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  1. Nadas realizes Trevor was asleep. She ***** her head to the side "Oh." she took the chance to inspect his leg wound, kneeling before him and humming in contemplation. "Hmm... This is one suffered some serious blood loss, and the cut is deep... Can't do much with what I have-- which is nothing-- but it needs to be cauterized immediately... I have no--" she stopped, tracing off for a moment. Otto was recently playing with some sort of fire pit of sorts, was he? If so, then she could use that fire to... She snapped her fingers then. "I wonder if anyone has a knife... O-or, flint..."
  2. In the midst of the darkness, Trevor suddenly sees Nadas standing beside him, apparently inspecting him from her position, and she blinks idly. "How is your injury?"
  3. my fav apparel how dare you ridicule it
  4. basetracking initiated
  5. got stuck for like 20 seconds staring at this animation before realising I was stuck for like 20 seconds staring at this animation. this is so cool
  6. "Fine, I'll go by this charade-- Not that I'm already in danger anyway." he huffed and rolled his eyes from one side to the other. After that, the dragon stepped onto the house's front porch. That house was exactly like the one he had at home. That was getting even stranger. He shrugged that thought off and simply opened the front door to get inside, hoping he'd find some comfort in an oddly familiar place.
  7. fun times
  8. my first question to the puzzle was: where are the memes you. you saved us
  9. Ban destros for having an extra "09" after his name
  10. ban destros for having only pupils
  11. the tAIL is larger and thiccer than his own damn body tail goals
  12. Crap, a purple dragon. Okay. And we're talking about an adult dragon-- Damn, I need to impress... Time to sharpen my claws and fangs because it's going to be a bloody fight to gain respect and acceptance in the family. ... What do you mean you don't follow the old traditions? Oh... btw happy birthday! God I keep forgetting birthdays
  13. Astor decided to head off after some quick goodbyes, the whole situation being still quite confusing to him, especially since he could swear he had seen this before somewhere. Oh well. His search for the half-dragon person was not entirely what he expected since in the way he found a house that apparently was there for him. "Sure, I mean... What's to suspect about this?" he approached the door of his home, making sure it was actually designated for him by checking if it had a name or label on it.
  14. Girl the expressions you make are simply fuggin delicious the natural position of poses, the knowledge in anatomy just kill me now because I can't be as good as this ur my waifu