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  1. one of the things i'm not sure, is that if klei gonna consider about the leaving thing, might be kinda annoying if you just log out, then log back in,you'll have to repick everything all over again, and other people will be able to burn or take the other persons items while not looking. I say its not the best idea and then you could had rolled back because of the thief. Not saying that you need to cheat or anything, but just seems not fair to be robbed, if you are too late on that then there is nothing much to suggest back but to say find new friends and unfriend that guy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. It might be a mod already in the workshop, tho idk. Other thing is that get either better friends, or just put a password on the server and allow only the ones you trust. It comes to the fact that the game is about trust and betrayal, so gotta be careful on your decisions with who to friend with.
  3. For once, I wish there was a way to get that food into reality out of a computer...
  4. managing sanity is kinda easy, just pick flowers, or make a backpack full of cookies
  5. Ehhhh... It's gonna be irritating just to access each one by one chest if you will need a code, also would be weird if they wouldn't burn of can't be hammered. Whole point of having chests being breakable and being able to open any of them is that you could configure your base structure and orginize/share stuff with your friends. DST ain't exactly just about "oh wow! hey, lets all cooperate!", it gives a person a choice if he wants to base together or not, and by playing you can find both either trustworthy people or just some trolls to ruin your day, which is a choice for them too. Things like griefing or stealing should more be a job for an admin to sort it out, who works as sheriffs who could teach those baddies a lesson. If its like a public server, then gotta blame yourself if you left any valuebles before you logged off. And it all comes in natural for people who scavenge for stuff
  6. For that to work Bernie would still need to be powered by an insane player, but I think that the player nightmares are very different from ruin nightmares, due to the facts that the player ones comes as generated by mental weakness of a player, and the ruin ones are generated by the world itself, which only gets generated by the world itself. I still kinda think that it's just better to farm with bernies above ground instead of underground, since you can just generate a bunch more with a nightmare amulet with the help of bernies, which the nightmare fissures and light are just scattered around ruins and might just take more time by travelling. It's not actually too hard to kill them in ruins, as long as you don't agro a flock of terrors by just running around across the map Thanks for the support tho
  7. There is few ways to get beard hair: Bunnies with an awful chance, monkeys, who has 50% chance and beardlords, who gives 2 each per kill, the beard hair is just not a problem. The more the Bernies, the more the nightmares agros on them I stead of you. All bernies has 1000 hp each and tanks every hit. Having a giant horde of nightmares attacking them can kinda damage them, tho repairing with sewing kit a fully broken one regens 1000 HP. Sewing kit is worth 5000HP
  8. As far as I can say, there are many ways to farm nightmare fuel no matter the perks, the Bernie nightmare strat is the cheapest way to farm nightmare fuel for me due to materials I horde after a long period of time. Nightmare fuel is mostly just obtainable by fighting, like shadows or monkeys, myself I find monkeys most risky (and disgusting) way to farm nightmare fuel, yet it's not full guarantee that you will get a nightmare fuel from every monkey. I am just trying to show an alternative way to do something instead of showing off. I must say that the worst job for me to do is just farming nightmares just to have enough fuel to make swords for the next 20-40 days, which usually for me without Bernies or the amulet takes about 15 days, and fuel is used in many ways and it gets used fast. Don't think that I am some person who doesn't know how to farm them at all, I just simply use a lot on structures, weapons, armor and magic, so it is just natural that it runs out fast, so by my opinion, the Bernie thing is most efficient use for the materials that piles up overtime, and everything is just really easilly renewable. Besides Willow's debuff, Bernie gives her something unique to her, the one who is nutty for fire has a power to animate a teddybear, who will protect her from her gaze of destruction.
  9. I found this way useful for me, so I at least I hope some people finds it useful. The least I wanna do is just argue, so wherever floats your boats.
  10. Pardon, but please leave Willow out of this topic. It's all about the teddybear. Willow is more early game character in the world that you might have troubles in, great for joining the server that's pretty old and a lot of people usually just base on their own or groups, and doesn't want new people being in their bases (no offence pls).
  11. What's a Klei forum, without people coming to a topic, not following the idea then just making the one's idea sound like his mind is just a pile of dirt?
  12. I've been insulted
  13. This is how I do it whenever I don't wanna take too much time on waiting for nightmares as a Willow
  14. I think this community here is mostly focused on exploiting the character uses instead of just playing without a care ._.