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  1. Yo. Back from a trip to Japan.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheKingDedede


      Did you bring back any interesting knick-knacks or souvenirs? Any fun pictures taken?

    3. MeingroessterFan


      Plenty pictures, and a handful of tacky souvenirs. I'm sort of kind of planning on writing a small report on the journey, but that entirely depends on how my mood will be the next few days. If I do write it, I'll provide the link here.

    4. TheKingDedede



      You say you need to be in a good mood?

      That honestly would sound nice. It's always nice to hear what others do and think about trips and whatnot.

  2. Ban Destros for dissing chibi Gilgamesh. How dare you, sir.
  3. Ban Ninjanemo for having a Lennyface as an avatar. Now THAT'S a banworthy thing.
  4. Got you something, Milord. Thought you either already share my love of Ted Hughes or will:

    1. MeingroessterFan


      I will have a look at it. I do believe I heard the man's name mentioned once or twice, though I can't remember in what context.

    2. Arlesienne


      Poetry. Amazing wing-giving poetry, Milord. My favourite's probably "Crow's Theology", but there's really a lot of his around.

  5. Ban Mr. Star for being all SJW like.
  6. joew pls

    Please, Joe. Don't ever let it happen.
  7. No, they only wear skirts.
  8. Ban Destros for being glassist Edit: And ban MeingroessterFan for forgetting we do not quote in this thread
  9. 22:47 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan:
    22:47 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: seriously
    22:48 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: my body suddenly feels so much lighter
    22:48 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: I could soar
    22:48 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: like that lawnmower
    22:48 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: free of these earthly shackles
    22:49 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: unchained, light
    22:49 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: at least for these 12 heavenly minutes
    22:49 - [MLM] MeingroessterFan: praise the lawn

  10. Are you really surprised?



  12. It's downloading! This gun be gud
  13. I present... "Tent for Two", a piece commissioned by Charlotte the Harlot!