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  1. I'm not crazy about the GPS mod because it makes it too easy for trolls or overdependent noobs to track you down. I prefer to go off to a remote part of the map, get a base going and then team with players who have the wherewithal to find me on their own. I can't really enjoy the game if from day one I'm being followed or badgered by someone who keeps saying "I need food!" or "can you give me 10 twigs?" or "Help me, I'm going insane!"
  2. I think I bought it in a humble bundle package, but I didn't really play it until a friend who is a game reviewer/designer mentioned to me that he really really liked it. So I decided to give it a chance and there was no turning back after that. My friend got so freaked out by the tall birds, though, that he stopped playing it and hasn't got back to it since!
  3. Aren't puddles from the monsoon season supposed to evaporate in the summer? I still have small ones all over my map. This includes on islands that I had not even explored yet.
  4. There are all sorts of ways you can tweak the world or the character to make the game harder. Wes is one, but you can set the harsher seasons to be longer, reduce the amount of resources, mobs,etc. and bump up the enemies. You can play with one HP. You can play Lights Out. i really feel that the base game world is pretty complete. New territory with different challenges and rewards would be more exciting than tweaking the main world.
  5. Sorting them into two different pens by color must have been a challenge indeed! It reminds me of one of those old fairytales where a girl is ordered to separate the wheat from the millet in a big pile of grain, and she can't do it until some ants come along to help out.
  6. The idea that the top hat is your best bet for sanity is probably more of a giveaway. I have gone back to flint tools when we've got more twigs and flint than I care to store, but that only tends to happen when I'm living in the caves for a good part of the year. Theres nothing wrong with your play style and choices if they make you happy. It's just a bit premature to be offering advice to others before you're really familiar with the game. It's nice that you made the effort, though.
  7. Traps aren't necessary for Bearger, and you might come to regret knocking down the hound mounds to get enough teeth for traps before the second Autumn. Also, he does not yawn in either autumn or summer, so if you kill him before winter, yawning is not an issue. Once he's asleep, however, you can just leave him until summer or autumn. Getting him to harvest wood until he spawns treeguards who then kill him is the smartest method, but just kiting him works too. Whatever you do, run away from the base when you hear him roaring. The sound starts low at first, so do not play with the pc's sound turned down.
  8. Just for speculation, how many people do we think are playing DST and how many of those are buying and selling skins? The vast majority of those traded are priced under $1, so if we guesstimate an average price of $3, which seems generous, 13% of which is taken off the top by Steam, and maybe Klei gets half of that? Does anyone know? Let's say .20 USD apiece. They would need to sell a million per year to net 200K, which would need to pay for all the overhead of tech support and servers and the upfront of designers, animators, whatever. Maybe that would break even, but it's hardly a profit center, and the prices are always dropping, so unless they invest more producing new skins, that income is only going to shrink. Everyone marvels over the pricey skins, but the most valuable one I own, a Wig Triumphant, has sold 5 in the past 24 hours, for which Klei got maybe 5 bucks.
  9. I realize people get worked up over the prices of some skins, but find it hard to believe this can add up to any significant money. The vast majority of skins sell for less than a dollar, the "profit" is literally pennies and most players don't bother to sell or buy them. Also, in addition to the servers Lumina mentions there is an initial outlay on each style, because someone does have to draw and animate it and that person needs to get paid. The grand total of what they make on skins might just cover the costs, the idea that it's a profit center seeems silly to me. If the game were hugely popular, maybe, but it's pretty niche.
  10. Isn't LuxuryHeart the same player who posted that they never use golden tools and... yes, here it is: Seasons: I only use a winter hat and thermal stone in winter. Anything else is a waste of resources. I only use an umbrella and straw hat for summer and spring since it's a dual purpose combo. I mostly use top hats or mushrooms for sanity (so no garland or dapper vest). I also don't use a feather or bush hat. So while the enthusiasm is admirable, maybe there isn't really enough knowledge of the game yet to be offering advice.
  11. This. Games don't get expanded if developers can't get paid to do it. Klei is not a charity, or your parents. There is nothing unreasonable about charging more for a significant amount of new content and I'd be happy to pay it. However, most of the income will still come from new players, which is why it's important that the early game not be made any more difficult than it is. I have persuaded a few friends to try DST, and about half of them have said that they find it too challenging and/or time consuming. The best way to expand it is to add new biomes, with new mobs and resources, like the ruins. If you choose to go there, there could be all new threats or challenges. But it's gotta be optional, because new players already can find the game overwhelming. It's a drag that it's so hard to recapture of the thrill of learning to play DS for the first time, but the best way to recapture that feeling is in a new game. It's only natural that the longer you play a game the less challenging it is, because you get better at it. In DST you can prolong the fun a lot by setting new challenges for yourself. If you want winter to be harder, swear off of thermal stones. (Personally,the weather seems perfect to me as is, and tweaking it this way or that seems like a pretty boring addition.) But adding a lot of clutter and complication to what's right now a pretty great game because a few longtime players are getting tired of it makes no sense, No game can be played infinitely with the same sense of surprise and discovery you had early on.
  12. The fatal flaw of this business plan being the fact that koalas don't eat anything.
  13. Impressive! But what's the story behind all those crockpots in The Koala pen?
  14. The giants don't spawn on the surface if you're in the caves. To clarify: Bearger and Deerclops spawn near the player, not the base. Run from the base when the moaning or roaring sound starts, or better yet jump through a wormhole. Goose Goose spawns on nesting spots. Don't want the Goose or its %#^£ thieving moslings near your base? Then don't build your base near a nesting spot. There are several nest spots on the map and not all of them get a Goose every spring, but eventually the Goose will spawn next to your base if your base is near a nesting spot.
  15. These are so romantic, but I'm afraid it's all a bit wasted on WX.