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  1. It reminds me of those old horror movie posters, ya know? Looks really cool!
  2. My dear sensei, @Ninjanemo, inspired me to hone my skills and do his challenge of 100 *insert DS character here* per day. Time to have 100 Wilsons per day again! So, here follows Wilson #001, a very simple, basic, vanilla Wilson: Being a super Saiyan.
  3. Aww man, we can't choose more than one?
  4. Where you at, bro?

  5. Wilson #025: He's as invisible as a spy's shadow!
  6. Oh boy, I drew 3, is that breaking the rules?
  7. I doubt it. They're kind o acting like it doesn't exist. "Ignore the error and it might just go away, guy!"
  8. It's also that in the Brazilian Portuguese version, but searching for that strangely brought me weird results and CP30 got me the real deal
  9. Be thankful, it used to look like a body sack 0-0
  10. I've been pondering about this for a while. Wouldn't it be cool if the forums had more badges? The only badges it has as far as I know are the Chester Plushie Supporter badges, the Modder badge and the Featured Artist badge. The Chester Plushie Supporter badges aren't obtainable anymore and the Modder badges don't seem to be given away anymore, meaning we can only get the Featured Artist badge currently. Looking at the Chucklefih forums, they have an incredibly long list full of some really nice badges, be it community, artist, rp or modder related, and they incentivate people to always be awesome to get those cool shinies! Now there's a problem, what if a user gets way too many badges and they start taking way too much space? Well, maybe only a few would show in posts and the rest would show in a tab you can open when clicking "all badges" like in the Chucklefish forums? It would be nice if you could choose the badges you want to show as well. I also miss the banners, from DS beta, U&A and HitD. Maybe users that make big mods/mod collabs could get some new banners too? Could the people that participated in the ONI subforums get an ONI banner once it's released? These are just a bunch of ideas of mine, and while it would be really cool if they became a thing, I'm aware everyone from Klei is really busy and probably won't have time to implement any of this, at least, not so soon. Plus, there is the fact IPS probably doesn't ully support this and it might require extra eddort and code from Klei's part. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  11. You'll get the full game. It says so in the FAQ.
  12. Wait, what kind of conflicts? Afaik Maxwell and Wilson built it, but almost instantly it was destroyed and replaced by Charlie. How the chars used it for so long in-game? ... Alternate universes, yes, that.
  13. I do that too. It makes things feel more complete, I dunno.
  14. Wilson #024: He just woke up with Wes' makeup. Poor dude, who knew Wendy and Webber were such pranksters?
  15. They probably don't write it on the go as that'd make things much harder. Whenever you want to implement something new you end up having to re-read your lore to check if the new stuff you want to add won't conflict with the old stuff.
  16. Nowadays I seriously wonder if Klei is actually doing that on purpose just to hype us further.
  17. Klei released a link to http://playhotlava.com some minutes ago on their Twitter, and I couldn't help but share it. Waste no time and register! Every minute counts! It's worth reminding that the beta probably won't be given to everyone who signs up, but only to a certain number of registered people Good luck to everyone that registers, and remember! Do NOT touch the floor! #DontFloor #WaterNotIncluded
  18. Thanks! Already added
  19. I'm not gonna be able to be there today, but I wish you the best stream, Jouste! Hope you get around to drawing Sea Fysh LOL
  20. Wilson #023: S U N G L A S S E S
  21. There's a difference between a few pranks here and there and actual griefing. Although blocking the portal with walls/spider dens is griefing in my book, I'll leave this thread around for the other small jokes/pranks people played with their friends and unsuspecting players (that I hope they later apologized to). If this does start to only bring griefing/troll replies though, I'll take proper actions. If another mod disagrees with me on this, that's fine. This is just my stance and I might be wrong. I'm only human.
  22. Klei has no current plans to port SW to DST, but this mod is trying to do it:
  23. I assume they didn't make a sub-category for TU since it's not a DLC or anything major like that, but just a big update they wanted us to help test out before it's released. There are quite a few thread out there that help you fix errors, but I got what you mean. A technical issues megathread, with the devs constantly helping out, right? Would be pretty nice, but I don't know if Klei has the time to keep track of a thread like that. All old updates are moved to the Developer Log forums. They used to be all pinned but I have stopped pinning them since they're mostly hotfixes for a beta content update, so I kinda left that for Cheerio, and he only chose to leave two of those pinned. I'll likely start pinning the latest updates again once TU is out of beta.