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  1. Looking forward to the mod, and I would like to hear your opinions about agents you mentioned. On File Decker is regarded as bad agent by most of the players, mostly because of his augment (poor choice to rescue from prison). Starting with cloak is nice, but the cloak itself is nothing special, basically Cloaking Rig 2 with lower SPEED requirement. I tried to remedy that by giving player incentive to use his augment, with +2 PWR bonus in addition to usual functionality, and making his cloak unique with AOE effect, since there isn't one in vanilla game. With these changes, and with new daemons from ProgramExtended, I find him quite valuable team member, especially in daemon-heavy Plastech. Olivia is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, Cry Baby is a tool to help you evade and distract guards for stealth, but her augment encourages agression, which is problematic to use frequently in Expert+ difficulties. Didn't use Archive Xu yet, but he seems a good choice for PWR heavy builds, with both EMP and his augment.
  2. It doesn't go off every turn. If you want proof, start a game with archive Internationale, and camp in mission past alarm level 6. You should notice +PWR text floating above her head exactly every 5 turns if there wasn't any alarm increasing event outside of autoincrement, even past alarm level 6.
  3. I think you misunderstood us, Faust SHOULD spawn more than 6 daemons per mission, to still be dangerous after hitting max alarm level. Here is the quick code: faust = util.extend( DEFAULT_ABILITY ) { name = STRINGS.PROGRAMS.FAUST.NAME, desc = STRINGS.PROGRAMS.FAUST.DESC, huddesc = STRINGS.PROGRAMS.FAUST.HUD_DESC, shortdesc = STRINGS.PROGRAMS.FAUST.SHORT_DESC, tipdesc = STRINGS.PROGRAMS.FAUST.TIP_DESC, lockedText = STRINGS.UI.TEAM_SELECT.UNLOCK_CENTRAL_MONSTER, icon = "gui/icons/programs_icons/icon-program-faust.png", icon_100 = "gui/icons/programs_icons/store_icons/StorePrograms_faust.png", value = 300, passive = true, executeAbility = function( self, sim ) local player = sim:getCurrentPlayer() sim:dispatchEvent( simdefs.EV_PLAY_SOUND, cdefs.SOUND_HUD_MAINFRAME_PROGRAM_AUTO_RUN ) sim:dispatchEvent( simdefs.EV_SHOW_WARNING, {txt=STRINGS.PROGRAMS.FAUST.WARNING, color=cdefs.COLOR_PLAYER_WARNING, sound = "SpySociety/Actions/mainframe_gainCPU",icon=self.icon } ) player:addCPUs( 2 ) end, canUseAbility = function( self, sim ) return false end, onSpawnAbility = function( self, sim ) DEFAULT_ABILITY.onSpawnAbility( self, sim ) sim:addTrigger( simdefs.TRG_ALARM_STATE_CHANGE, self ) end, onDespawnAbility = function( self, sim, player ) DEFAULT_ABILITY.onDespawnAbility( self, sim ) sim:removeTrigger( simdefs.TRG_ALARM_STATE_CHANGE, self ) end, onTrigger = function( self, sim, evType, evData ) DEFAULT_ABILITY.onTrigger( self, sim, evType, evData ) if evType == simdefs.TRG_START_TURN then self:executeAbility(sim) end if evType == simdefs.TRG_ALARM_STATE_CHANGE then local programList = nil local daemon = nil if sim:isVersion("0.17.5") then programList = sim:getIcePrograms() daemon = programList:getChoice( sim:nextRand( 1, programList:getTotalWeight() )) else programList = serverdefs.PROGRAM_LIST daemon = programList[sim:nextRand(1, #programList)] end sim:getNPC():addMainframeAbility( sim, daemon ) end end, },
  4. Found another bug, but it might be not related to AGP: Happened while Decker zapped Drone Engineer during Sleep daemon induced skipover, as a result its icon never goes away and Seed discount persists. To me this looks like missing animation, but I'm probably wrong. invisibleinc.txt savegame.lua
  5. My mistake then, but desired effect I remembered is there.
  6. Well, not quite. What I mean with "sim:getTracker() % simdefs.TRACKER_INCREMENT == 0", this performs "modulo" operation. The result is, anytime alarm tracker fills in to full circle, Daemon will be spawned, and it continues past alarm level 6. While graphically alarm tracker stops at 6, internally it continues to go up indefinetly. Archive Internationale uses this exact calculation if I'm not mistaken, so you will continue to get PWR from her every few turns, and amount increases as well, so you will get 12 (alarm level 6), then 14 (theoretical alarm level 7), 16 and so on.
