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  1. Aaaand it looks like Team Webber is really putting in their all! They seem to have conserved their energy over the last days and are now really putting all of their might into this final sprint to the finish line...!
  2. Okay, okay. It's 'open to improvement'.
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. Just so you know, none of us here are in a position to "demand" anything. We can make suggestions, but at the end of the day, the guys at Klei make the decisions, and they already decided that Long Pig ain't gonna happen. Just use a mod.
  5. Thanks, guys. I got a bit lucky with the shading, it wasn't all that calculated and more of a happy little accident. Also, using the watercolour brush made me feel like I was back in my school's art class. Good times.
  6. I experimented a bit with watercolour-style brushes in a new art program. It looks pretty rubbish.
  7. Pharah as a bird when?
  8. You gotta boil the eggs in nightmare fuel now.
  9. I promised it, so here you have it - the current WIP of my little retrospective on that trip to Japan. I'm only about 33% done and haven't added any of the many photos we took, but that's why it says WIP at the top.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ootay


      Thank you for sharing! It's great.

    3. minespatch


      So you went to Japan for a entire month?

    4. MeingroessterFan


      Uh, no. For two weeks.

  10. Sorry @minespatch, I've found an even dorkier skeleton.


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    2. Arlesienne


      Oh Lord. Scarred forever.

    3. minespatch


      Skeletor is always dorky.:wilson_ecstatic:


    4. DimWhat


      THAT'S MY COUSIN! Randomly dancing in public like a true villain.

  11. Spot the error.
  12. I thought Ana had a big fluffly tail for a second... also *t-bags*
  13. See, this attitude is why nobody likes you.
  14. Took you long enough. Once I finally actually put some work into the persona I've been tinkering with, would you mind giving that a spin too? It's still in early beta though, quite literally.