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  1. I'd say the Old Bell purpose should be calling out an early meteor showers in the meteor biomes, to possibly to get more moon rocks. It could be great for chopping trees in there and summoning more tree guards, but other downsides are that grass geckos are getting damaged in those biomes by meteors (if its a gecko world).
  2. Why am I even bothering about this IN 3 FLIPPING AM. Do whatever, but you ARE like cheetos said
  3. @ImDaMisterL he is doing it again and not even bothing about the warnings. Sorry to bother again :T
  4. You have no idea what you are talking about. This is a multiplayer game that is designed for cooperation to survive the wilderness with friends, not for the foolishness you are spreading. You as many other griefers have no place in the forums to discuss your gaze for destruction spreading. I wish you to stop arguing and stop trying to "prove" something to me about destruction that we all know it's just dumb.
  5. Takes a while to do the work, it's fine to have him to replace the big foot at least, you gotta keep managing him that he or you wouldn't die in the process, he is the great chainsaw of the autumn, that works during summer or autumn. Skeleton is great due to his use of reviving every time he dies, easily reusable, can be used in any season, but doesn't chop as massively as bearger, but at least more work can be done in certain ways.
  6. Killable, can be rollbacked, easy to find the person who brought it there to ban him for intentional griefing actions
  7. @ImDaMisterL is this even allowed to be posted? It's spreading more griefing ideas. I don't appreciate this guy's behavior right now.
  8. Petition is almost like a demand, and its not how it works here @Zeruul. You make a suggestion, see the comments and wait for result. If the result doesn't come, then it's either delayed for balancing ideas, or it's scrapped and won't be added. I think Klei said that Old Bell was too powerful in the one's hands, and had to removed due to it's destructive behavior. That's why we have replacement tools that comes more in late game to be used.
  9. Why don't you rollback then? Or if you are in some other server just ask an admin to assist to ban the person. If there are no admins there then make own world or find the right server where it's more protected by the administration that owns the server. It's just kinda dumb for a multiplayer game such an item that can cause more trouble to some blind eye'd servers, or even more trouble and will make it dumb for admins to locate the griefer himself/herself/(snail). That's why klei added fire starter quotes, to locate who might had burnt the base. I don't want to have a dumb routine to patrol for griefs and rollback every time not finding the person who could had done it. It's still "OP" in terms for griefers as I said in this topic. No point in having such an item in game, if you want it back, just use the mod that brings it back on own server, and there. BAM! Problem solved. Any character can make a torch and do it, but at least we can figure out who can actually be the suspect ---> ban him/her ---> rollback. I don't appreciate blaming a character for the griefs, the people who needs to be blamed are the people who does it, not the game characters.
  10. The old bell itself is overpowered and chaotic. It can't be allowed to be back to DST due to its destructive behavior, that's why we have a reanimated skeleton instead, less chaotic and manageable. Also getting it is too easy for this powerful item, better think of a better replacement that would not need to do all the lazy work with an item that could grief worlds badly.
  11. there is a chance that the world doesn't get any tallbirds at all when generated
  12. Here is my ideas: *Wolfgang loose hunger as a normal player in normal mode; *Hunger goes down faster if it's higher than 200 hunger; ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *Wolfgang needs MORE food on mighty mode, because the food he eats has a bit less hunger value and is small compared to his size; or *Wolfgang swings slower on bosses that are scary on really low sanity, swings normally on mobs that aren't nightmares. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- .-. ._. :I
  13. also the amount of teeth is a problem in late game, being very common as trash in the world and overfills the chests (P.S. this wasn't my idea, a guy who thought of it doesn't have a forum account and wanted to be posted as an idea :3)
  14. they run away WHILE they are frozen, they shouldn't really do anything while they are in that state