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  1. this is `1 of my favorites it was a hound fort inside the dragonfly arena
  2. that has happend to me a couple of times but instead it was the berry bushes and it was a point where the 9by 9 had 27 bushes all on top of eachother
  3. yeah go into a world spawn a few worms in and hide they will harvest up any random items some cases the lichen or other lesser berries in the ruins. you can also sometimes see a worm that has consumed a glow berry as they glow while they are tunneling along they kind of do their secondary animation where they basically come out of the ground and back into it whenever they are harvesting. which is why i think you can make worms become automatic harvesters if they are penned in with the item you want harvested.
  4. that basically means you are over imputing the movement rather than it being a bug... there is a lot of leeway between the animation and when you can stop holding the movement key. so that is more on your part rather than the games part.
  5. nope nothing that is mostly a problem on your end maybe sticky keys or just doing it wrong since i dont pop out when testing it
  6. for one dont really care about pvp... in fact the whole game used to be pvp back in the day back when pvp was the bog standard of every server.... this was in really early beta where a lot of things were different ghosts had a haunt meter requiring them to haunt things in order to stay alive before they completely died. and had to leave. tbh i feel there would have to bee too much change in order for pvp to be something relevant. and besides most of the player base doenst play pvp
  7. yeah that is kind of true... in the first phases of dst vultures would be a really strong food source since they would respawn every quarter of a day but then it got changed to about every 3 days. and then they just stop spawning to maybe it was that change that caused it
  8. never really had any problems with that... what you mentioned its a way to slowly creep out of a enemies range tested it a bit with random servers.... you just aren't doing it right..
  9. for one there is no need for anyone to be riding a beef for the max amount of ride time. and besides it resets the timer when you get off and on. if you actually cared about your beefalo alot of these factors you mentioned wouldn't even matter. here is the thing people tend to make beefalos for the novelty of it rather than its actual use. for any other character other than wendy or wes a beef would only be used for transport. also i would really like to know what you are doing for more than 12 minutes on a beef since you cant do normal resource or base stuff i could see some one fighting for that long but thats rare cause i even soloed df on my beef while waiting out the enrage cycles and he never bucked me off. @t1morino88eex
  10. not much in the way of dont starve stuff but still something hope you enjoy
  11. and you can also say good bye to any Abigail in your camp since as soon as a wendy gets any where near she will try to kill them.
  12. this was 1 of my favorites houndfort within the dragonfly
  13. yeah! cause we totally dont want another sanity station mishap.... wait bone helm makes nightmare creatures not aggro? spamm wicker spam!!!!
  14. would be interesting but would make him a lot more tedious in late game builds, i do see how you guys would dislike randomness. Back in the day abby would come in randomly at dusk and during that time she could even kill wendy accidentally.
  15. im just trying to come up with something that relates more to his lore of being a scardy cat which is why most of the suggestions have been battle related even though he is a combat character. why cant you guys at least deal with a small bit of chance with a combat character you guys always show ways of getting rid of things that make other characters strong. Give him something that affects that aspect of his character. how about this he is slower around monsters. and this slow is based on the sanity aura field. he would still have his speed out of battle but it gets lost from negative aura. And bee queen crown will stop this effect.