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  1. If it takes a lot of work, creativity and resources, I don't see how one particular method of killing a boss (tentacle trap) is any less valid than another (kiting it, or some other form of combat). Creating a silk farm with bunny men is not a less llegitimate way to gather silk than killing every spider by hand--in fact, it's the smart thing to do. If players are clever enough to find new ways to kill bosses without burning a lot of dark swords, then in my eyes at least, they're better at the game than the ones who just fight it.
  2. I definitely remember encountering the city version when I was playing adventure mode. That's not something you forget easily!
  3. I hope we'll see some more images of creative base design here! C'mon, folks: share!
  4. Is three-tusks a set piece? It seems too big and way too variable for that term, but not sure what else to call it, since it's not exactly a biome either.
  5. On consideration, I guess the Suggestions subforum is just such a place? If devs did confirm that they have no major character revisions planned then moderators could move all the "X must be nerfed!' threads there where they will not bore the rest of us.
  6. Please oh please oh please! No disrespect to sincere Willow and Woody fans who seem to have a legitimate beef with how those characters have been altered, although I have never played as either and don't quite get it. But there's no sign that the devs plan to make any substantive changes to characters that were established before the current beta. I get that some people do enjoy jawing on and on about how they, with their superior if totally untested game design skilllz, would do it so much better. But I often wish there were a cracker barrel subforum where backseat driver types could go on and on about stuff that is never going to happen among themselves without cropping up in my "next unread" queue.
  7. More turfs seems like an easy thing that would make many people happy.
  8. Right, if you have a regular guest who, say, killed Deerclops, that person should be able to have the eyebrella whenever they come back. You say you'd hold it for them, but there's nothing to stop a visitor from taking it out of a chest then wandering off to some god forsaken corner of the map, logging out and leaving it where no one else knows it is. This would only work if certain players could earn a sub-admin status that would make them exempt from forced drops. It would in fact be a pretty good idea, because it would encourage people to behave well and to contribute in order to earn that status, and taking it away would be a meaningful penalty for misbehavior.
  9. I'm pretty sure the whole point of this is to force cooperation. I've mostly been playing in a solo world lately, so this thing is completely useless to me, but I can live with that, given that this IS a multiplayer game.
  10. Many smart suggestions from someone who really knows the game. I do think that ruins regen in particular needs some tweaking. At present it's more of a penalty than a reward, given that most of the stuff it restores (monkeys, slurpers, damaged clockworks) is stuff most players invest a lot of time in getting rid of and only the clockworks have any decent drops. Also, surely the Guardian's loot is broken? I just killed it for the first time and the chest contained 4 Thulecite crumbs, 2 blue gems and a 45% bat bat. I've seen at least two streamers get equally pathetic drops from it in the past week or two as well.
  11. These bases are spectacular! I love the ingenuity people show in designing special areas like the throne room, but most of all how you use the basic features of the world, like trees, turf and berry bushes. I must admit, I find bases that are "paved over' into big rectangles of pure functionality to be depressing, given that the world DS characters inherit has been so beautifully and stylishly designed in the first place.
  12. Yep, and say hello to all those monkeys you thought you'd exterminated!
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about that.
  14. I've had him for a full year now and have no regrets. Inspired by @mochilo, I made a war saddle and use him to kill walruses in the nearby three-tusk area, and there's a spider forest I've been slowly clearing. My impression is that queens are more likely to turn back into tier one nests if they've been attacked at least once, so I just go wallop them every so often. I also have a bunch of near-useless farms from when I was taming him, so I just plant all the random seeds I pick up there and feed him whatever grows. (He doesn't seem to hold the durians against me although they obviously don't agree with him.) I put a fresh salt lick in his corral every summer and replace it as needed during the other seasons, so I can ignore him for quite a while without him losing too much domestication. He's actually less annoying than a pet and much more useful.