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  1. I'd have to test them against MacTusk and tallbirds, but two shadow duelists can easily solo a Koalephant (or a lone beefalo). The advantage against Koalefants (as @Tumalu pointed out) is that a Koalefant won't run away from minions. They can even take down a Ewecus, but this requires more involvement from the player. So long as you constantly draw the Ewecus' agro, or keep it panicking, the duelists' health regen should outpace the damage that can be dealt to them. One option is the firestaff/fire darts to keep her panicking, but this won't always be viable as you can't control where a Ewecus will show up. Sleep darts seem to be the best option as they can be used to constantly draw the Ewecus' agro, while having the added bonus of delaying the Ewecus' attack for a few seconds after every fourth dart (I've tried this with the ice staff, but it doesn't work as well). A better player might be able to take advantage of the Ewecus running away to cycle through disengaging and reengaging in order to allow the duelists time to heal. In addition, one combo that I want to play around with more is shadow duelists and the tail o' three cats. The whip's increased range and the 1 in 4/5 chance to stun could synergize well with duelist combat. EDIT: Duelists versus buzzards would be a good way to farm jet feathers for sleep darts.
  2. I've needed rose Wickerbottom in my life for as long as I can remember...
  3. I've recently been playing Maxwell more, and wanted to start a discussion on his Shadow Duelists and the things they're actually able to do well. I realize that Maxwell's strengths lie with his ability to gather resources quickly, but I want to explore what can actually be done with his less useful minions. Given their kiting and squishy nature, they're ill suited to fighting either groups of mobs or bosses. The use that I've found so far are: Keeping Maxwell's sanity below the threshold for shadow monsters spawning. Probably their best known use, this allows Maxwell to farm nightmare fuel indefinitely. Early game butterfly wing farming. Like Abigail, Shadow Duelists can easily chase down butterflies, giving Maxwell slightly easier access to butterfly wings and butter muffins as early game healing items. This quickly becomes outclassed by any character with a walking cane or magiluminescence. The one late game use that I can think of for this would be to combine this with number 1 and have your minions farm wings while you farm fuel, making sure you can quickly heal in between bouts with shadow creatures. Farming volt goats and electric milk. Due to their lack of a herd mentality, volt goats can easily be taken down by a pair of Duelists without any help from Maxwell. If you want to get electric milk, make sure to keep track of the number of times your duelists have hit a particular goat so you know when to charge it with an electric dart. You can one-shot a goat if you shoot the dart when it's been hit 16-17 times, though you might be able to get away with 14-15. Charging the goat too soon will end in it completely decimating your minions. Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any other ideas.
  4. I just double checked and you're completely right. This is a rather underwhelming perk tbh.
  5. Okay so a morsel is worth 12.5 hunger points, and therefore half a day's worth of loyalty. Does Woodie's perk add 50% of that value, some other percentage, or a fixed value regardless? Also, where is the "polite" perk stored? Edit: reread what you wrote. Sorry I missed what you said about maximum follow time. Damn tired college brain. I'd still like to know where the polite perk is stored though.
  6. Well in that case you'd just need to wait until the loyalty timer runs out for a follower before giving them another item. If the wiki is correct, then giving a pig a morsel will turn it into a follower for an entire day (8 mins), rather than half a day (4 mins). Therefore, 5 morsels would net a single pig follower for 2.5 days for any other character, 3 days for Woodie (if he gives them all at once), or 5 days (if he waits for the timer to reset).
  7. Maxwell & Wendy: a summoner duo that can quickly amass large quantities of resources; Maxwell covers the basic materials, while Wendy can reap large amounts of silk, food and healing items. They are both capable nightmare fuel farmers, and given their drawbacks, they both get great benefits from domesticating ornery beefalo. Of course, their synergy could always be improved by adding a Wickerbottom to mass produce twigs, grass, crops, etc.
  8. I think this could be a really fun way to get the community invested in the skins that are coming out. I think in terms of fairness it could be cool to be given a template that people would then draw over. Say if the topic was a character skin set, then the devs could release a template image with an outline of each character to help maintain proportions. This would also mean that anybody who isn't comfortable with digital art could easily get involved by printing off the template and tracing over it. The winner would probably have to be redrawn to fit in with the other skins anyway. I've been itching to draw some Ancient inspired character skins, so I hope this becomes a thing...
  9. On the last stream they were saying that the store has been down partly because they've been transferring all their merch to a new location. I'd say they should have it sorted fairly soon though.
  10. I think players often overlook the amount of content that we've gotten for free from Klei. As someone who bought Don't Starve for something like €2 (not including the DLC) in a Steam Sale years ago, it's pretty impressive that I've since gotten DST and all the ANR content without having to pay anything else. China presents a massive market and source of additional revenue for Klei, which is probably what has allowed them to keep producing new DS content for as long as they have. If this means that Klei wants to reward Tencent players with exclusive skins for their support, I completely understand (though I'd be much more in favour of them being timed exclusives).
  11. Bruh nice title.

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      How did that even happen??? :o

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      How did that even happen??? :o

      Same honestly.

  12. JoeW has taken heed.
  13. @Zeklo I was just about to post the same thing!
  14. So basically, as long as you have access to a surplus of nightmare fuel and living logs, you can farm gems until you run out of deer antlers? That sounds pretty handy for making life giving amulets in winter only worlds, particularly those without caves enabled. It's a niche trick, but extremely valuable within that niche.
  15. Maybe Woodie wanted to avoid the innuendo of describing it by its horn... or more likely cause it's a typo. I'd say the cave stalker originally dropped it, but it was changed to the guardian to make it less repetitive. I mean, fighting a boss in order to fight a slightly harder version of the same boss seems a little bit tedious.