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  1. "Get paying dude. In my shop NOBODY gets discounts."
  2. apparently Lucifer's second name gets censored here.
  3. Greedy knight, 2 dragons and... Mysterious devil. I guess greedy knight is my "OC" now. Am I cool kid yet???
  4. He doesn't really have any enemies, but his money does attract unwanted dragons.
  5. Your favorite golden boy is back! (Not THAT golden boy!!) Also thanks for cool fan-art minespatch! I still suck at coloring.
  6. For a comic that came to my mind little time I have lots of ideas for comics but never have talent, time or understanding to start anything ); Maybe one day I have courage to start tiny comic some day. but for now I sketch weird stuff like this: yeah... Thanks! I mean... if someone request art from me here, maybe I could make small concept? if you want me to visualize character or creature you can always ask me(?) I check this place regularly, but I really want to make tumblr or twitter where I could post all my art. I don't want to start anything big with someone else because of school and all.
  7. Look at these idiots
  8. Its comic... french comic... good luck trying to find one.
  9. Speaking of dragons! You should totally read kairos.
  10. "dragons in surface are peaceful and lazy dog like creatures, but beneath in dungeon dragons are aggressive against any one who tries to go deeper. Do they know what is in bottom of this dungeon? are they trying to defend it? Why don't they tell us what is in there?"
  12. This is why you don't borrow devils toaster.
  13. Lamp guy and one eyed nope "If living being lives too long in dungeon, they start to mutate. This poor dog turned into four legged demon after living in dungeon for thousands of years... and yes! THAT thing used to be a dog"
  14. unfinished animation from game jam. Never got used in game ); This gif reminds me why I hate animating creatures with 4 legs edit: waking up animation: