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      On this week's Rhymes with Play episode, our team will be playing and discussing content that we are currently developing for the upcoming Oxygen Not Included update. As always the live stream will be going live on Thursday (July 27) at 3:30 PM Pacific / 10:30 PM UTC only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast on Twitch. NOTE: As Oxygen Not Included is still in active development, content shown on Rhymes with Play streams may change before going live on Steam Early Access. Where is it?
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  1. New Wiki

    @Deiaa that's not what I meant. I don't have an account for either, but when I try to go on gamepedia on my phone's browser there's a strong chance that it will randomly redirect me through several sites and end up on a phishing page. This is without clicking on anything. At times the problem is so bad that it makes the site practically unusable. I just wanted to go on record and say that wikia is actually a lot more stable and useable If you're using a mobile web browser.
  2. New Wiki

    I'm not sure if I'm in the minority here, but the ads on gamepedia are much worse for me. If I ever go to any gamepedia pages on mobile, there's a strong chance I'll be redirected through a number of scam pop up ads.
  3. Yes. All of this. I'm on a long bus ride home from work, so prepare for a brain dump: • Maybe make a sconce item and make it so that you can "socket" walls into it to create the different versions; i.e. Just borrow the moon lens code for simplicity. • I'd love if it retained the skin on the item I give to it, but I know that might be a bit trickier to do. • It'd be cool if you could relight the ensconced torch and have it last for maybe a day or too (but keep the light radius small for balance). This could be done with a torch, lighter or firestaff. • You could roleplay as a malevolent host on a lights out server (with Willow disabled). Set up up a series of wall sconces that lead your guests to an area where they will be supplied with twigs, pine cones and flint... but no grass. Force them to entertain you in exchange for necessities. You can basically already do this (with moggles, firepits and a firestaff), but it's that much more sinister with spooky ensconced torches. • If you explore other stuff like the weapons rack, as a Wicker/Maxwell main I would love you forever if you implemented bookshelves. • I made a suggestion before about using the winter feast tree code to make it so you can place trinkets and other items on end tables. I'd say you could use this code to save you a lot of hassle too.
  4. Oh I wouldn't call it an alternative or something to aim for. There's already enough of an incentive to kill the fuel weaver, so it's probably something that most players will do eventually when playing on a server for long enough. The thurible isn't something to aim for, it just makes farming wood and living logs slightly less tedious whenever you get it. You only get one Bearger a year, whereas you can use the Stalker in the caves indefinitely (if you have enough fuel that is).
  5. Then mod those things in. I'm sure you're not the only person who would appreciate a hard mode mod in this vein. I understand that the Unnatural Selection team might be doing something similar, but if you would rather spearhead your own hard mode mod then by all means go ahead. It's possible that the devs could implement something like this, but I wouldn't hold out hope for it.
  6. I mostly agree with this with a few caveats: after mastering the more efficient methods, it is okay to go back and experiment with other options like farm plots (rabbit traps... not so much). I agree that everyone should try to master this game, but I also think that after that they should play whichever way is most fun for them. I'm actually quite happy with a the skins and other cosmetic items. One of the initial things that made me fall in love with Don't Starve was its art, so I'm always happy to have more of it. I will say that I wish pets actually had some tiny benefit to them. Seriously, since their implementation I haven't used them once. If they provided a minuscule buff while they weren't hungry I'd be more likely to use them. I'd argue that beefalo taming is a lot more worthwhile for Wendy and Maxwell, given their cons. At least the shadow thurible offers a late-game alternative for farming wood. On the matter of the refine recipes, have you ever played around with the Lazy Furnace mod? I'd say you could easily implement a similar mod for boards, rope and cut stone: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=875994715
  7. What would these dangers be? Would you want mobs to have more health? deal more damage? Have more spawn points or more frequent and dangerous waves? Maybe a mod which disables sewing kits so there's more of an incentive to go out and gather needed resources. You could tune hunger drain, reduce food drops or otherwise make food scarce. These are all things that could maybe give you the harsher survival experience you want and it would only take a bit of coding work to implement.
  8. Many of the items that you've complained about actually have uses in Together that didn't exist it DS. The rain hat is useful for Wickerbottom if someone else got the eyebrella and you want to use the end is nigh. So long as you learn to play without a backpack, most of the chest items become more useful too; e.g. the rain coat is better suited to WX then any other rain item. Finding uses for these items, and experimenting with the game is one thing that more players should be doing. For instance, I've recently been experimenting with turning magma pools into automated cooked meat and hounds tooth factories. I think a lot of the gripes you have with the game could easily be solved with messing around with the world settings and adding in a mod to implement the food changes you suggested. If you're irked by disease then turn it off. If you want to balance the bird cage and other food sources the way you said, I know that you're a very competent modder.
  9. Nah, I believe criticism is always welcome so long as it's backed up with a suggestion. I agree with @EuedeAdodooedoe.@_Q_, how would you like to see your criticisms improved upon?
  10. @_Q_ what would you like to see change to improve it? I know that a lot of the new content (save for Antlion) has been focused on adding optional gameplay which is intended to be fun for groups of people. If you wanted harsher content that actively seeks you out and tries to destroy you, I feel like that is something that would be much more likely to be implemented into single player than Together. DS suits the whole Rogue-like(like) genre a lot better than DST. I know that the Devs have recently commented on Youtube saying that they're exploring new content for DS, so hopefully they bring implement some more challenging game modes there.
  11. If you want to do more science you could always test what their max agro range is. I think birds don't land on broken walls, so you could probably experiment with making a few rows of them at the right distance. Hound mound hounds tend to stay near their mounds so long as they're not agroed on something, so if you can prevent birds spawning nearby, then you should theoretically be able to stop them from running into your base.
  12. The chance of getting a particular gem from a stalagmite is at best 5%, so I'd say that's not really the most method. I'm not saying hound mounds are necessarily better in this role, just that stalagmites aren't strictly the best option either. The one advantage that hound mounds do have over a Varg pen is that they don't require the same level of effort to set up. They just exist. Red gems are always invaluable as they allow you to stock up on life giving amulets (for yourself and the other people on the server). Again, if this was a solo world it would entirely depend on you as a player. Chilled amulets are portable endothermic fires, while ice staffs have their own niche uses. If you're playing as WX, then red and purple gems are some of the most valuable resources in the game.
  13. If you spend most of your time in the caves and missed out on teeth from early hound waves, then hound mounds will help you stock up. If you spend most of your time above ground, then hound mounds can help supplement your supply of red and blue gems. I don't see why someone would argue that the Dragonfly is an alternative, give that you'll only get two red/blue gems and you can only fight it every twenty days. Running through hound mounds isn't as hard as some people make it sound, I've only ever had issues when I've tried to bring followers past. If you want to clear out the boulders then find a tanky mob to distract the hounds while you mine. I'd actively encourage anyone who hasn't tried camping nearby to give it a go, as they're part of what makes the dessert one of the best places to build a base. Try setting up some bunny hutches and a flingo nearby if you want a tooth/gem auto farm. Don't want the excess teeth? Give them to a lureplant or try playing Wicker and investing in blow darts.
  14. I'm more inclined to agree with bunny hutches because people aren't going to really waste the bunny puffs, whereas pigskin can easily get used up on helms and hambats. Not to mention they're usually quite spread out/not that useful in their original locations, and are more efficient to farm when they're clumped up. I'd rather that spider forest pig houses get left where they are as they give easy and efficient access to Werepigs for anyone joining. Hammering one house is equivalent to killing two Werepigs so I don't see any reason to hammer them unless I'm playing on a solo world and want to quickly build a pig farm. I think lone pig houses away from the pig villages/spiders could be more of a grey area.