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  1. I think Charlie is using the survivors as pawns, either to free her from Their influence, or to destroy the only real threat to her. If Charlie created the suspicious marble statues, then she probably wanted the players to get the shadow atrium and revive the Fuelweaver. I think she needed to have the players weaken him before finishing him off, not out of her own benevolence, but because he's too powerful for her to kill outright (he clearly has great power over the shadows. Potentially more so than Maxwell or even Charlie). It may seem like she's trying to help the players by killing him, but I wouldn't say she's being all that altruistic considering she was the one who led us to the atrium and the Weaver sounds like he's trying to protect us. Maybe she just wants to get him to activate the portal so that she can draw power from the shadows that come through...
  2. The current version is broken, but there's a fixed version uploaded to the workshop.
  3. Metheus could be a reference to Prometheus. Basically whoever stole the nightmare fuel from Them.
  4. Fixed that for you
  5. No problem I was mostly envisioning it as an added boon if you want even more nightmare fuel. You'd still use a nightmare amulet, but get a few extra nightmares from the fissures. I'd say if Bernie came to life during the nightmare cycle it could be balanced, mostly because it would make him more vulnerable when left unattended in the ruins. That and the RNG of the fissures you mentioned; i.e. finding a few clumped together so that they give enough of a benefit. At the very least I believe that this tweak would be beneficial to some degree, without being 'overpowered'.
  6. I think one answer to the complaint that Willow is severely underpowered would be to buff Bernie so that he can distract nightmare creatures as well as shadow creatures. Although Willow can currently be very effective at farming nightmare fuel (as shown by @Mantas in another topic), the argument can be made that this is not enough to put her on the same level as other characters due to her drawbacks. I think that allowing Bernie to be used to farm nightmare fuel in the ruins would be quite balanced, seeing as the cost of bernies/sewing kits and the dangers of freezing due to low sanity from the dark and nightmares are prohibitive enough. Additionally, this tweak would synergise well with the seldom used night light; i.e. the one character who can actually get a positive use out of it would be able to amass enough fuel that it wouldn't be a considerable drain on resources.
  7. Well I don't think anyone is saying that we should laud Mantas simply for the fact that he posted something. Some people were critical of the idea, but backed it with reason. However, a lot of the people posting here were downright insulting, calling his idea "embarrassing" and outright saying he didn't know how to play the game because they didn't understand it properly (etc.). Yeah other characters may be better at fighting shadow creatures, but that actually adds to Mantas' system. Wolfgang is better at dealing damage to shadows, while Maxwell it better at staying insane, but they can both become better with the help of Willow. What I'm taking away from this thread are ideas that make a character I honestly haven't touched in DST seem a lot more fun and useful.
  8. Oh cool, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for clearing that up!
  9. I'd imagine you'd use 10 bernies to make sure you can deal with a large swarm of shadow monsters without having them clump up together like in the video that was posted earlier; i.e. being insane during the nightmare cycle in the ruins
  10. Disclaimer: From what I know Mantas almost exclusively plays Willow so I'm sure that counts as extensive testing
  11. @Mantas I haven't played around with the Bee Queen crown too much, but would Willow's sanity regen from a nightlight stack up to +13/min when wearing one? I'll test it out myself this weekend, but I think if you built a few nightlights close to each other and summoned a star in the centre then you could have a pretty powerful Willow exclusive sanity station. It all depends on what stacks and what doesn't though. If it works you could easily get up to +87/min sanity from only four nightlights and a single star caller use.
  12. I think that the bundling wrap should slow down spoilage, but not halt it entirely. I even wouldn't mind if it preserved food more effectively than the fridge/Chester/insulated pack, so long as the effect is stackable (i.e. Putting it in a fridge would double the spoilage time of the bundle).
  13. @Trenix I wasn't suggesting that all of @Ecu's arguments are valid or that they are based on anything other than personal opinion. I was merely stating the benefit of constructive dialogue over a univocal opinion. There many places where I would disagree with him (survival mode as the intended gameplay mode for example) and there are places where I would disagree with you. That is not to say that I can't find merit in the criticisms or ideas that either of you provide. Anyway, I believe that world regrowth should take place and apply to many of the prefabs that currently lack a similar system. The main reason I give for this is not to spoonfeed the player, but to prevent the world from going barren, making it feel devoid of content and ultimately bore the player from repetitiveness. I would like to see this implemented in a manner which improves on the semi-broken disease system by allowing it to randomly wipe out a single resource variant in a single season, while reintroducing it back into the world at some point the following year.
  14. Treeguards are you best friend. Their agro can easily be dealt with early on by planting pine cones or simply getting them to attack other mobs. Lead a treeguard to your hound mounds or a pig village to set up an early automated meat grinder. Having trouble dealing with seasonal giants? Let your your friendly neighbourhood treeguards take care of it.