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      Oxygen Not Included - Early Access Coming May 18   05/03/2017

      Oxygen Not Included Entering Early Access First off, we would like to extend a major thanks for the amazing community response to the Oxygen Not Included Alpha. When we released the game on the forums we'd hoped for a few dozen people to try it out and give feedback, but instead over a hundred thousand of you played the game. This was the best surprise we could have received. We're now excited to announce that Oxygen Not Included will be entering Steam Early Access on May 18th. It will cost $24.99, and anyone who owns an existing Klei game on Steam will receive a 20% loyalty discount. Players who purchased Oxygen Not Included in Alpha will not need to purchase the game again. Upcoming Agricultural Upgrade Additionally, we have been working with a handful of dedicated members of the community over the last few weeks to test an experimental build branch in preparation for Early Access. These players have been working with us to provide feedback on the new Agricultural Update content, and we're happy to say it's now in a place where we are ready to share with you all. It will be released on May 18th along with Early Access. Join us on the livestream!
      We'll be showing off the Agricultural Upgrade today at 3:30PDT! Come check us out on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/kleientertainment
        Check out the official post for more details!


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  1. Reading your post was wild ride from start to finish.
  2. Also dupes can walk freely in flooded battery room.
  3. Yup, numbers arent convinient way to figure pressure. Overlay would be nice.
  4. Working batteries constantly increase nearby gas temperature. Im curious, is there any limit of heat that battery/other stuff can stand? If yes whats happening then.
  5. To be fair it should have exact same size like amount of water its storing would have. The advantage could be treating it as construction so dupes can walk beside it, can be placed inside base etc...
  6. Just add stress module. During lash out they will break themselfs.
  7. More realism sounds good on paper but there is point at which its damaging gameplay. However deletion of magical matter adding/removal would be nice, thats without doubt. Lets hope its just limitations of alpha.
  8. Well currently I find hard to imagine real robots applications. Main advantage of robot is usually automating certain jobs, but arent duplicants kind of robots in that case? They automatically do tasks basing on conditions and settings. I see 2 possibilites: jobs too dangerous for duplicants and as way to reduce usage of oxygen. Would need balancing tho. Maybe drones rather than robots? One way to balance it would be usage of steam bots rather then electrical. You have your bot but wasting important resource while using it. Becouse energy is rather easy to produce in current build.
  9. None of this makes any sense and I doubt you even tried to read with understanding anything I wrote. If I wanted to play warframe I would play warframe. Klei games are very popular if you didnt noticed. I feel a bit like talking with deaf...You can use arguments but he still talks same thing over an over. Well, hard to talk like this. Bye.
  10. Also keep in mind that thoose "clothes" was added at very end of game development. After all patches, mod support, 3 big dlcs and such. So ye, like this there cant be harm. After all important stuff is done why not. On other hand why would you even pay for this if mods are avaible. Not like you are playing on console or something.
  11. Doubt its priority becouse he had both ""Relaxing" and "Sleeping" states.
  12. Doesnt matter as long as it adds something valuable to game. Which crates certainly doesnt. To be fair they added something like clothes and crate items to ds together (not avaible for real money tho).
  13. To achieve such thing In final version of dont starve you would need to play way longer that you claim to play dont starve at all. And its way bigger amount of gameplay hours then provided by many today games. If you really like game you can also play in other fashion ( like no base run, yes its possible and very satysfaing). Then you can install some of many good mods and change gameplay tremendously for another run. Its more than enough. Not even mentioning big dlcs like shipwrecked or giants which are another reasons to play game again. Well,yeah... Time that they spend on incorporating it is time that could be spend of improving game, making dlc etc.. Look above. Expansion dlc is good dev way to make money. Not crates. Lets clarify: YOU will leave it like a condom if you so desire. If that game receive same amount of support like dont starve I wont. And Im certainly not alone.