  7. While you're on Faust, make it so it activates daemons based on "sim:getTracker() % simdefs.TRACKER_INCREMENT == 0" calculation with "simdefs.TRG_START_TURN" trigger, not "simdefs.TRG_ALARM_STATE_CHANGE" trigger. This will make it continue spawning daemons after reaching maximum alarm level.
  8. Sorry, there is another bug in the restock code I gave you, that I have just found and fixed in items mod. Game hangs up (comparison between nil and number) when both Charge Generator and Extended Charge Pack are in inventory while reloading. Change line 73 in restock.lua to: if ammoClip:getTraits().ammo_clip <= 0 or (ammoClip:getTraits().ammo and ammoClip:getTraits().ammo <= 0) then And line 38 to: local hasAmmo = array.findIf( unit:getChildren(), function( u ) if u:getTraits().ammo_clip ~= nil and ( not u:getTraits().charges or (u:getTraits().charges and u:getTraits().charges > 0)) then return u:getTraits().ammo_clip else return nil end end ) Again, sorry for the trouble.
  9. I don't play Overwatch, but these are very well made agents, looking forward to playing with this! I did find some bugs: 1. Sombra's ranged EMP gives an error, replace line 109 with: sim:dispatchEvent( simdefs.EV_UNIT_WIRELESS_SCAN, { unitID = unit:getID(), targetUnitID = target, hijack = true } ) 2. Widow's Kiss sniper mode ammo cannot be reloaded with charge packs. 3. Venom Mine's motion tracker reveals units walking by, but it looks choppy, please remove that aspect. 4. Sombra's Translocator is supposed to detonate when turn ends, but it does it one turn later that it's supposed to. 5. Restock ability for Translocator does not work correctly with Charge Generator and Extended Charge Packs from NewItemsAndAugments mod, replace lines 56-63 in restock.lua with below to make it compatible: local ammoClip = array.findIf( userUnit:getChildren(), function( u ) if u:getTraits().ammo_clip ~= nil and ( not u:getTraits().charges or (u:getTraits().charges and u:getTraits().charges > 0)) then return u:getTraits().ammo_clip else return nil end end ) if ammoClip then ammoClip:getTraits().ammo_clip = ammoClip:getTraits().ammo_clip - 1 if ammoClip:getTraits().ammo then ammoClip:getTraits().ammo = ammoClip:getTraits().ammo - 1 end if ammoClip:getTraits().charges then ammoClip:getTraits().charges = ammoClip:getTraits().charges - 1 ammoClip:getTraits().ammo_clip = ammoClip:getTraits().ammo_clip + 1 end if ammoClip:getTraits().ammo_clip <= 0 or ammoClip:getTraits().ammo <= 0 then inventory.tra****em( sim, userUnit, ammoClip ) end ammoConsumed = true end
  10. Day 3 goes by uneventfull, now that speed is decent. Finished K&O and Plastech Cyberlab, and Plastech Nanofab Vestibule. Day 4 is here, time for OMNI raid. Day 4 - Omni Foundry Lab Decker immiedately deploys Portable Cryptography Server. There is a Camera Drone blocking the exit door from starting room, and 3 more guards around. Monst3r sits on the drone and guards the laptop, while others scout the facility. Quantum Reservoir is found quickly, no need for further scouting. Decker grabs it, triggering Modulate and Labyrinth. Alarm level 1 hits, Countermeasures install. It detects Monst3r, Super Heavy Enforcer goes to check him. I can't have that, so Decker cloaks Rush, who proceeds to sprint and jabs enforcer dude in the back. Banks manages to return to the elevator. Now it is down to cat and mouse play. I have to constantly distract guards with Ping, KO a few of them, use Monst3r's gun... Jet finally arrives, in the nick of time! Start of Day 5, Status Report: Decker: Banks: Rush: Incognita: - No changes
  11. I have a bug for you: I got myself into a big mess, there are several guards alerted. Ghost (it's Plastech) cloaked, Admin got alerted and teleported out on the same turn.
