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  1. Good god man, try to gain some perspective beyond your feelings. I agree with you that the long pig is no big deal, but this was an issue decided upon long ago, and for reasons including and far beyond what individual players thought. There's a whole big world out there outside of these forums and what we think is acceptable for a game. You want to argue ratings and the fairness, fine, go to the people who set them up. These forums are not the place. Klei is an indie game developer, not the legislators. Why would or should they stand up against the corporate masses for a single in-game entity that their players disapproved of? Actually, don't answer that, I don't really care. This is a video game, and I'm not investing real world politics into it. If the majority didn't like something and the developers agreed, fine. I may or may not agree, but it's not my decision to make. My decision is playing the game as it exists, and encouraging others to have the same fun with it I am.
  2. Klei already had fun and trolled by introducing Wes as a character in the first place. They brought him in while also contributing to the story/lore. Why would they change that now? Also, how would a joke boss contribute? Klei doesn't just throw things into the game for shiz-n-gigglz, they are purposeful. They do have fun things, but really, what purpose does a Wes Boss serve?
  3. I think all of us would LOVE there to be new DLC for Don't Starve. But Klei is pretty focused on new games at the moment, and bug fixes for their older games. But we can hope, yes? Yeah? Hype?
  4. My partner is really into crafting and survival games, and picked up Don't Starve back in 2013 when it was first released on Steam. I watched him play for a week or two and was intrigued, so he bought it for me so we could learn together. It's remained one of our favorite and most played games ever since. We both signed up for closed beta keys when DST was first announced, and were playing DST from the very early days of development. We both tend to prefer singleplayer DS though. I'm not big into multiplayer games in general, and he already plays a couple other MMOs that have raid-style approaches. The turn DST took in that direction, while understandable, isn't quite what either of us were hoping for. When we do play DST, it's always small private servers with maybe one or two friends who we know can carry themselves.
  5. Hi Klei, I have a non-caves local server (with mods and adjustments to world settings) where I'm always in SuperGodMode so I can experiment. It's been working absolutely fine up until the past few days, zero issues. The last time I played was either Friday, July 7th, or Saturday, July 8th. I started the world back up on Friday July 14th, after hotfix 223464: Thinking it was a mod causing issues, I updated them all and cleaned them. I verified the integrity of my game cache, restarted Steam, and restarted my computer. The old world still crashed, and after much experimentation and flipping mods on/off, I figured out it was c_godmode() or c_supergodmode causing it.
  6. It sounds like the person who is allowing you to play may need to enable some settings on their own Steam account. Have them check out this article and see if going through the troubleshooting helps If it doesn't, your friend will likely need to contact Steam directly for more support. But also @JoeW sorry to call on you directly, but could you or another employee confirm... is Steam Sharing allowed with DS? I saw in the Steam FAQs that some developers/publishers don't allow it, so I didn't want to waste OP's friends time if the simple answer was "nope". I found some old threads from a few years ago that recommended contacting Steam directly, but couldn't find anything concrete saying whether Klei actually authorizes sharing or not.
  7. I try to keep my flammable materials near one another, so one Flingomatic covers their entire area. That way I need less Flingos. One Flingo on its own is very efficient - as long as your plants/etc are in its range, everything will be fine, no matter how closely packed they are. Are you on PC? I would recommend the Ice Flingo Range mod. After you place a Flingo, right-click on it to see its range as a circle. Build within that circle, or place another Flingo outside of that. I like to use pitchforks to dig up ground in grid-like patterns, and those grids help dictate to me where the Flingo ranges end. Otherwise, no, there's nothing you can do to prevent smoldering during Summer. It's a feature of the season. You can suppress current smoldering things at the expense of your own health, but they have to be smoky, not actually on fire. If you're not prepared with enough Flingos, just stay far away from your main base. Maybe build a small temporary base on the other side of the map with minimal resources and one Flingo... just enough to survive, rather than thrive. Being super far away from your main base basically disables anything happening at it. This game is coded so that events happen within a certain distance of the character, rather than simultaneously across the world as a whole. You can also avoid, or at least delay, many of the effects of Summer by going into the caves. Although that requires a different living style entirely.
