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  1. Little test with lamps made from raw metals with can be found in the game without any melting or refining. Hope you understand that this test was made in close area, with is very important. And it's just test so it is what it is. Test started at 71,8 - 71,9C in nine oxygen tiles areas where we have 1 kg/tile pressure and lamps have 71,9C themperature too, let's see how fast they heat up oxygen around them and how fast they will burnout.
  2. Em, click here
  3. Ok, new update is ready, so my task not over yet.
  4. Here is the task: before you'll go bed set up maximum speed and if at the morning your colony still working and all fine the game is over until next patch.
  5. Oh, 7.9 is the maximum, now I get on my screen, I just read it. Well, you right. It's good one.
  6. Em, no... it's just 7,7. I suppose 10.0 is the maximum so IDK, it's like little more than normal performance?
  7. Eh, well, you can paint some hydrogen, I know Iknow, it will be little cheat. But, eh, it's so little cheat, no one will know about this. Do you know how to use debugger to paint some little portion of hydrogen?
  8. I had bug in previous version, when I deconstructed valve and build pipe on that place, this pipe pressure was like in valve, so I solved this problem by evaiding that area.
  9. Dubs should come and set your valve by your command, I mean not construct, I mean exactly set it up. If there will be no destination - it won't work on your set up, so dubs should come and make new setup, I'll show you how it's work:
  10. Vilda, how did you found so many gaisers in one place by your cat eyes, hehehe? Did you dig it out, or it was in open area?
  11. Well I suppose Gonzoen expect it, or how can we explain parallel cables on those screenshots, hehehe.
  12. Some people know about Ohm's law and they expect they will have less internal cables resistance if you have 2 parralel cables you can connect twice more consumers to it. But it's not working now. Have you found SonyVegas and Fraps?
  13. Better to Fuse it with Dig or Die. If you didn't saw dig or die you have to see it on youtube, prety nice game, I over it 5 times and last time was on brutal mode.
  14. Once I removed the back cover from my old TV, and feel the same.
  15. Well, we don't have so much distances so there will be not much power loss and even so this can be solved by placing some parametrs in cabels like cables from copper could provide 2000W from Iron 1000W from Gold Amalgalm 1500W from, and from Wolframite 750W, something like that, Or we can even use Internal raw metal resistance, but we have to use Ohm's law, it's very very very important, or it will be realy sad w/o that.
  16. Hehehe, in real life we have power stations and it Mega Watts power source, and if there will be voltage like 220 V the cables will be melted by Amperage, even if we have 2.000.000 watts from power source there will be 2.000.000/220= 9090 Amperage - instant cables evaporation. So we have to use more Voltage like 10kV. So 2.000.000/10000=200 With is high too, and some times we have to use 110kV and 220kV near Moscow we have one line 550 kV, very crazy things happens around that line, hehehe. Ok, but to connet houses to this line we have to transform Voltage, because high voltage have high impulse and it can "jump over" air and walls easyly, even inside consumers like toster or fredge and those devices will burnout. In the game we don't have Mega watts power source and there is no long way like kilometers travel so we don't need transform Voltage.
  17. The power load should be calculated from the sources to the consumers, and should be calculated with parallel and mixed connections, for now it's calculated as serial connection from sources to the consumers with is wrong. If I use one cable and it's go to the left from source and second cable with is go to the right from source, it's mean I've paralel connection to the consumers with is mean those consumers have tier own cables and they have tier own circuits, for now it's like they have one circuit.
  18. I don't have video grabber card, so I use Fraps and SonyVegas.
  19. How to encrease medicine skill? If it will be 10+ is that mean dube can not get sick?
  20. Let's see formula of water H20 with is mean we have 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Ok. Let's see nuclear mass of those elements: 1. Hydrogen nuclear mass = 1 but we have two atoms of hydrogen, ok... so it will be 2. 2. Oxygen nuclear mass = 16 and we have one oxygen atom in water molecula. Now let's calculate proportion how much oxygen and hydrogen we will gain in % from water. Water = 2xHydrogen+1xOxygen; Hydrogen = 1, Oxygen = 16 Water = 2x1+1x16 Water = 18 nuclear mass, so water contents 2/18 of hydrogen and 16/18 of oxygen, let's see in % now: 2/18*100 = 0,(1)*100 = 11,(1)% of Hydrogen. 16/18*100 = 0,(8)*100 = 88,(8) of Oxygen. Ok. Now let's see how much water electrolizer consume every second, well it could be 333 or 666 or 1kg, so Our maximum of Hydrogen/Oxygen generation from one electrolizer could be 1000 g/s, so You have to place valve and set it up to 1 kg/s that will prevent your pump to work all the time in close area you have. But If you'll think about - what if I'll set up electrolizer in the middle of the base, and create my base in case where hydrogen will rase up by it's own and your pump will be under the roof of your base where it could collect that hydrogen and place it into generator. What do I need it for? Hehehe, all simple - your valve could be set up now at 112-120 g/s with is save your power becase your gas pump will eat like 5 times less power than it's for now when you didn't even have any valve and it's work like cursed. So you'll spent not 240W on your gas pump every second, but like 50W or some thing like that, and yeah, Klei solve this problem with valves, now not they not consume gases and work normally. (I'm russian, could be grammatical misstakes etc.)
  21. Lamps use 10w heater use 5w, and heater will stop working at 36C? em I right? So yeah, lamps will do more heat, and I think because of wattage and tier themperature limit, gold amalgm lamps could heat up to the 125C without repair.
  22. Do you wanna enter debug mode? I think we have post some where here on forum how to do that so I use it, let me see... it's here
  23. Well. I can show it on debug mode.