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  1. Usually in a build 219330 they fix this problem and now you didn't need to build two power transformers one after another! Hope I was fast enought to warning you about this.
  2. As I can see they fix this issue now, and power transformers wont waste power in your power net, so guys it's didn't need any more to place two power transformers one after another.
  3. Yes, but there is no animation, but yeah it will be much easy, thanks!
  4. Thank you Some people have much bigger bases with 100 dups, hehehe. BTW I can create movie about how to operate with air circulation on base, and how to remove chlorine/natural gas/CO2/hydrogen/polluted oxygen (w/o sand), interesting?
  5. Наверное да, введут. Но вообще радий это такой элемент которого практически и нет на земле как и в ONI.
  6. When dupe eating stuffed berry he have happy face icon on him - is it only icon or someting more than just icon?
  7. It's nice, but pointless while we have abyssalite pipes there is no need to cooldown water in gaiser, just directly connect them into your buildings.
  8. Video was about how food go in the fridges. Dupes don't care what temperature of water will be in the shower, they care only about gases/liquids/tiles temperature they step.
  9. I can't explain it w/o video, so... it's because some of them not eat all food from the fridge. All fine. They fill happiness.
  10. but it's realy true, cose I know how it's hard and if you fill fun and you think you poke some one by this title it's not mean I feel the same, cose I'm not you. here is the screen where I belive you will see that I know how it's hard....
  11. The output will be just fine, it won't be 90 dergee food or oxygen.
  12. QuantumPion here you go, tell me is it help you?
  13. ok, well. I'll show you some thing in couple minutes - ok? just wait, hehehe
  14. IC, you've made liquid pipes from wolframite and cool down the water in it, so now I get it. ok can you tell me - why do you need it for? What for do you use 26 degree water? where?
  15. QuantumPion can you tell me, why do you need to cool down water from the gaiser? Is just for experiment or you need it for some thing?
  16. Ok, but why do you use water heat capacity then multiply it on 150g/s of some gase then multiply it on degrees and then divide on wheeze numbers and after all you've got watts? hahaha
  17. Is it possible to use water in wheeze? So you just place wheeze in liquid and it's working?
  18. So here is the answer on question about how to make more than 2 kg pressure of gases in one tile and is it good to use hydrogen for liquefaction.
  19. Well I use it, all fine with it. I'll show you in 10 mins.