  8. As @HamBatter said, Deerclops spawns near you when your character receives its last warning. IIRC, you get two warnings, and once you get your third, he will spawn shortly after. If you're not prepared to fight, go ahead and jump through a wormhole as soon as you can, to get further away from base. Then drop a fire (the wood kind, not the rock kind), and wait until he spawns. After he stomps around for a few, jump back through the wormhole and you're good to go. He'll stay around the area he spawned, rather than follow you. If you drop a rock-type fire after you jump through the wormhole, you'll be able to keep warm for a bit, but he will likely target it and try to destroy it. Deerclops likes to ruin structures you've built, and the rock-fires count as that. One of my favorite early escapes is to jump in a wormhole to the swamp/marsh area. There's plenty of things there to distract him. Instead of jumping back through the wormhole to avoid him, instead, all I need to do is keep warm with fires while running around in circles to get him to target other creatures. My main objective with him is his eye, I could care less about the meat usually.
  9. Nearly everything you can think to build can catch on fire/smolder. The only non-flammable structures I can think of are: Lightning Rod Tooth Traps Stone Walls Fire Pit Endothermic Fire Pit I'm not sure about Ruins items since I rarely go there... I believe since just about all of them are made out of Thulecite and rare gems, they aren't flammable either. Perhaps someone else can jump in and discuss them.
  10. I feel like teleportation of that sort, a traveling messenger/storage pigeon, takes away from some of the essential resource-management of the game. Groups of people should already be coordinating how to gather and use their supplies, and potentially be punished for not working together. The fact that it's "a pain" is an inherent part of that. Teamwork takes effort and efficiency and coordination beyond just what a single person wants. Sometimes there are sacrifices for the greater good. In singleplayer, we could feed items into wormholes to make them travel over the distance - does anyone know if this still works in DST, and if Bundling Wraps can be fed into them? I haven't tried yet since I've only ever utilized that function in an emergency. We also have the Lazy Deserter in DST, enabling our character to teleport and essentially drop off our entire inventory *wherever*, if wormhole feeding isn't sufficient. Worse comes to worse, tell the person who needs what you have to meet you halfway at a landmark. Pig King, the firepit in the savannah, edge of the swamp, etc. I've done that many a time for someone who forgot to bring food, or needs twigs, or whatever. I like the idea of secret messages/scrolls, it's fun, but feel like it may be a bit of overkill. We already have a lot of outside/non-DST resources to chat privately with people.
  11. Excellent suggestions @DarkXero! The only thing I'm concerned about is when you said: Current optional challenges aren't that great either. When you add optional challenges you need to put some sweet loot at the end. Klei has been against forcing players to experience the game in a linear way since nearly the beginning. Rewards for completing a task are basically achievements, and I know you know (I've seen you here since I joined the forums way back in the day), they're very careful and cautious about goal-orientation in singleplayer. I know you weren't suggesting that, I just wanted to call that out, in case anyone else focused on that part. We have a lot of DST players now, who are used to raid bosses and such, and not so many coming in to DS on its own, where the style is different. I really like your ideas with the world changing as it ages. Non-optional game challenges that make you continually adapt, as opposed to simply having "things to do". I feel like that would help add longevity and challenge as the years go on, while still allowing players to figure out and use whatever items/means they are happiest with to sustain themselves.
  12. Can you upload a couple close-up pictures of your map so we can take a look? May have been one small area that you overlooked. Which piece are you missing, BTW? Also, sometimes the divining rod gets into a weird state where it stops picking up signals after you've been holding it for a long time. I find swapping it out-then-in my hand slot "resets" it.
  13. Oh I've made so many dumb mistakes, LOL. I'll give you three short stories to enjoy: The first time I tracked a koalefant, it spawned in the middle of a tallbird fort. Since tallbirds aggro on everything, they immediately attacked the koalefant and killed it. I didn't know anything about tallbirds back in those days, and thought they would be like hounds and eat all the meat. So I ran into the middle of that fort and tried to gather my precious loot before they got to it. Rekt. Standing next to a firepit at dusk, planning to wait out the night and go attack the walrus in the morning. Started talking to my partner, and neglected to pause the game or watch it in any way. Died to darkness =( In the very early days, back when the game was still being developed, I didn't know there were seasons. I had this idea that biomes influenced the weather, and there was some sort of mountainous area where it got colder. The first time it started snowing, I thought I must be in that mountain biome, and tried to run away from it. Pretty sure I died 3 or 4 times that way before realizing it was actually winter.
  14. This is a really cool compilation of all the "outside world" lore from the original DS/William Carter puzzles, if you wanna throw it into your main post:
  15. Klei tested out achievements/quests in the original prototype of the game, and then purposely removed them as it didn't fit with their goals for the playstyle of the game. Give this article (by Jamie, Klei founder and CEO) a read to see why. Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards.pdf