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  1. Thats great! One thing tho, don't use PoEdit if youre going to make just a few changes, it's better to use something like Notepad++ to keep the format. If there's anything that you cannot see ingame, this two thigs helped me A LOT:
  2. 100% of the Spanish (Spain) translation done! There's still somethings that doesn't fit, others that I dont find very clever so, if anyone wants to try it to find any issue, will be much appreciated. I will update the file as soon as I get a better output NOTE: I've already make a few changes, unwrapped all the lines(THANK YOU GUYS! T-T ) and make new ones that fits better. I will continue working on some names but its pretty much done Oxygen not included - Spanish[SPAIN] translation.rar
  3. When I've reached the Exosuit explanation I've tempted to change it into... Sorry, I'm just 14% on it...
  4. I´m making that one too! We can share our works when done
  5. OK, I´m starting a spanish (Spain) translation. Don't own the game tho, so I will upload here for someone to try it for me!
  6. THANKS! My self esteem just got higher!
  7. Thanks bro! I made the last one, hope you like it too! @simplex Ok, i'll try again with that in mind.thanks for the details, just what I needed to get it I will take a look to the birds in game to see how their animations are done , I have the need to make these birds move xD Any suggestion on behaviors?
  8. @ArticFox789 @simplex Thanks for the tip! I know there was something odd, but I can't really make an idea of the final result yet...I see some screencaps of the mod and it looks happy to me (the gummybears, the marshmallows,the colorful biome...) but I don't know where this sunflower goes so...I'll keep trying xD Can you guys tell me anything else about it? I saw it will give you golden petals, and there will be golden seeds to be planted, but...where? anywhere? even in the "ground" floor or only in "heavens"? in a pot? I want to do it exactly as you thought. New version: I'll wait for your opinion after doing the rest of the atlas (the "pick" animation an the "picked" status,isnt it?) EDIT: Can't wait xD I made a first attemp of a skybird (based on the concepts of the TO-DO):
  9. Good day, sirs and ladys! I'm totally new to this mod thing, and i've been following your awesome work since the firsts steps. The thing is...I want to collaborate with you , so I made my presentation card seeking in your TODO list and picking one thing randomly to draw (yeah, that's my thing). I made that golden sunflower you mention there, and here's the result: I don't know if it is the right size or even the I just want to try and show what I can do. I hope you like it and guide me for doing anything else/redraw this or whatever. PS: I'm spanish, so sorry if my english is rusted ^_^U.