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  1. yeah! cause we totally dont want another sanity station mishap.... wait bone helm makes nightmare creatures not aggro? spamm wicker spam!!!!
  2. would be interesting but would make him a lot more tedious in late game builds, i do see how you guys would dislike randomness. Back in the day abby would come in randomly at dusk and during that time she could even kill wendy accidentally.
  3. im just trying to come up with something that relates more to his lore of being a scardy cat which is why most of the suggestions have been battle related even though he is a combat character. why cant you guys at least deal with a small bit of chance with a combat character you guys always show ways of getting rid of things that make other characters strong. Give him something that affects that aspect of his character. how about this he is slower around monsters. and this slow is based on the sanity aura field. he would still have his speed out of battle but it gets lost from negative aura. And bee queen crown will stop this effect.
  4. even if its not needed to defend everyone just does it anyway and from what ive seen alot of people put wendy on the low end of the character spectrum cause they cant deal with her attributes and they also either put her in the worst possible situation. which is why I put up a ridiculous scene that most other characters cant even touch without another way of doing so. it still happens a lot maybe you have that not so prevalent meat item of the gaurdian horn or maybe deerclops eye in your inventory so even being so so safe you forget those trigger as you rarely have them on you in their item forms. heck even now in dst bunnymen chase you for tallbird eggs even though they don't in standard. that or say you are picking up after your bunnymen while they are still alive and you accidentally pick up a meat or you have no meat in your inventory but because you walked past the houses the bunnys previously with meat they aggroed you without you knowing so you get destroyed even though at the time you were following the games logic of not having meat.
  5. just as everyone else I am just trying to show off and defend my character and show the strengths that she posseses over other choices. of course there is always smarter ways to clear everything. For instance in that video I didn't have to straight up confront the bunnymen using the only character that this scenario wouldn't be a death sentence for. I could have done the bunny befriend and turn them all or i could have lit their houses on fire to have the flingo freeze them all and just take them out 1 by 1. I was just showing off a strength that a lot of people tend to disregard showing off a scenario that you most likely wont live as any other character if played off the same way. And the thing is the scene I played out does happen a lot in standard gameplay where players are unaware they have meat on them and then proceed to get murdered. Even veterans end up dying in this fashion just cause of a slight mistake.
  6. i would like to see you do this with a wolfgang in the same exact scenario walls and all 1 helmet 1 darksword. and no befriending or freeze hax. cause I know there is a way to cheese anything with the ice flingo there
  7. i find it funny cause that argument is what i said in my wolfgang rebalance thread but everyone shoots it down cause they believe he isnt the 1 to be targeted. for a change. or that the stuff that i suggested would make him an annoying character to play. thus why it was in a suggestion thread. its supposed to make a spark on what can make a character more challenging to play.
  8. beefalos only start a new herd if the current 1 they are at is too large 2 was a baby and got relocated to a new area and grew up in that area away from its original herd and 3 was a fully domesticated beefalo that went feral those are the only ways to have a beefalo start up a new herd
  9. was going to say that each character is best at what they do and you should find whats best suited for you @Pyr0mrcow beat me to it for me wendy is the best as I really enjoy being able to mass murder everything with my sister.
  10. at least you said it b4 i did heh
  11. if you really want it that bad you can can add a mod into your server that adds the bell back into the game that doesnt mean you have to push for it to be added into the main branch
  12. dont starve together already has its version of the old bell and that is using the ancient skeleton sure it takes alot more work to get him but once you do you effictively got you tree clearing marble clearing and mass mob clearing entity (if you are in caves). so now there really is no need for the old bell as a utility item and if anything a full old bell wouldnt even kill a giant in dst. though yeah it would be nice to have a use for the discarded glommer flowers and wings over time other than just using them as a partially decent fuel source
  13. i have read what you said and im sorry if i cant figure out what the heck you have been trying to say as you have not directly said at all what his downside was until donke mand some interpretation of what you said i figured it out dont blame me for not trying to read as i just couldnt figure out what the heck you were saying tbh it needed to be more clear in what the hell you were trying to tell me have you ever fought with a beefalo before? it actually has a slower attack speed than a character on the ground there is no artificial lag at all ive already got what you think wilsons downside is and i think you are wrong just cause he is a basic character with nothing to note doesn't mean that is his downside thats what makes wilson as he is just as every other character has their quirks thats what makes him him
  14. That is actually really bad as darts even take the damage reduction all wendy needs is a ham bat and she is good to go