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  1. I proposed that scenario because that just happened to me: Made a room full of cool carbon dioxide to make my garden, managed to collect inside that room a thousand kilos of very cold clay, enclosed a single duplicant to build all the planter boxes using the cold clay only, shortly after he started to complain of full bladder, I allowed him a break because I didn't wanted him to contaminate the place, and after that he came back with the hottest clay he could find to continue building... Needles to say I found out when it was too late.
  2. I think is talking about the pot the plant is and not the plant itself. It might be that he made a planter box out of hot clay.
  3. Playing with high temperature rooms and buildings I've found that once they become incapacitated, is tricky to save them, as duplicants sometimes drop them trying to climb tiles or even halfway in a ladder, making another duplicant pick them up if they are available, no matter how far they are. Sometimes this can make incapacitated duplicants stand up and reach safety by themselves even though they are still incapacitated. Once they reach bed, they will ignore any need or command and will starve or suffocate in bed until their health is full again. De-assign them from the bed they currently are or activating red alert will make them respond again, but if they have spent enough time they will make a mess immediately.
  4. Not exactly a bug, but an undesirable situation due to the fact that duplicants can't walk long distances whey they are underwater. If you make the "move to location" command you notice the icon will turn red before reaching the ladder. In this particular case, all duplicants are trapped because they can't reach the ladder, making all resources beneath the ladder being marked as unreachable. What you can do in this case is to dig a tile of raw mineral (here, sandstone) to make a 1 tile ladder just 1 tile above ground (so they can climb it) halfway between the ladder and where duplicants are, this will make the big ladder reachable again and save your duplicants. ...Or devs could make duplicants swim...
  5. Carbon dioxide is to blame! Well, actually, carbon dioxide in low concentrations, gonna post it properly soon, but a testimonial should do for now: In a cold biome I had an array of batteries which were in the range of 40º~60º Celsius in a small cloud of carbon dioxide at 60ish g/tile, wasn't causing problem, but it was ugly to see in the temperature overlay, I destroyed one to make room for an algae terrarium (to eat the carbon dioxide) and when it was replaced for oxygen in the next cycle, all batteries turned in a nice pale blue colour.
  6. Oh my! you are right, I just short-circuited Sterile = Not Contaminated which is half true... Well, since it doesn't work as intended, better do a bug (exploit?) report about it using your findings if you don't mind.
  7. Took me a while to understand it, I even had to make a table to see how the possible values interact, and to me it seems that the first if statement is a copy paste of the second. The first condition should only check whether is refrigerated or not. Deleting "&& this.ContaminatedAtmosphere.Value != 0.5f" should make it work as intended: Completely stopping spoilage occurs only if food is in a sterile and cold environment.
  8. Use this one to complete the setup: I personally prefer the CO2 approach, as low temp delays spoilage but CO2 stops it completely. I would like that items in cold environments had a nice delay in spoilage (the way it is right now) and sterile environments have the same treat instead of stopping spoilage, I would also like that fridges halve spoilage and completely stop it if you freeze food, that would need to be defrost to be edible.
  9. With oxygen and polluted oxygen is a little bit tricky, in my experience polluted oxygen gets sandwiched between two masses of oxygen, in the enclosed places pufts inhabit oxygen is on top of polluted oxygen, maybe due to the fact that polluted oxygen is created from the slime pufts poop from below. I've tried something similar using a pump, a filter and several air deodorizers, which burns sand insanely fast by the way, producing a floating blob of clean oxygen in a ocean of polluted oxygen that moved randomly...
  10. Nope, they don't (at least based on the description) Thermo switches not requiring duplicant intervention is, in my opinion, very likely to be changed as adjusting valves do require duplicants to apply any change.
  11. I haven't tried in Thermal Upgrade, but before that duplicants refused to put things inside unpowered fridges.
  12. Here in the forums back when they first announced it.
  13. Geysers expel steam and water until they fill the confined space they are in, if the water level increases enough to completely fill the tile the geyser is, a "overpresure" message appears and no more steam or water will come of it. But if a bubble of steam manages to get stuck in the geyser's tile then it will vent endlessly until that tile is filled with water somehow. An example, here only the uppermost geyser has vented all that water/steam:
  14. .

    I Kindly remind you that this game is in bare bones, We have now a tiny amount of content, this is their proposed roadmap: The last two address exactly what you want, encourage exploration.
  15. Ugh... This is why I hoped that this game had all their game mechanics in a scripting language like Don't Starve.