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  1. The Cyclum Puzzle page. How to complete the Cyclum Puzzle In order to do the Metheus Puzzle you and your friend need to complete the Cyclum Puzzle and acquire the Tragic Torch which has been made available again for the puzzle.
  2. I've had this happen as well. I can't figure out how to reliably reproduce it though.
  3. Tbh I started playing her because she wasn't very good. Mostly to see if I could find some interesting tricks up her sleeve. I got attached to her lighter and continued playing her for some reason.
  4. So it seems like it's physically impossible to freeze from Willow's insanity chills during Autumn unless the player is wet. Willow's sanity chills lower her body temperature between 1* - 20* when her sanity goes below 35%. (42 for Willow) Previously if the world's temperature was at say 10* Willow's sanity chills would bring her temperature down to -10* if she was at 0 sanity. After this update her sanity chills will still go down 20* but will refuse to go any lower than 1* meaning that she doesn't freeze from sanity chills during Autumn. However if the player is wet at all the chills caused by wetness will bring the body temperature down below freezing. Basically the change kept the rain vulnerability and the slight Summer advantage but removed the random freezing in Autumn and Spring. Also here's the new mounted /sleepy and /yawn animations.
  5. Extra Adorable Lavae should have either passive health regeneration or should gain health from eating ash and charcoal. I have to apply random amounts of healing salves to it because I can't tell how much health it has and it's so slow everything that wants to attack it will most definitely hit it. It's already a headache to keep it away from flammable objects. I don't like having anxiety because I have no idea how much damage my Lavae can take.
  6. ANR is out of beta. This thread shows how to move your save files from the beta to the main branch.
  7. I'm pretty sure Guardian doesn't re spawn during summer. However in Rezecibs Rebalance mod it does. Maybe you heard someone referring to that?
  8. I believe the wiki page has how the secrets were discovered.
  9. Supposedly the Metheus page is supposed to change to something else but for most it seems to have just reset to before linking up with a partner.
  10. Willow and Ornery. It's very convenient having a living boss fighting kit handy.
  11. Usually I can get it done around day 27-30. What I do is try to find Beefalo as quickly as possible picking up all the food I can get and gathering the materials for an alchemy engine and a saddle. If I don't have the saddle materials when I find the Beefalo I feed it until it's practically full and try to find the rest of what I need. After that I pretty much just do literally everything with the Beefalo in tow until it's domesticated. During early winter heat I ride it normally with a Beefalo hat on.
  12. In the post V2C linked he explains how to transfer the world data from the ANR beta to the main branch. Your worlds are probably still there. The game just isn't looking in the right place.
  13. puzzle

    <- Has never modded ever. Woops.
  14. Darn, I thought I was onto something.