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  1. I don't exactly like the idea of getting extra damage, some characters already for much more than we would even need... I'd like them having sorta buffs on simpler stuff, pets having damage multiplying topics are overrated imo¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. These are suggestions I would give: *Crafty pet trait increases your crafing skill speed by 0.5; *Scrappy pet trait will increase your harverst speed by 0.5; *Playful pet trait will help you dig up the suspicious dirt piles, when digging up the first one, the pet will run towards next one, but won't be too far from player's visual range, till the player "investigates" it, or leaves it by reaching it; *Well-fed (simply nothing to add, it's a trait for the pet to be less annoying :P).
  3. This is both survival and build a base, it's how you choose you play game. If you think suggestions to improve base decor are just not fulfilling your needs, then I'm sorry, you got no comment on this one
  4. there is definitely more than 1% of players, cuz people learn things after a while, anyone can access to these kind of things, tho it's a risk you must take for, or just don't even bother about it. I mean, Misery Toadstool was meant for a challenge, by getting something more to utility, like a napsack. I can't complain too much, I like new things with new abilities.
  5. Simple solution - Don't Fail Together :^>
  6. It's rather useful to multiply into more shroom skins with a deconstruction staff, seems like a fine item to me, makes entities sleep too
  7. I believe you need to post this topic on bug reports, but yea, it's strange that some things don't gen, even if I don't have mods
  8. I think beefs has their limit too... before they turn to beef pancakes :thinking:
  9. Here's a balance: *When thrown, make it do fart sounds.
  10. Carrying it would be impossible, the size of a hitbox would be exploitable, would be weird if some giant breaks it by just running over it , and probably would cost at least 400 rocks to build one lol
  11. It's the only gem that doesn't break when deconstructing the opal staff, seems a bit mysterious for once of the most powerful gems. The use for it might be in work in progress, we can't rush klei to do things, might as well we wait.
  12. Maybe the token for the turf to grow should be some rot or poop, and the adjacent turf would spread like that (the turfs that aren't stone related)
  13. I thought that science machine and other stations has like a little aura to unlock the recipes while you stand near it, so you can simply prototype in a distance of the machine
  14. By feeding antion certain mineral, he should spit out a turf depending of what mineral. I mostly want this that feeding ant a cutstone he should spit out a rocky turf. Playing with friends on long lasting worlds the rocky turf runs out eventually, since making own bases is rather a fun thing to do with my friends. Then it comes to an argument where to find more rocky turf, because most are dug in caves any surface. This is a really problematic situation, and I am almost sure think that many long term survivors would agree on this