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  1. @V2C detection is a bit off since say if a wendy does die with a flower its cluttered with the other dropped items thus doesnt make a flower
  2. but instead nope the plant space is just a little less than standard flower planting with butterflies
  3. well an acceptable nerf would be so that we can still kinda make it but not the the extremes we used to like how the piles i shown in the video thats what i originally thought they meant when they said plant space
  4. should add "abby flowers dont degrade correctly when close together"
  5. @GiddyGuy kinda like the pig village flowers but tighter its pretty nice as it looks like a bouquet on the ground
  6. yeah i cant seem to get them in a line so this completely ruins the design aspect of this cant even have them next to eachother other wise they all go poof and dont even spawn the petals. im more looking at the 2 next to eachother would at least expect those to work but they dont turn. thus making it impossible to incorporate large gardens without much space
  7. you can already do that with bees i just want to know how close i can get them to spawn so i know how i can outline my base kinda like how matheus showed in his picture
  8. i just want my little picture of having a flower next to a dead wendy back just to add that little bit of innocence
  9. thats more of a form of greifing walking into a world to find nothing but evil flowers
  10. @StarmanNess what are those never heard of that if its not too popular shoudnt really affect changing the whole aspect of a character death to take that away just a simple little cute nod
  11. when did this change i looked through all the notes and saw nothing about this? i always saw it as a cute nod to the death of wendies the skeleton there with a flower beside it shows a bit of innocence. I kinda wish this came back just for the asthetics of it but now all i get to see is petals or rot if its a long death.
  12. leave on the ground and over time it breaks into petals now rather than turning into a flower
  13. it follows the same way of gaining and loseing domestication after domesticated just that now you have to actually keep an eye on it rather than tending to its needs you do have to kind of feed it a little bit for the ocassions it falls asleep too far away from the salt lick to be salted. that is usually the way it ends up undomesticating over time even if near a lick . so if you arent constantly on it i suggest you feed it at least a few twigs at the end of each day cause the way domestication works is if being ridden or having food in its belly every ten seconds it ticks up domestication. so if not riding and not near a lick and not fed it goes down by 1 and ramps up over time. this here is the best thread about domestication and i say should be stickied
  14. come on all bugs have to die right whether they are okay or not to have make up ya mind then you could just not report it... but that isnt the point of this response reason why it is sewable is cause it falls under the criteria of sewable objects 1 having durability and 2 not being an armor light or usuable hence why it can be sewn. if we are going by anything stones should not break since thats how they were initially
  15. colors and lines is a sign this time break time and drawing time