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  1. First of all , try to build heat generating machines with gold almag in cold biome , Also make use of all the wheeze you can find. ( Cold air sinks , best is to build machines at bottom of cold biome. I don't think wolframite's properties works yet , use gold for extra overheat temperature instead for now until they add it in. Also if you mined the Abysallite ...which they act as a heat insulation you might have to build insulation for your base if too much heat travels into your base. Not the best setup but i never had any issues with machines overheating other than the coal generator. I have issues with coal generators overheating , the only way is disabling and enabling or not use it at all for now. Unless... some1 else has a better solution =P
  2. mhm if it is combat , maybe disallow everyone from combat might temporary prevent it from happening again until they fix this problem...
  3. At first i thought there were some condensation going on top ...but it was just water dripping out luls!
  4. For example the default value is 0.02 , to make it spawn/generate twice the amount , increase it to 0.04. Just change both the min and max value. Also max value must be >= min value. Do not go overboard with the values , it will make your world unable to load or generate. Actually i'm not sure whether your world has 0 geyser or you just want more geyser in your world...since i saw you mentioning you had 0 geyser... If world has 0 geyser , solution = Puft currently do not consume contaminated oxygen thus they do not poop out slimes. *known bug* under
  5. Those are some nice drawings , really cute too with the \o/ URANIUM
  6. You can increase the rate of them spawning by editing the file named "mobs.yaml" located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\worldgen *You need to start a new world for this to work" Not 100% sure whether it was steamspout or geyser ... btw the mobs will die if there is too much heat from the water coming out , build doors to stop that =P Your dupes may need to get closer to the unexplored areas for you to be able to see any mobs...
  7. Toss them into the lava pit =/
  8. ye they fixed that ^_^ basically nothing to worry about now , everything is plentiful
  9. Just another suggestion that i thought of...(not too sure if anyone else mentioned this) Having the overlay display either green , red and yellow instead of only yellow. green - positive increase per second red - negative decrease per second yellow - neutral ( no resource gain ) per second Thank you for reading.
  10. No idea what just happened , where is the patch? Is it time for endless survival instead mm Just realized it is 210320 , Where can i read the patch notes?
  11. I havent dug up a single one , if planter box does not you can try making a storage compactor with "sweep only , seeds:wheezewort" then sweep the seed... after that deconstruct the storage compactor ( not sure if it works =/ but thats how im doing my blossoms atm ) [7-8days to auto replant itself](not too sure ) May or may not work ...
  12. Ohh nice...looking forward for your setup
  13. Alright , i'll look up on your thread =P thanks for the info~