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  1. is floofy moth dan i guess he wanted me to doodle him as a moth, and now it is here
  2. uhhhhhhhhh HERE
  3. i combined these to make.... SHIPPING!
  4. im sensing.... weirdobobs.... and 500 pages of mez smooching you
  5. some more
  6. in case youforgot i have an odd comic site here

    and here is a quick look of comics about familiar things

  7. i dont remember putting these up here, but here they are
  8. strongk wolf has fun with baby spider
  9. do you like art i know you do ASK ME TO DRAW HERES SOME EXAMPLES MAYBE
  10. i did the first 3 pages like two other times, but i dont know where they are, i never really got far
  11. old comic pages i wanted to show them