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  1. [Game Update] - 121

    I guess a fire hound trap must have spawned underground.
  2. All About Beefalo Taming (No Gameplay, Just Tutorial)

    Only for together.
  3. Bug with mods

    Go to the directory C:\YOURNAME\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods Delete all the workshop folders. Go back into the game and it should automatically redownload all the mods properly. If you don't have permission to delete the files go into safe mode and try again. Hope that helps.
  4. How to Find Ancient guardian?

    The Atrium is a new area that was added in ANR similar to the rest of the ruins that can only be accessed through one of the Tentapillars. It's main use really is for fighting the Fuelweaver which when defeated resets the Ruins among other loot. If you're on PS4 I don't think the update has been made live yet.
  5. How to Find Ancient guardian?

    Yes, caves and ruins are in the same level. One of the Tentapillar holes lead to the Atrium which doesn't contain the Ancient Guardian so don't worry about those for now. To get to the Ancient Guardian you will need to have the equipment to go through the maze section of the ruins. If you run through the maze hugging the wall, ignoring the spiders and the ruined clockwork every now and then you should be able to get to where the guardian is with at the very least a light source and some armor. The equipment you'll need facing the Guardian really depends on how you intend to kill it. Although generally a good amount of armor, healing, some decent weapons and of course a reliable light source is what most people would bring if they aren't cheesing it. Having a walking cane is also really helpful in dodging it's charge attacks but is not necessary. If your interested in how to kill the Guardian I would suggest looking it up on Youtube. Here's an amusing example where someone kills it with bees.
  6. Sealnado Destroying My Base!!

    As odd as it sounds I don't think the Sealnado destroys structures. I've fought it literally inside my base before and nothing was destroyed. I'm pretty sure the only things that will be messed up are your walls and the items left on the ground.
  7. Nature's Amulet.

    Don't people have to be near the plants for disease to occur or is that not a thing?
  8. Steam Workshop mods bug It's pretty much a stripped down version of your OS that is used to diagnose and fix problems. In this case it bypasses the need to get permission to change files.
  9. Steam Workshop mods bug

    Go into safe mode and try deleting them again.
  10. That's not really a problem that can be fixed by Klei. You'd want to tell the mod author about that problem.
  11. Sing?

    I sing in the car when I'm driving to places alone. I'd like to think I'm alright.
  12. Crafting Tab overlay

    It's always been like this for me. I usually just use the scroll wheel to get to the crafting tabs hidden underneath.
  13. Oh.. Is this why my plants have been doing so good lately? I thought I was finally figuring out farming. ;(
  14. First actual crash i've experienced. So anyways my dupes were constantly collecting 1kg of water from a nonexistent source to put into a terrarium over and over again wasting time. I saved and restarted the game to fix the problem. Fixed my initial issue but now this world crashes about a minute being loaded in. Hope this helps track down the issue. Pickle Party.sav DxDiag.txt