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  1. First actual crash i've experienced. So anyways my dupes were constantly collecting 1kg of water from a nonexistent source to put into a terrarium over and over again wasting time. I saved and restarted the game to fix the problem. Fixed my initial issue but now this world crashes about a minute being loaded in. Hope this helps track down the issue. Pickle Party.sav DxDiag.txt
  2. Grass Gekkos do not run from Tallbirds even while being attacked by said Tallbirds.
  3. I think they are just random items like the normal drops.
  4. 1. Spider glands and hounds teeth tend to build up for me. 2. Living Logs and Nightmare fuel. I love dark swords and the magi luminescence amulet. Also volt goat horns. 3. Dragonfly desert. 4. Quarries and most of underground. (Not ruins obviously) 5. Farms, rainometer, giant thermometer and nightlight. They are all just not worth it. 6. Bacon and eggs. 3 monster meat and 1 meat somehow can be converted into a healthy breakfast. - Hounds moles and koalephant. Low effort meat. One of which conveniently delivers itself to you. 7. Thermal stone is super easy to make and is all you really need for Winter or Summer which is dumb. 8. The Batbat is just too expensive. Either bump up the durability ALOT or make it cheaper to craft. Night lights are just a waste. All blow darts are just terrible.
  5. Was your friend having trouble with the Dragonfly or was it something else.
  6. This is a really good guide on how domestication works. As for caves a minerhat, a lantern and some food is all that is really necessary to explore the caves. Be wary of the ruins though. It's a totally different beast altogether.
  7. You need the sketches to build the other sculptures.
  8. If a Lureplant is lit on fire and then extinguished it will not spawn anymore eyeplants. A server restart fixes this problem.
  9. Considering the bug is caused by the "Where's My Beefalo" I don't think Klei can fix it. Only the publisher of the mod can.
  10. I think the meme started during early DST in a Fireside Chat stream in which the dev Seth Rosen told a story about the time he went camping and made a cup out of a potato. I'm not entirely sure if that is where it started but that's the earliest mention of the potato cup I can remember. I also found an article about DST where Seth tells the story at the end. "When I was twelve or so, I went to a wilderness survival type summer camp: at the end of the month, you got put out in the woods with limited supplies and were left to survive on your own for a night. That night, I learned that picking berries in the wild is a painfully slow process, making a fire with flint and steel is really hard, that hot dogs taste like salami when they haven't been cooked, and that potatoes are really gross and starchy when they haven't been cooked, but if you carve up the potato, it can make for an okay cup so you don't have to kneel with your face in a stream just to have a drink of water." The article If something I said was incorrect feel free to correct me. I'm not up to snuff with meme lore.
  11. Hound mounds are nonrenewable. I don't like destroying non renewable things. Pretty much the only reason I don't destroy them. I don't actively use them unless I decide to base really close to them. I do the same thing with cave spider nests and splumonkey barrels (maybe not anymore since they come back now) because I just cannot bring myself to destroy something knowing that once it's gone it is never coming back.
  12. Couldn't you just help improve the already existing wiki? - lol didn't read the end sorry
  13. I am an anomaly that never ages beyond Junior. I am an everlasting forum baby... Yeah it's a bug..
  14. The deconstruction staff is not supposed to be able to recover gems from any object. (With the exception of the opal)
  15. The riding time isn't the problem. The problem is that in order to feed beefalo at night the player has to constantly jump on and off the beefalo to keep it awake and feed it. This is particularly annoying when fighting bosses at night. For example while fighting Klaus I will occasionally freeze it with an ice staff to pause the fight and heal my beefalo with blue mushrooms. But because it's night I cannot feed the beefalo more than 2-3 mushrooms before it dozes off again. Forcing me to jump onto the beefalo and jump back off in order to wake it up and continue feeding it. It's weird that I have to literally jump on and off my beefalo to feed it. Unless all beefalo are narcoleptic I don't think this should be a thing.