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  1. U want sum lemonade?

    1. Starthefox
    2. GiddyGuy


      But will there be strawburries?

  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm back on the forums and the first thing I wanted is this, thank you maymaymasters.
  3. One of my goals is get a profile pic like Klei Devs.

  4. Like Cyclum, I think it will.
  5. @FelixTheJudge, I will miss you, you will never be forget.

    1. Neutral_Steve


      @GiddyGuy, sadly, yes, he passed away, I got noticed a bit late...

    2. Mobbstar


      ;-; He was a good person.

  6. What's your profile picture? It seems familiar...

    1. Neutral_Steve


      Oh, sorry @Mobbstar! I was not checking notifications recently.

      She's Asra Nox, from Starbound, but, this draw has a high resemblance to Suyin Beifong, from Avatar, the legend of Korra.

    2. Mobbstar


      Ah, that explains why I was so confused, haha! It's an awesome crossover :D

  7. Affirmation Station.

    I just wanted to say, despite I don't talk frequently with you all, or I'm just another user for you. Y'all awesome dudes.
  8. Happy holidays to everyone!

    I hope you enjoy this day! :D 

  9. OMG, THE VOICES. WEBBER. By the way, it's amazing!
  10. Merm attack detection

    Bump. the bug has not been fixed yet.
  11. I'm a bit late? IJustDidThisWithACandyWrap.mp3
  12. Merm attack detection

    I find it kinda impossible kit a Merm, because you avoid when he punches, but when you get glose he stikes you, because the game register a bit later the punch, stunlocking you and it will escape and having that issue forever.
  13. Simply amazing, good luck with the project!