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  1. That thing reminds me of the abridged series of that anime which is really funny. It gave me the FORGET BEAM joke.
  2. Wilson #084: Wilsontrio, a pokémon from the 8th gen.
  3. She said it's Starvitis!!
  4. And that's why they don't use nightmare fuel as seasoning anymore.
  5. Oh wow, that mecha is top notch dude, everything on it i awesome 0-0
  6. That dupe reminds me of Marceline! :0
  7. Wilson #083 I was like this too just two days ago and only now am feeling better. Maybe Wilson got it from me?
  8. Just leaving a reminder to stay on topic and to respect each other. I don't want to lock this thread, so as long as civil discussion can be maintained I won't have to do it.
  9. The pod skin is not confirmed to come with the gift. There's no official game list yet, but if you have all games from the best of Klei bundle you're good to go. DLCs and OSTs aren't necessary.
  10. I am just as confused about the throne thing my dudes, it ruined my lore for US and I'll prob have to make it an AU ;__;

    1. minespatch


      Klei could solve this in two different ways:

      1. Do what NEverhood did and make a giant wall in the game telling the background on the lore
      2. Make a cinematic explaining how Maxwell and the time discrepancy worked.

      I kind of figured that characters have this thing where time resets once a character is on the throne but we'll just have to wait and see.

  11. Rose skins.
  12. That gif perfectly describes it.
  13. I think the cheapest you can expect it to become is $20 tbh