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  1. In your mod files inside dont_starve. If you still need help, the Tutorials & Guides section in Don't Starve Mods and Tools has a how-to.
  2. Man, if your writing skills are even better than your art skills then they must be amazing 0-0
  3. What a grand scheme to steal all our money! The monsters...
  4. Moved to Suggestions and Feedback.
  5. The latest hotfix only had 1 fix! 0-0
  6. Just drop that recorder down a flight of stairs, add some Vocoder effects and BOOM! Webber's voice.
  7. "It shines and sparkles like a star! WARNING: Does not actually shine and sparkle."
  8. Toni. All of them are dropped for free, you only pay if you want too. But the part that will use it is quite happy with the addition, I believe. I think they're lowly but surely releasing stuff. I don't think we'll have actual content release in a while, but maybe some tweaks regarding gamemodes and in-game items functions.
  9. Indeed, but I don't remember which now. It was a recent thread regarding Survivor Wilson and how he'd appear to be blindfolded.
  10. Those monsters...
  11. @jouste Thanks for the new profile picture, man! :D

    1. minespatch


      Is that your forum persona?

    2. ImDaMisterL


      Nah, that's just how he personificates my username.

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Though it could very well be that too.

      At times, a shadow watcher, at others, a superhero

  12. Thing is, mods can usually get released well with re-used songs and sounds. Not that US will do the same, we already got a musician and... wait, do we have a sound guy? I'll have to ask around to see who has the squeakiest door.
  13. I locked this since there's already a thread for this and a link has already been left to it by Chris1488. All we can do now is wait, as that's outside of Klei's control.
  14. rip