  12. @Cyberboy2000 Man, I would like to watch a video about that mission, sounds so entertaining! Congrats on beating the campaign! From the screenshots it looks like the idea behind item mod rework is holding up, I see multiple versions of Shock Traps, Stims, Disrupters, not just old all-tier-3-and-occasionally-4, and you had plenty of time to get what you wanted in extended campaign time too. Money stored seems quite high, guess Anarchy 5 really pays off now. Program composition is wonderfull as well, strong PWR generation, great utility with Wings and Ping, fantastic breakers (you lucky bastard, you got the Omni Wrench! I've seen it maybe once in a long time!), and a Daemon reversal as well. Map layout looks fairly reasonable, some nice cover between objective rooms. I guess what happened was, Countermeasures had been active (all guards alerted), camera or guard had undiscovered Sleep on it when it got hacked, and they got the drop on your agents with 2 turns worth of time. Was it Parasite into immediate end turn? Also, why you didn't hack Daemon Database? For me it is a must-grab usually, EXACTLY because of those pesky daemons.
  13. Day 2, Mission 7 - Sankaku Vault, 3 guarded Vault is immedately adjacent to the starting room, again. There is a Null Drone nearby. Banks tries to go into next room... and gets spotted by a camera, alerting Null and Akuma Drones, Sysadmin and two guards, retreat! Admin spots her next turn. Congestion clears, but it is over alarm leve 2 already. There is an elevator, directly opposite to guard spawn. I have to call this one early, this corridor is not worth the risk to pass. Decker cloaks around stationary Camera Drone and a Camera to the Nanofab. AMP Buster Chip would be nice, but no Anarchy to support that yet, but Wireless Overloader I will definetly take. To the exit we go. Decker gets a Strength upgrade. Mission 8 - K&O Nanofab Vestibule, 2 guarded So far so good. Patrols are managable, 2 Heavy Security out and about. Wireless Overloader takes care of safes with Daemons on. Banks finds the Nanofab: Purchases are Torque Injectors (installed immiedately on Banks), Penetration Scanner (in inventory) and Cataratic Paralyzer. Area to the east has a bunch of safes, ShopCat and a normal Nanofab, Banks gets Neural Disrupter 3. Decker puposefully opens door to get spotted, then cloaks and moves out. Next turn he scans ShopCat, Portculius, gets reversed into a Battery! Inside there are Emergency Reserve and Ping! Bless replaced with Ping, now to the exit. We're leaving just after alarm level hits 5. Banks Anarchy and Strength is now 4 and 3 respectively. BUG, Neural Disrupter 3 vanishes! I will debug-spawn it back right before finishing next mission. Mission 9 - Sankaku Detension Center, 2 guarded Quick scouting with Pulse Drone locates detention center quickly, but it's heavily guarded: Stationary Akuma Drone and Captain side by side, facing the door. After some shenanigans involving Ping, downed drone and Wireless Overloader, Rush is free. Camping for some safes, Null Drone is an annoyance. Decker robs 2 safes and sells the Med-Gel, Nanofab has Thermal Disrupter 3. All agents are in the large elevator room, now it is a waiting game for last two Consoles. Neural Disruper 3 is spawned back, we leave before alarm level 5. Day 3 hits, Status Report: Decker: Banks: Rush: Incognita: Storage: - Cryptology Brain Chip Next targets will be 2 Cyberlabs in Europe.
  14. Yeah, looking at the loot tables, they can carry powerfull stuff now. I think if it turns out to be too much selling snowball with anarchy, a table altering in "lateLoad()", when it detects reworked items option is on, could solve that. Higher skill requirements are there because trash items are very low in numbers now. Standard Buster Chip is 2 firewalls every 3 turns for example, so I felt it was too strong to just get them without dedicating some resources towards it. Level 5 requirements might be too far, but have yet to use any items that need them, so I'll wait until end of the DLC campaign. EDIT: Spike Server can actually be used early in the mission. When initial cooldown expires, pop it on the ground at the end of your turn, you get large surge of +10 PWR at the start of next turn, and pick it up again. Turn timer between bursts should freeze while being carried, so next time it will have to lay for some time deployed. In my run, I managed to store some money, but that is mainly thanks to Econ Chip, since CR multiplier is on 0.5, not default 0.75, and I finished 6 missions so far and can squeze 3 more before day 3 with lowered travel time constant. Anarchy only at 2 to steal at all for both agents.
  15. @Cyberboy2000 First off, MONEY, DELICIOUS MONEY! This with N-Umi basically solves all your PWR needs, that 5k CR can buy you around 50 PWR. Another solution to PWR would be Spike Server you sold. It doesn't fit your play style by chance? With the pricing in the items mod, anarchy 5 looks very strong, do you feel it is OP? If yes, I might have to introduce some filler loot from guards, like disposable one-time use stim or paralyzer (those won't be avaible in shops).