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  1. Currently, yes.
  2. You're using a 32-bits system, correct? ONI is currently only available for 64-bit systems, sorry. Let's hope Klei updates this soon, though!
  3. @Moonkis is making a strings tool for ONI, if he updates it to allow every in-game string we could already start translating with it!
  4. Thank you for the report. Would you please post this in the Oxygen Not Included Bug Tracker?
  5. Also Brazilian, also would love to help translate the game, though Klei's modus operandi for translation for PC games has usually been: Release Game > Release (Language) Mod Support > Support Community Translations The translations are normally done alone, but I'm definitely not against making a Brazilian translation group, I'd love to be of help!
  6. Where you at, Thaumic?

  7. Welp, you heard the man, Klei! Could you guys also add some sideburns while you're at it?
  8. That's super cute! Lovely art! Welcome to the forums
  9. No problem! Thanks for tagging me.
  10. That thing looks terrifyingly awesome!
  11. Never used those three, but I'll trust you on this one.