest you can use without risking the pigs spawning outside the walls. We thought about putting triple walls around them to keep them from landing any punches, but decided it would feel too cramped and would get laggy. This isn't our main base, but a sort of welcome base for visitors who make it that far. It has some basic supplies and crops, plus spiders and soon pigs. No flingos because we spend the summer underground and kick anyone who joins and insists on staying on the surface.
  25. We have a four-torch set piece on our map that we're thinking of developing as a secondary base because of the perpetual light. Will regular stone walls do? Will the pigs attack the walls when not in their werepig state and will the walls be preserved if players simply stay away from that base during the full moon? Some people who do this bait the pigs with something edible they can't reach so that they don't aggro even when wered-out. Is that necessary and if so, do we need to set bait for each pig, or will one central item do the trick? Would appreciate any advice from anyone who's done this.